Best in Ottawa is your guide to the best things that Ottawa has to offer, from the top products to the most dependable services. 

To put it simply, our goal is to make being a consumer in Ottawa easier. We do all the digging, testing, and examining for you, so you can find whatever you need with ease and confidence.


The Best in Ottawa team is composed of diverse individuals of different backgrounds and professions. 

But they all have one thing in common — they are consumers like YOU who have made it their mission to help their fellow Ottawans find the best that the city has to offer. 

Meet the Best in Ottawa team:

Haiqa Khattak

Contributing Editor

A Journalism graduate of the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa, Haiqa Khattak has worked as a General News Reporter for the Algonquin Times and Glue Magazine. She also takes on content writing gigs, dabbling into industries like health, lifestyle, nutrition, gadgets, and technology sectors.

Jane Pinzhoffer

Contributing Editor

Jane Pinzhoffer is a writer based in Ontario, Canada. She spent the last nine years writing content for print publications and corporate websites. Although Jane has dipped her toes into a wide array of subjects, she gravitates towards travel writing, exploring new places and sharing her experiences.

Taufiq Ul Haque Profile Picture

Taufiq Ul Haque

Staff Writer

Taufiq Ul Haque earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the North South University in Dhaka. He recently moved to Ottawa, where he works as a digital marketing specialist for businesses in the capital. Taufiq loves staying up-to-date on digital trends and consumer behavior, which helps him excel in his profession and fuels his interest in exploring Ottawa. When he’s not working, he dives deep into Ottawa’s commercial scene to try out new services, connect with providers, and share his discoveries in BestinOttawa.

Vitaliy Deputat's Photo

Vitaliy Deputat

Staff Writer

A digital marketer by profession, Vitaliy Deputat is known by businesses in the National Capital Region as a go-to for content creation, SEO, and advertising services. Vitaliy also values his local community and believes in fostering a thriving local economy, which drives him to collect and share information about local providers to enrich the lives of his fellow Ottawans.

Aulione Faye's Photo

Alioune Faye

Staff Writer

Alioune Faye, founder of a boutique marketing agency, loves to learn about new cultures and add unique experiences to his repertoire, proven by his portfolio of 30 countries traveled. Still, Alioune believes there’s nothing quite like his hometown. He spends his time expanding his connections and finding new adventures in Ottawa.

Mrinmayi Sawant's Photo

Mrinmayi Sawant

Staff Writer

Mrinmayi Sawant is a marketing professional living and working in Ottawa. She’s passionate about continuous learning and innovation, allowing her to excel in dynamic marketing environments.

Mrinmayi is committed to achieving a balanced lifestyle. When not at work, she enjoys exploring Ottawa and its cultural offerings. Her favorite pastime is walking along the Rideau Canal, sipping on a cappuccino from the best coffee shops in the area.

Inna Romanii's Photo

Inna Romanii

Staff Writer

Inna Romanii moved to Ottawa from her hometown Ukraine over a year ago to advance her career in digital marketing.

She quickly fell in love with her vibrant and dynamic life in the city, wholeheartedly considering it her home. For Inna, Ottawa is a place where her professional skills and personal passions align.

What she loves the most about Ottawa is its community spirit, motivating her to engage in volunteer work with the Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa where she contributes to the fabric of the city she so loves and cherishes.

Teaghan Durand's Photo

Teaghan Durand

Staff Writer

Teaghan has a Bachelor's in Language Interpretation and Translation from the University of Ottawa. Aside from being one of our reviewers, she also serves as a junior writer and editor at the Government of Canada. When she's not writing, you'll find her sipping espresso or scouring thrift shops for bargains!

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How Do We find best in ottawa

We do extensive consumer research to find the best services in city .
That means compairing spec sheets, evaluating spec sheets, evaluating prices, testing products and checking out user testimonial. It may even mean subscribing to service to see if they’re worth our while

How do We make money?

We believe that we offering necessary service. We want to help people all over the city and the products or sevice that they truly need
Best in Otawa i reader-supported, which means we may earn a small sum fom an occasional referral fee When you Purchase products or Services from our site.
However, these small fees are not passed on to you. In other words, you dont cover the fee when you pay or any product or service


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About Us

What We Do

To put it simply, we make being a consumer in Ottawa easier.

Best in Ottawa is your guide to the best things that Ottawa has to offer, from the top products to the most dependable services. We do extensive consumer research to find these.

That means comparing spec sheets, evaluating prices, testing products, and checking out user testimonials. It may even mean subscribing to services to see if they’re worth our while.

In other words, we scour the island looking for consumers’ best options… all so you won’t have to.

Who We Are

Who are we? We’re consumers like you!

We walk the same streets, breathe the same air, even eat the same things, most likely.

The only difference is that we’ve made it our mission in life to help other consumers. We do it by finding answers to the questions they usually ask.

How long does this product last? Are the terms of this subscription better than the terms of that one? Does this have a decent warranty?

Now you’re probably wondering why we’d spend time and money comparing products and services without charging others for it.

For one, we believe that we’re offering a necessary service. We want to help people all over the island find the products or services that they truly need.

That’s why our opinions and reviews are our own. We know the struggle of finding the right solution to a problem, so we strive to ensure all solutions we put forward are good ones.

The only compensation we may receive from what we do is an occasional referral fee for some products or services you may purchase from our site. That fee doesn’t reflect in the price you pay for any product or service, though: it won’t be passed on to you.