Best Psychic in Ottawa

Top 6 Psychic Services in Ottawa

Is your job a joke, are you broke, or is your love life D.O.A.? If you feel like you’re always stuck in second gear, maybe it’s time to seek out a top psychic reading in Ottawa.

It’s okay to have doubts and questions on your first venture into the world of psychic consultation. To help you, we’ll review some of the best psychic services in the city and how much they charge for their spiritual perspective.

How Much Do Psychic Services in Ottawa Cost?

A psychic uses different methods to “read” a client’s past, present, or future. This means that the tools used for divination and enlightenment could dictate how much the services will cost.

Some basic psychic methods include Tarot card reading, astrology, numerology, palm reading, and aura reading. These are meant to clarify any anxiety or confusion about certain aspects of your life.

Other methods get more in-depth to understand past hurts, cleanse auras, and do specific spiritual healing for the client. The more learned and experienced the psychic is, the more likely they’ll charge higher fees.

Of course, this is not set in stone because a lot of gifted clairvoyants believe in paying it forward without making a fortune from their abilities. But if you’re curious about common psychic services in Ottawa, here’s a table showing their estimated costs.

Tarot card reading$45
Full life spiritual reading$150
Crystal reading$85
Palmistry$20 to $75
In-depth reading$65 (30 minutes)
$105 (1 hour)
Private reading partiesFor 2 to 4 persons: $60 each,
For 5  to 12 persons: $40 each,   
For 13 to 24 persons: $25 each,
Larger parties of up to 200 people: $125 an hour per psychic (minimum of 2 hours)     

Please note that the average costs above are based on the psychic fees we’re reviewing today. These fees are subject to change with other factors like if they do in-person or strictly online sessions, or how long they’ve been in the psychic business.

Top Psychic Services in Ottawa

Now that you have an idea of the cost of psychic readings and services, let’s take a closer look at some of the best psychics in the city and what makes them stand out.

1.   Astrologer Guru Deva

Astrologer Guru Deva's Homepage
SERVICESPsychic solutions for marriage problems, legal disputes, relationship problems, divorce cases, psychic reading, palm reading, jealousy curse removal, health problems, getting your love back, financial problems, ending family disputes, career problems, black magic removal, Vashikaran
ADDRESS1025 Markham Rd Unit 201 Scarborough ON M1H 2Y5
CONTACT NUMBER+1 647 612 7999
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSOpen 24 hours by appointment

Guru Deva Ji aims to provide every possible kind of psychic solution for any problem a client may be facing. This includes their current lives as well as all past and future ones.

His practice revolves around an ancient spiritual method called Vashikaran. It involves hypnotism, mind control, and the laws of attraction and domination.

You can consult Astrologer Guru Deva for practical problems on money, career, divorce, legal and family disputes, and even health issues. But he can also handle more esoteric matters like removing a black magic curse or block any evil spells cast on you by a jealous rival.

For psychic consultations and bookings, you can call Guru Deva Ji through the toll-free number indicated above. There’s also an appointment form on the website where you can select your preferred date and time.


  • Wide range of psychic-related services
  • Serves nearly all cities in Canada


  • Face to face meetings not available for Ottawa clients
  • No fixed operating hours

Customer Reviews

See how past clients liked Guru Deva Ji’s psychic services:

“Very great astrologer I have come across ever. His experience and approach is great towards life and helped me a lot to come over in my worst situation.” – George

“I am finding most genuine services. Because my parents have consulted. They have a great session with Master Guru Deva Astrologer Ji.” – Maya

2.   Bonnie Thompson Psychic Medium

Bonnie Thompson Psychic Medium's Homepage
SERVICESPsychic readings, mediumship readings, Skype/phone readings, Reiki energy healing, corporate events and fundraisers, psychic medium home parties, gift certificates
ADDRESSTo be disclosed privately to clients
CONTACT NUMBER(613)-295-0770
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

Bonnie Thompson developed her psychic and medium abilities as a young girl. She claims to have had frequent visitations from spirits of deceased people asking her to relay messages to loved ones.

Today, she not only runs her own psychic medium services but has also become a frequent radio talk show guest on Kiss 105.3 Radio. She also has a television segment on Rogers TV called Messages from Above where she addresses psychic concerns live.

She can do psychic readings for 30 minutes to one hour in-person or via Skype or phone readings. Bonnie also does Reiki healing sessions that last for an hour at her Kanata clinic (the exact address will be disclosed only to paying clients).

You can book online for any of the services on her menu. You can also set an appointment for private psychic services for corporate events or parties.


  • Does virtual, phone, and in-person readings
  • Can be booked for larger gatherings, fundraisers, and private events


  • Radio blog talk has ceased airing
  • Website information needs updating

Customer Reviews

Read some feedback from past Bonnie Thompson Psychic Medium clients:

“Thank you for the reading, Bonnie! You were on the spot with the major things going on in my life. I appreciate your suggestions to continue my healing process. You really are a lovely person and I am glad I came to see you.” – Penny

“Thank you for this special gift that you share to Heal others. This is a divine gift that you were blessed with and you are healing others with. Thank you! Thank you!” – Sharon

3.   Morph Into You

Morph Into You's Homepage
SERVICESClairvoyant Tarot readings (various time lengths), clairvoyant chakra reading and healing with Tarot, 4-session bundle, energy healing (various time lengths), third-eye widening classes, in-person, teleport conference, and phone readings, gift shop
ADDRESS402 Millcraft Crescent Vanier, ON K1L 6R5
CONTACT NUMBER+1 613-601-0565
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays 10 AM – 7 PM
Sundays 12 noon – 5 PM

Ellen Marie Francisco is the clairvoyant behind Morph Into You who does in-person, teleconference, and phone readings for clients. Her introduction to being a medium and psychic came early to her via prophetic dreams and waking life symbolisms.

She harnessed her psychic prowess through further training and studies. She’s done long hours of energy work on the field as well as on her stint as a student at Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing.

Today, Ellen Marie employs different methods and tools for her clients at Morph Into You. she combines her clairvoyant prowess with Tarot cards, pictures, objects, the client’s Akashic records, tea leaves, and auras.

Ellen Marie specializes in clairvoyant and mediumship reading, as well as transformational healing and self-care products. You can book an appointment throughout the week with Morph Into You by calling or filling up the online form for your preferred service.


  • Operates 7 days a week
  • Offers intuitive skills classes
  • Does in-person, online, and phone readings


  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Want to try Morph Into You’s psychic services? Read what past clients are saying about them:

“I came into contact with Ellen from Morph In You at the Ottawa Psychic Fair 2019, I felt very lost at that time and just felt like I needed answers, guidance, a message and just didn’t know where or how to find it. After my first reading I felt a sense of direction like never before, she has guided me, helped me heal, learn about myself, trust myself on my journey. Ellen has become a part of my life and your experience with her is something that will leave an imprint on you. If you have come across this and looking for an answer…Ellen from Morph Into You is it!” – Laurie Lormil

“Wonderful class and all its students. Looking forward to next week!” – Michael Duval

4.   Psychic Love Specialist

Psychic Love Specialist's Homepage
SERVICESPsychic love reading, palm reading, Tarot card reading, aura reading, crystal reading, full life spiritual reading, dream interpretation, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, in-person reading
ADDRESS323 Coventry Rd. Ottawa, ON, Canada K1k3x6
CONTACT NUMBER+1 343-998-4614
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSOpen 24 hours by appointment

Angelina calls herself a “psychic love specialist” and focuses on matters of the heart when she does readings for her clients. However, the other services she offers run the gamut of what other non-love life-focused psychics also provide.

You can have your palm or aura read, or try the usual Tarot or crystal reading methods for clarity and discernment in your life. Angelina can also interpret your dreams as part of a full-life reading session.

As for more in-depth psychic services, the Psychic Love Specialist can balance your chakra or cleanse your aura upon request. For these particular methods, her staff employs health and sanitary measures to ensure safety for all involved.

Angelina currently does readings both in person and through the phone, where she picks up vibrations in your voice to predict your future love life. Call the number indicated above or drop her an email because there doesn’t appear to be a booking form on the website.


  • Reasonable rates for all services
  • Does in-person and phone psychic readings


  • Website information needs updating
  • No fixed operating hours
  • Social media links aren’t working

Customer Reviews

Find out how others like Angelina’s services via Psychic Love Specialist:

“I just had my psychic reading, with Angelina she answered all my questions I had and give me details of my upcoming relationship. I will be calling for more love readings with you Mrs. Angelina.” – A.M.

“Psychic in Ottawa, Love Reading By Phone. Great during Covid-19 It was the Best Psychic Reading Ottawa, I had other Psychics in Ottawa, give me Astrologer Reading, Tarot Card Reader is good for Answers on Love. Psychic Reading was $50.00 for my Love Reading by Phone. She is very uplifting & positives She is a Psychic who is a Love Specialist. She helps me and my coworker/boyfriend get our communications and more commitment since I got my Soulmate Love Reading by Phone Thank you. Mrs. Angelina” – Priyanka R.

5.   Ottawa Divination

Ottawa Divination's Homepage
SERVICESProfessional psychic entertainment, intuitive Tarot reading, palm, rune, face and tea leaf reading, handwriting analysis for parties, conventions, trade shows, festivals, fundraisers and special events, strolling or sitting readings, workshops, seminars, corporate events, home parties, online and video consultations
ADDRESS811 Connaught Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K3
CONTACT NUMBER613 – 829 – 6938
613 – 408 – 2768 (613-40-TAROT )
[email protected]
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday 9 AM – 9 PM

Right off the bat, what makes Ottawa Divination stand out from other psychic services in Ottawa is its focus on fun and entertainment. Instead of mediums or clairvoyants, the duo behind this venture calls themselves “premier psychic entertainers”.

Darlaine and Steven conduct their own brand of psychic services called wandering readings. This involves mingling with guests in larger gatherings to give them brief but insightful personal assessments.

Clients can also choose from the usual reading methods using tea leaves, palmistry, runes, Tarot cards, or even get their faces or handwriting analyzed. For larger gatherings, rates could be negotiable but final fees will depend on the duration of a single reading, plus travel costs where applicable.

Unfortunately, COVID restrictions have affected current operations at Ottawa Divination. Only online video consultations are available at the moment, but the duo promises to return as in-person psychic entertainers once things get back to normal. 


  • Focuses on entertaining readings and psychic services
  • Can accommodate parties of up to 200 people


  • Currently does only video consultations for COVID safety compliance
  • Rates could vary with each booked event

Customer Reviews

Want to book Ottawa Divination for your next gathering? See if past customers enjoyed its services:

“Ottawa Divination is EXCELLENT! Highly recommended! Book them for your party or event.” – Melanie Moore Brooks

“I wanted to send our thanks to both Darlaine and Steven for palm reading at our staff party. Everyone loved it and we were all amazed by the accuracy. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.” –  Corina Willard

6.   Ohm Readings & Coaching

Ohm Readings & Therapies Homepage
SERVICESClairvoyant readings – Spiritual Counselling -Holistic Treatments – Reiki – Crystal Healing – Angelic Reiki
ADDRESSOttawa, Ontario, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER613-296-5962
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

Ohm Readings & Therapies is run by Jewels Rafter, an acclaimed clairvoyant, life coach, and bestselling author. She offers a wide range of treatments suited for healing the body spiritually and emotionally.

Clairvoyant readings, spiritual counselling, and reiki are just some of the services that she has to offer. As someone who has been clairvoyant since she was a child, there’s no doubt that she has a natural talent when it comes to spiritual healing and guidance.

Unlike most psychics, she also offers online healing sessions to her clients. Her intuitive and healing abilities are strong enough to be able to extend to people, even if they don’t meet in person.

With her skills, Jewels Rafter strives to offer holistic healing to all that are in need of her services. Given her genuine services and effective treatments, she’s a psychic we recommend for life readings both small and big.


  • Holistic healing
  • Various options available
  • Readings can be done online
  • Frequent live mini readings


  • Meetings are by appointment basis

FAQs About Psychic Services in Ottawa

Now that you know all about the best psychic services in Ottawa, we hope you’ll have some of your relationship, financial, health, and spiritual concerns answered.

If you have other recommendations for the top psychic readers in the city, please send us a message.

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