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Top 6 Tattoo Shops in Ottawa

Tattoos are forever. If you’re getting one, don’t do it on a bet, out of peer pressure, or because you got blind-drunk and suddenly found yourself on a padded reclining chair.

Tattoos are uniquely permanent ways to tell people who you are without saying a word (more so if you tattoo that word on your forehead!). Every aspect of a good tattoo, from the colour to the design, can be yours and yours alone.

So think long and hard before getting one because you’re going to live with it for the rest of your life. While you’re at it, think about exactly where you’ll get your first tattoo in Ottawa. 

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost in Ottawa?

Many tattoo artists will claim that a good tattoo isn’t cheap and that a cheap tattoo isn’t good. There’s some grain of truth to this even if it comes across as justifying a high price tag.

Cost is one of the biggest considerations during canvassing. Tattoo prices in Ottawa range from affordable to expensive, but hopefully, you can find a sweet spot between quality and affordability.

Just like spas, dental clinics, and beauty salons, tattoo shops could accept walk-ins. Given the current pandemic situation, however, it’s best to make an appointment first.

Doing this adds an extra layer of safety for you and your tattoo artist. It gives them ample time to sanitize and prepare all the equipment and tools for your inking session.

It also gives you the chance to ask the shop about tattoo prices. Existing tattoo flash designs are typically more affordable, while a custom tattoo has an expectedly higher price tag.

On average, the price of a small tattoo with a simple flash design can be as low as $50. It could go up to around $250 the more customized, intricate, and colourful it becomes.

You’ll also need to consider the size of your chosen tattoo and if the artist has to render it based on your original vision. Creating one from scratch makes it pricier than a generic design. 

And yes, tattoo artists are artists, so they will need to be paid for their labour, skills, and output, as well. They could charge by the hour, or by how many sittings it would take to finish your tattoo.

To give you an idea of tattoo service fees, here’s a table breaking them down. The prices indicated are current estimates, but they could change without prior notice because of the pandemic.

Tattoo design (from flash)Tiny (below 2 inches) $30 – $90
Small (around 2 square inches of skin) $50 – $250
Medium (from 4-6 inches of skin) $250 – $450
Large (6 inches and up) $500 – $4000
Tattoo artist fee (by skill level)Experience:
(1-3 years) $80 – $100
(5-10 years) $100 –  $200
(10 years and up) $180 – $250
Popularity (awarded or featured) $200 – $600
Tattoo design (customized)Small $60 – $300
Medium $300 – $500
Large $500 – $5000
Tattoo studio fixed ratesHourly $50 minimum
Per sitting $120 – $150
Flat rate per design $250 – $500 for medium tattoos
Tattoo location on the body (excluding cosmetic tattoo work for lips, eyeline, and eyebrows)Finger $50 – $100
Wrist (including wraparound) $50 – $150
Ankle (including wraparound) $70 – $200
Foot $180 – $350
Collarbone $500 – $1000
Hip $500 – $1500
Calf $300 – $450
Thigh $350 – $4000
Shoulder $650 – $1000
Side $500 – $700
Back (full) $900 – $4500
Arm (forearm) $250 – $850
(half-sleeve) $1000 – $2000
(full-sleeve) $2000 – $4000

Please note that the average prices reflected above are taken from popular and reputable tattoo shops in Ottawa. These prices could change depending on the shop, location, and services you’ll end up choosing.

Top Tattoo Shops in Ottawa

By now, you should have a general idea of your tattoo budget along with the design and execution you have in mind. It’s time to shop for the best tattoo shops in Ottawa to make it come to life.

1.   The Ink Spot

The Ink Spot's Banner
SERVICESProfessional body piercing, custom tattooing, custom design consultation, body jewelry, featured guest tattoo artists, tattoo reworking and cover-ups
ADDRESS429 Bank St. Ottawa, ON, Canada K2P-1Y7
CONTACT DETAILS(phone or email appointments highly encouraged)
+1 613-237-1331
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

The Ink Spot is arguably one of the most popular tattoo shops in Ottawa and is known to strictly comply with age restrictions and sanitation laws. It’s been around since 2000 and received the 2021 Top Choice Awards from VoteForUs.

The shop boasts a talented roster of experienced tattoo and body modification artists. Together, the team can execute a wide range of styles from conventional to customized.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo from The Ink Spot, they have a $100 minimum fee. A deposit is required upon agreement of an appointment date. The Ink Spot also charges clients an hourly rate if the designs are highly customized or larger than the usual.


  • Practices COVID-compliant safety measures
  • Minimum tattoo prices are affordable
  • Ottawa Board of Health regulated and inspected
  • Offers laser lightening services


  • No walk-ins during covid

Customer Reviews

Check out what past clients have to say about getting their tattoos from The Ink Spot:

“Every time I go in I am greeted by the awesome and patient staff. The artists there are incredibly talented, friendly and so easy to talk to. I got my very first tattoo there and my artist (Kate) was so kind and accommodating. Feeling safe with your tattoo artist is a must and the whole environment there is a safe space!” – Evelyn Rae

“Had the pleasure of getting Adrian to clean up a piece from another shop that I was not happy with. Not only did he do an amazing job, but he was friendly and easy to get along with. I’ll be seeing him again for custom work next.” – Andy Morris

2.   Silverline Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

Silverline Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio's Homepage
SERVICESCustomized tattoos, body piercings, body jewelry, tattoo cover-ups, tattoo and piercings after-care
ADDRESS152 Rideau Street Ottawa ON K1N 5X6 CA
CONTACT DETAILS(phone or email appointments highly encouraged)
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturdays 1 PM – 6:30 PM
Sundays 1 PM – 5 PM

Silverline Tattoo does custom tattoos, body piercings and jewelry, cover-ups, after-care, and corrective work for clients. It currently employs three highly skilled tattoo artists and two experienced body piercers.

There’s a diverse range of both flash-based and customized styles and designs offered by the tattoo artists. Their combined specializations feature coloured, black and white, grey-scale, cartoons, American traditional, realistic, stippled or whip shading, and watercolour techniques.

Silverline Tattoo’s usual operating and appointment hours are indicated in the table above. However, it’s best to phone in or email ahead to verify if changing pandemic restrictions will affect the availability of your choice of artist or appointment date.

Appointments and custom work will require a deposit beforehand. Walk-ins are still welcome as long as COVID safety compliance is strictly observed by clients.


  • Ottawa Board of Health regulated and inspected
  • COVID-safety compliant walk-ins welcome
  • A diverse range of tattoo styles and techniques


  • Shorter hours on Sundays
  • Operating hours subject to change with pandemic regulations

Customer Reviews

Want your first inking done by a Silverline Tattoo artist? First, learn about its past clients’ experience:

“Very clean, friendly and fast got a cover-up done by James and I’m in love with my tattoo… I will keep going that’s how pleased I was!” – Chrissy Whitehouse

“Daryl was an amazing tattoo artist, he made my design and it was perfect. Super professional and I really enjoyed my experience! It’s my second time to get a tattoo from Silverline in Ottawa and I am going back for my next tattoo!” – Marguerite D. Poitras

3.   New Moon Tattoo

New Moon Tattoo's Homepage
SERVICESCustom tattooing, body piercing, laser fading, tattoo cover-ups, design consultation, after-care
ADDRESSWest End Studio 2920 Carling Ave. Ottawa, Ontario
CONTACT DETAILS(phone or email appointments highly encouraged)
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM
Closed on Mondays and Sundays

What can you expect when you step inside Ottawa’s oldest tattoo shop? New Moon Tattoo has been around since 1982 and is known to churn out an old-school style flair with its body ink and modification works.

The New Moon crew is made up of veteran tattoo artists, piercers, and laser lightening technicians. This means that aside from traditional inking and body modification processes, there are after-care and cover-up services offered for clients who’ve had a change of heart.

With its nearly 40 years in the body modification business, it’s refreshing to see a tattoo shop that evolves with the times. As permanent as a tattoo initially seems, clients would be glad to know that designs they’ve regretted can be manually reworked or lightened by technology.

Note: The shop has sadly shuttered its doors for the time being due to COVID restrictions. However, there’s no doubt that New Moon Tattoo in Ottawa will return with a vengeance once it’s safe.


  • Reasonable minimum and hourly rates
  • A talented crew of tattoo artists, body piercers, and laser technicians
  • Offers laser lightening and tattoo cover-ups


  • Closed on Mondays and Sundays
  • Operating hours subject to change with pandemic regulations

Customer Reviews

If you’ve shortlisted New Moon Tattoo for your inking session, you might want to read feedback from its clients:

“My piercer, Tim was amazing and he made me feel calm and at ease. He did my eyebrow piercing, walked me through everything and it is healing really well. He did it so well! Definitely going to go back and get pierced by him again!” – Kassidy Gilchrist

“Awesome place with amazing tattoo artists!! My tattoos are done by Lisa and I love them. Always happy with the result!” – Martine Lamoureux

4.   Free World Tattoo

Free World Tattoo's Homepage
SERVICESCustom tattooing, body piercing, design consultation, body jewelry,
ADDRESS439 Churchill Avenue North Ottawa, ON
CONTACT DETAILS(phone or email appointments highly encouraged)
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday 12 PM – 8 PM
Sundays 12 PM – 6 PM

The people behind Free World Tattoo and Piercing shop want to help you turn your body into a work of art. That’s no small feat, but with the guidance of its seasoned tattoo artists and piercers, it can be done.

There’s an amazing portfolio amassed by the crew, so far. Unique and customized tattoo designs come to life in black and white, grey-scale, full colour, realistic, micro-realistic, and a myriad of styles by its team of body modification artists.

Note: Free World Tattoo takes great care in providing a hygienic, friendly, and safe environment for its clients. That’s why the team has to shut down for a full month to help flatten the curve during the pandemic.

Email and phone inquiries are still encouraged, though. As soon as lockdowns are lifted and as long as safety measures are followed, there’s no reason not to get an awesome tattoo from Free World soon.


  • Offers a diverse range of tattoo styles and designs
  • Ensures high standards for safety and hygiene
  • Offers free consultation


  • The minimum and hourly rates are slightly pricier than others
  • Shorter hours on Sundays
  • Nostril, septum, lip, and tongue piercings might be temporarily unavailable for safety reasons

Customer Reviews

Can’t wait to get your tattoo at Free World soon? Check out what others have to say about it:

“Incredible artists and a really comfortable, friendly atmosphere. I have two tattoos from Kevin Gomez and I absolutely love them! I also have four piercings from Randy. She’s the sweetest lady and very professional. I highly recommend checking out this shop for your next tattoo or piercing.” – Laura Walker-McEwan

“My husband and I got a tattoo done today by Nate. Absolutely love our tattoos, great service, friendly and made us feel comfortable. Can’t wait to get our next tattoos!” – Kelly McHugh

5.   Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

Blue Blood Custom Tattoos' Homepage
SERVICESCustomized tattooing, body piercing, after-care, cover-ups
ADDRESS1255 Coldrey Ave, Ottawa, ON
CONTACT DETAILS(phone or email appointments highly encouraged)
[email protected]
(613) 728-7272
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Saturday 12 noon – 6 PM
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

The Blue Blood Custom Tattoos team takes the time to learn about their clients’ ideas and vision for a new tattoo. The diverse roster of highly skilled artists then take the ideas and translate them into body art that will make anyone proud to show off.

It seems no design is impossible to execute at Blue Blood. A cursory glance at the shop’s portfolio shows every possible style and execution: New School, geometric, Neo-Traditional, illustrative, and nature motifs are done in grey-scale, full colour, and black and white.

Blue Blood is currently doing consultations via email and through the submission form on the website. Understandably, foot traffic has been reduced to accommodate only clients with appointments to comply with pandemic restrictions.

Please note that non-refundable deposits start at $100 once an appointment is made. This is to cover the time, effort, and maintenance of Blue Blood Custom Tattoos artists and the shop itself.


  • Offers a wide range of customized designs and styles
  • Offers after-care consultation and cover-up services


  • Limited operating days and hours
  • Only one re-book allowed per session
  • The minimum tattoo cost is $130

Customer Reviews

If you’re thinking of getting an appointment with Blue Blood Custom Tattoos, read up on how other people rated their services:

“If you want a beautiful expertly crafted custom tattoo- this is the place to go! Cannot recommend this place enough! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!” – Marie-Claude MC Magnan

“Great environment with great people. All of the artists are incredible. Can’t wait for my next visit!” – Stephanie Boudrias

6.   Futureskin Tattoo Studio

SERVICESTattoo Services
Body Piercing
Henna Tattoo
Laser Removal
Hair Removal
ADDRESS198 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 1.613.562.8282
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday, 9AM – 11PM
Sunday, 9AM 0 6PM

Futureskin Tattoo Studio endeavours to bring clients’ visions to life through their tattoo services. The parlour is home to several talented tattoo artists, all of whom have unique specialisation and styles, which makes it possible for clients to get their desired tattoo regardless if it’s simple, elaborate, coloured, or not.

Moreover, the diverse range of artists allows Futureskin to accommodate several clients at a time.

It’s worth noting that Futureskin Tattoo Studio offers more than sessions for permanent tattoos. The parlour also offers henna tattoos for those who can’t commit quite yet, as well as microblading for those interested in long-lasting makeup.

Aside from these, Futureskin Tattoo Studio also provides body piercing services, laser removal, and hair removal. Every service is done by trained and experienced professionals, which should give future clients some peace of mind when coming in.

Do note that some of their services can get a bit expensive, so make sure you’ve brought sufficient budget with you.

While walk-ins are welcomed, booking an appointment is encouraged to ensure that clients and their desired artists have the same exact schedule.


  • Artists can do a wide range of styles
  • Offers microblading and henna tattoos
  • Piercing services available


  • Some services are pricey

Customer Reviews

“I recently had a tattoo done by Justin. Justin took my vague description of what I wanted and quickly created exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. Justin was patient and accommodating when I requested any changes. Justin was thoughtful, asking often if I needed a break. This being only my second tattoo, I appreciated him explaining everything he was going to do before actually doing it. I am beyond happy with my tattoo and would highly recommend Future Skin. 🤗”

“Thanks so very much Juan for the amazing angel wings of my husband who passed away 6 years ago with cancer .. I will feel his wings on me forever .. it’s comforting and also a first tattoo 💞.. wonderful experience so I’ll see you again Monday 😊”

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