Best Tennis Clubs
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The 5 Best Tennis Clubs in Ottawa

Rates – Do they have fair rates for the services they offer?
Location  – Where is the club located? Is it close to residential areas, making it easy to visit? 
Membership Inclusions – What are its membership inclusions? The more benefits, the better.  
Amenities & Size – We looked at the size of these clubs and the amenities they offer.  

Tennis is a great sport for anyone who wants to lose weight or have fun. Ottawa has a number of great tennis clubs that offer memberships and plenty of opportunities to play with fellow beginners and more advanced players alike.

By joining a club, you get access to different locations and competitions, opening you to a world of opportunities. In this article, we will review the best tennis clubs in Ottawa to help you decide which one you want to sign up for.

How much is a tennis club membership in Ottawa?

Membership fees will depend on the type of membership you avail of. The table below should give you a better idea of how much you’ll have to pay if you want to become a tennis club member. 

Membership Type Average cost

1. Tennis Centre West Ottawa

Tennis Centre West Ottawa Homepage
SERVICESMembership Program, Adult Programs, Junior Programs, Private Lessons, Court Rental
ADDRESS120 Greenview Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 8J8, Canada

Tuesday 7AM–10PM

Wednesday 7AM–10PM

Thursday 7AM–10PM

Friday 7AM–10PM

Saturday 7AM–10PM

Sunday 7AM–10PM

Membership Inclusions★★★★★(5/5)
Amenities & Size★★★★(4/5)

The Tennis Centre West Ottawa is a great place to learn the sport or improve your skills. There are courts for all levels, from beginner to professional.

For beginners, we love that it has its own private lessons program run by certified coaches who are there to offer tips and help you learn the game. There are also group lessons for more advanced players.

Court rentals are available for experienced players who just want to practice or work on their game without having to take a lesson.

At night, the courts are well-lit. They’re also rubberized so if you fall, it wouldn’t hurt as much.

Non-members are allowed to play at this club as well. They can be considered as guests by members or they can pay a fee to play with fellow non-members

But the best thing about the Tennis Centre West Ottawa is its Find A Player feature on its website. With this, you can find a fellow member and challenge them to a match.

This is a great way to encourage competition and sportsmanship and is really want makes this club unique.

The only drawbacks of this tennis center are its smaller size and pricey membership fees. However, because of the benefits it provides, we still recommend it as one of the best tennis clubs in the city.


  • Provides private lessons
  • Court rentals
  • Accepts non-members for a fee
  • Find A Player website feature


  • Pricey
  • Smaller than most clubs

Customer Reviews

Great experience

“Had a great experience getting back into tennis. Ramin was a great coach and I hope to continue next summer getting involved with some events.” – Spencer M. 

Best for beginners

“Tennis center west Ottawa,  is the best  place to start your kids for some tennis 🎾 start   lessons throughout Ottawa . Aluyou is one of the best guy they have there to go through with you , for your registration , he  is a  really nice guy 👦, He has a really good customer services.” – Luco Alex

2. St. James Tennis Club

St. James Tennis Club Homepage
SERVICESMembership, Junior and Adult Programs, Tournament Seasons
ADDRESS183 Third Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 2K2, Canada

Tuesday 4–10PM

Wednesday 4–10PM

Thursday 4–10PM

Friday 4–10PM

Saturday 9AM–10PM

Sunday 9AM–10PM

Location★★★★ (4/5)
Membership Inclusions★★★★(4/5)
Amenities & Size★★★★(4/5)

The St. James Tennis Club provides tennis enthusiasts of all levels with an idyllic setting, competitive tennis, and experienced staff.

As one of the more established tennis clubs in the city, the St. James Tennis Club offers an extensive range of programs and activities to keep players of all ages active and healthy.

The junior lessons are taught by other members of the club. This allows juniors to learn the fundamentals of the game from seasoned instructors that they actually know personally. 

It also lets them receive quality feedback that can help them improve their game.

These include lessons for beginners and intermediate players, as well as tournaments for more experienced players.

It also boasts a fancy aesthetic, despite its smaller size. It lends an air of sophistication to its atmosphere that feels very exclusive and professional, but very welcoming at the same time.

Unfortunately, it is smaller compared to some other options that are available in the city. It has 5 courts in total and that may be an issue for big tennis groups who want to play multiple matches at once.

Overall, it’s still one of the top choices if you’re looking for a tennis club that offers tournament seasons and junior lessons.


  • Very exclusive
  • Fancy aesthetic
  • Multiple courts available
  • Previous players became champions


  • Limited players accepted per year for tournaments
  • Pricey

Customer Reviews

Solid amenities 

“Great spot to play. Went for years as a youngster and took lessons as well. The teachers really know what they are doing and the courts are well maintained. There is a water fountain and bathrooms as well.” – P. L. 

The best

“Best tennis club in the city! Many programs for different interests. Great people too…” – Tony Horava

3. Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club

Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club Homepage
SERVICESCourt Rental, Restaurant, Pools, Adult Programs, Junior Programs, Summer Camps
ADDRESS176 Cameron Ave, Ottawa, ON K1S 0X5, Canada

Tuesday 7:30AM–11PM

Wednesday 7:30AM–11PM

Thursday 7:30AM–11PM

Sunday Closed

Friday 7:30AM–10PM

Saturday 7:30AM–7:30PM

Sunday 7:30AM–10PM

Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Location★★★★★ (5/5)
Membership Inclusions★★★★★(5/5)
Amenities & Size★★★★★(5/5)

The Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club is another great tennis club located in the city. It is family-friendly and offers a wide range of services, including private lessons, group classes, and tournaments.

The club provides a variety of programs for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. With 18 tennis courts, it is one of the largest in the city, and it has both indoor and outdoor courts.

The facilities are kept in excellent condition and the staff is always available to help with anything you need.

What makes it special is its community. As a tennis and bowling staple in the city for over 100 years, it is a great place to meet people and socialize.

The people behind it love to hold tournaments, volunteer programs, and even donation drives during holidays.

There are social events throughout the years where you can meet other members and locals who share a passion for tennis or bowling.

It also has its own restaurant where you can get drinks and snacks during the matches and after you’re done playing for the day.

Overall, its only real drawbacks are the crowded parking area and its membership price. For many, the price is worth it considering the quality of the facilities and the number of activities offered throughout the year.


  • Impressive amenities
  • Great size (18 courts)
  • Tight and huge community
  • Volunteer programs
  • Junior and adult programs
  • Restaurant


  • Expensive
  • Parking problems

Customer Reviews

Fun in the city!

“Tennis and beach volleyball in the middle of the city! A great venue to play those 2 sports and a nice restaurant upstairs for food and drinks afterwards!” – Albert Hu

Variety of sports

“The club hosts a variety of sports like tennis, lawn bowling and volleyball. It is a older club that offers a membership.” – Alexei G. 

4. Elmdale Tennis Club

Elmdale Tennis Club Homepage
SERVICESMembership, Court Rental, Junior Spring Program, Junior Summer Program, Private Lessons
ADDRESS184 Holland Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y5, Canada

[email protected]


Tuesday 7AM–11PM

Wednesday 7AM–11PM

Thursday 7AM–11PM

Friday 7AM–11PM

Saturday 7AM–10PM

Sunday 7AM–10PM

Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Location★★★★★ (5/5)
Membership Inclusions★★★★(4/5)
Amenities & Size★★★★(4/5)

Holland avenue’s Elmdale Tennis Club is another great option for tennis in Ottawa. It has membership programs, court rentals, and even sprint and summer camps for kids who want to learn the sport.

Additionally, for kids who prefer to learn in a more focused setup, there are also 1-on-1 private sessions with qualified coaches. It is also equipped with a variety of gear to ensure that players can enjoy their sessions in comfort.

What we really love about this tennis center is its focus on kids. The best age to learn tennis is between the ages of 5-7 years old, so it’s great to see it focused on getting young children involved in a fun sport early on.

The spring and summer camps offered are a great way to introduce kids to tennis and help them develop a love for the game from a young age.

If you want to check out what Elmdale has in store, you can check out its social media pages. 

The only drawbacks of Elmdale Tennis Club are its pricey membership fees and the fact 

that the programs it offers are only for kids. Luckily, it still allows adults to play at the courts.

Overall, it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a good club to play tennis at.


  • Active on social media
  • Offers court rentals
  • Summer and spring camps
  • Great for children
  • Open for events


  • Pricey
  • Programs are exclusive for children

Customer Reviews


“Friendly and community-oriented Tennis Club for novices and professionals alike. Great space for summer camps for your kids, or meeting others who enjoy the game of tennis without taking it too seriously. Lots of social events going on, Well – priced beer, and the best clay courts in Ottawa.” – Clayton Dignard


“Great local club with many social events.  The clay courts are usually in good condition and the staff are helpful and friendly” – Walt Hutchings

5. DARA Tennis Club

DARA Tennis Club Homepage
SERVICESMembership, Lessons, Junior and Adult Programs, Events
ADDRESS49a Maple Dr, Ottawa, ON K1M 1G7, Canada

Tuesday 6AM–11PM

Wednesday 6AM–11PM

Thursday 6AM–11PM

Friday 6AM–11PM

Saturday 6AM–11PM

Sunday 6AM–11PM

Membership Inclusions★★★★(4/5)
Amenities & Size★★★★(4/5)

DARA Tennis is another club worth looking into. It’s located on Maple Drive and is easy to spot due to its very open courts.

DARA Tennis offers a number of tennis programs, including daily drop-in play for members and their guests, and lessons for junior and adult players.

It also holds events and tournaments every so often so its members can compete

in some friendly matches.

For those who prefer to learn alone, it has a beginner’s court you can use to practice your strokes without the pressure of playing with others. There are private lessons that members can avail of if they want 1-on-1 tennis tutorials as well.

If you have your own events planned or want to set up a tournament with your own tennis group, you can rent the club’s courts and facilities.

We love that non-members are allowed to play here as long as they pay a fee. Not everyone plays regularly, so it’s great that there are options for those who only play once a few months or so. 

The club provides a Find A Player feature on its website as well so players can connect with other members who are looking for a partner to play with.

Overall, the best thing about DARA is its affordability. It’s not as fancy or as big as most clubs but it’s accessible to those who are on a tight budget.


  • Provides private lessons
  • More affordable than most tennis clubs
  • Court rentals
  • Accepts non-members for a fee
  • Find A Player website feature


  • Small club

Customer Reviews

Great experience

“Excellent tennis and inclusive as opposed to exclusive social club; very Canadian.” – Morgan 

Small but great

“Excellent small club with 3 hard courts.” – Gary D

FAQs about Tennis 

And that’s it for the best tennis clubs in Ottawa. Hopefully, you find our list useful. 

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