Best Accountants in Ottawa

The Top 8 Firms with the Best Accountants in Ottawa

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re running a business or you’re someone that needs a bit of assistance in managing their financial records. You need an accountant.

Entrusting your financial records to a stranger can be a bit worrisome, especially if you’re used to doing the work yourself. However, hiring an accountant from one of the best accountant firms in Ottawa will ease any worries you may have.

This article will help you find the right accountant for you, whether for your business or for your personal needs!

How Much Do Accounting Services Cost in Ottawa?

Accountant services vary depending on the individual or company themselves but here’s an estimate of how much accountant services cost in Ottawa:

ServiceAverage cost
Payroll$14/employee per assessment
Tax Preparation$240/hour

Top Accountant Services in Ottawa

For your business needs, you’re going to want the top rated accountant services in the area. After scouring the internet for those that provide top-notch services, here’s a list of them!

1.   Small Business Tax Accountants (SBTA)

SERVICESBookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Legal Structuring, Incorporation, Business Brokerage, Business Development, Business Franchising
ADDRESS343 Preston St, 11th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4

For full list of locations go here
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (613) 701-1416
Email: info @

Small Business Tax Accountants or SBTA was established by Peter Singleton and Rebecca Choi. As managing partners and co-founders, their main objective is to provide small business owners affordable tax preparation.

What makes SBTA unique is that their team is made up of a mix of franchisees, employees, subcontracted tax strategists, accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Each member has been vetted to make sure they have years of experience in the field of their focus.

With SBTA’s affordable rates, small business owners can focus their finances on other parts of their respective companies. Since clients don’t have to worry about exorbitant accounting costs, they can allot their funds toward advertising, marketing and other strategies to grow their business.

Moreover, SBTA has expanded its services to provide business owners more than just accounting. They can also handle business brokerage, business development, and business franchising, among many others. 

If you own a small business and need to outsource your accounting needs, Small Business Tax Accountants is one of our top picks. They are reasonably priced, have multiple locations, and provide a range of services to help your business grow. 


  • Specializes in small businesses
  • Multiple locations in Canada and abroad
  • Affordable rates
  • Large team of specialized professionals
  • BBB Accredited with A+ rating


  • Doesn’t handle large corporations, small businesses only

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what their clients have to say:

“I have been using Peter Singleton since 2016 to aid in building my business. He has helped to educate and guide me as a mentor in many ways. I went from a few phone calls and only word of mouth referrals one year to almost 100 phone calls within 3 months the next season. Peter is a well educated, committed and experienced business owner who is an extremely valuable person to have on your team.  I appreciate all the work he has done to help grow my business to what it is today.” – Ivor Lewis

“Small Business Tax Accountant Jordan was amazing! Apart from helping us with general bookkeeping he taught us how to maximize our software and gave us practical accounting advice. He was speedy and very meticulous. He answered all our questions and even gave us his contact info if we ever wanted to ask him anything about what he completed for us. I would definitely request his services again and I would definitely recommend Small Buisiness Tax Accountants.” – Parisa Jiwa

2.   Envolta Inc.

Envolta Inc.'s Homepage
Corporate Tax
Tax Planning
Cloud Accounting
Personal Taxes
ADDRESSPrimary Office 503 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario, CA  
Secondary Office 1315 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, CA  
Tertiary Office 503 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario, CA
CONTACT DETAILS1-844-294-1563
OPERATING HOURS[email protected]

Envolta Inc is one of the biggest accountant firms in Ottawa with eight service locations. They also recently acquired another one of Ottawa’s top companies, Picco Accounting.

Both Picco Accounting and Envolta Inc. have been highly praised by their clients, most of which have been with them for years which is a testament of their knowledge and skills.

Now, Envolta Inc. offers all kinds of services related to accounting, whether it be for your business or your personal wealth. They provide you with timely advice that is unique to your situation.

Their methods are more entrepreneurial if anything. Their aim is to be able to align with the vision you have for your company to make sure it grows at the pace you want and the way you want it to.

Their fee is based on their deliverables and the level of your business rather than hourly. This is because they believe that the hourly pay that most companies require keeps employees from being as efficient as they need to do.

While this makes it a bit pricier for those with a lot more deliverables, it’s still pretty worth it since you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

They have a comprehensive guide of all their services on their website so be sure to check it out!


  • Free consultation
  • Online booking
  • Wide range of services
  • 24/7 access to all your files


  • No flat rate fee per hour like most firms

Customer Reviews

Envolta Inc. has helped hundreds of business catapult into growth and hundreds of individuals keep their finances in check, here are reviews from a few of them:

Amazing service, honest, fast, efficient. I have been using Nancy Picco for over 10 years and the service is awesome. I feel assured that my taxes are right and all the deductions I can have are looked after. The new COVID-19 accommodations are super easy and efficient. Highly recommend!” -Renee Couture

Juliano was extremely helpful, quick, funny and not to mention one of the nicest, kindest individuals I’ve ever met. He is sincere and genuine and very fair. I actually left in a really good mood (surprisingly… because taxes are the devil’s work!!) and also motivated to be kinder to people. Thank you so much Juliano, I’ll see you next year!” -Leyla Yashar

3.   Welch LLP

Welch LLP's Homepage
Assurance & Accounting
Business Incentives
US Tax Services
Risk Advisory
Public Sector Advisor
International Advisory
Family Wealth Advisor
Bookkeeping & Back Office
Mergers & Acquisitions
ADDRESS123 Slater Street, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H2
CONTACT DETAILS+1 (613) 236-9191
+1 (613) 236-8258
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm

Welch LLP is a chartered professional accounting firm with 12 offices around both Quebec and Ontario that’s been around since 1918. They provide a full range of tax, advisory, specialty, and assurance services to all sorts of enterprises.

They have in-house experts in 9 different industries to help you work through industry-specific issues and create solutions easily. The industries they specialize in are technology, not for profit, government, automotive sector, retail industry, construction, independent contractors, manufacturing industry, real estate, professionals, and food service industries.

Welch LLP has a relationship-driven customer service that makes it easy for you to understand whatever issue is at hand as they break it down for you in layman’s terms. They’re a relatively large company yet clients have always commented on their amazing customer service that really cements their claim of having a “small firm feel”.

However, their great services seem to come at a pretty high cost that could be a bit too daunting for small businesses. They also don’t offer free consultations.

In the past 7 years, they’ve earned 11 of some of the highest ranking awards for SME’s in Ottawa. Some of them being the “Professional Service Firm of the Year” in 2018, “Best Ottawa Business” in 2017, and “Large Business of the Year” in 2017.


  • Experienced in numerous industries
  • Multiple offices
  • Multi-awarded firm
  • Great customer service


  • No mention of rates
  • No free consultation

Customer Reviews

Here are a few of Welch LLP’s most recent reviews!

“This is an excellent accounting firm. Large enough to handle anything, but has AMAZING personalized customer service. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Bilingual too!” -Jonathan

“Welch and specifically Scott Murdoch have absolutely changed the way I see and manage my business.  I feel tremendously blessed to have them in my corner.” –Peter

4.   Zak Accounting Professional Corporation

Zak Accounting Professional Corporation's Homepage
SERVICESBusiness Consulting Accounting
Payroll Services
Accounting & Bookkeeping Training
Personal Tax Preparation
Corporate Tax Preparation
Business Tax Planning
ADDRESS209 – 435 St- Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, Canada, K1K 2Z8
CONTACT DETAILS+1 (613)222-0209
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sat 10:00am – 6:00pm

Zak Accounting is an accountant firm with offices in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. They take on any sort of business such as corporations, individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and partnerships.

Their specialty is providing small to medium-sized enterprises with total accounting and payroll advice and support to help grow their businesses. They may not be able to handle businesses that are too large given the fact that they themselves aren’t that big of a company yet.

Zak Accounting offers every tax planning service for both professional and personal needs. Their qualified and professional accountants help you manage these with no issue.

For your convenience, they have a Client Portal in their website that lets you upload and download sensitive files safely. You won’t have to worry about your important documents being hacked because they use secure servers.

They also offer an hour-long free initial consultation with no obligation. For more helpful accounting resources, you can go check out their website!


  • Free initial consultation
  • Secure online Client Portal
  • Total accounting support and advice


  • Not suitable for large companies

Customer Reviews

Despite being a small company, Zak Accounting seems to really know what they’re doing based on these reviews from satisfied clients:

Best accountant I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Highly professional, responsive and well priced.” -Mohammed

“Zak was extremely helpful during this very challenging tax year with COVID. His prices were very reasonable and he made himself available to help me any time I had a question without making me feel as though I was being any kind of a bother. It made a very stressful situation much easier to approach.” -Devon

5.   The Bookkeeping Company Of Ottawa

The Bookkeeping Company Of Ottawa's Homepage
Financial planning
Business coaching
ADDRESSSuite 100 – 2435 Holly Lane Ottawa, ON K1V 7P2
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 266 7013
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

The Bookkeeping Company of Ottawa is an accounting and bookkeeping company that seeks to help you understand the whole process of financial success. This includes helping you understand where you’re money is coming from and going to with the intent of saving as much as you can.

In simpler terms, they help you understand the meaning of the way you spend your money so you can better understand how to maximize your savings. Their website provides you with a comprehensive look on how they conduct their services so be sure to check that out.

They have a very holistic, client-based approach where they treat your finances as an extension of yourself. TBCO aims to help you understand your finances so you can become a better person overall as you go through your life.

They offer any sort of financial service whether you are an individual, startup or a conglomerate and they can do this remotely if that’s what you prefer. To learn more about TBCO, you may contact any of their professional accountants through the number posted above!

By the way, make the best out of their customer referral program and send one of your friends their way!


  • Client-based approach
  • Wide range of services
  • Customer referral program


  • Pricey rates

Customer Reviews

TBCO is run by a team of passionate professionals who seem to elicit a lot of good reviews from fellow professionals:

I have always found your services to be very professional and efficient. I appreciate how passionate you are about your work, and that you are always willing to accommodate my schedule. Thank You.” -Minoo

“My Name is Danny Gerges and I’m the owner of Riccioli hair salons. Moe has been helping us for over 15 years. He has provided me and my business with excellent service and I would recommend him to anybody in need of superior services with great pleasure!” -Danny

6.   Blueprint Accounting

Blueprint Accounting's Homepage
ADDRESS257 Via San Marino St, Ottawa,  ON K2J 5X9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613-703-5999
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 10:00am-5:00pm

With Blueprint accounting, you will be granted direct access to your own group of accounting specialists and CPAs. This guarantees a more focused approach for them when it comes to managing your business’ finances and financial records.

As a team, they seek to create a cloud-based workflow with you. This is to ensure that all your financial data is complete, updated, and accurate.

They’re a relatively new and small company so they’re clientele is more on individuals or small-medium companies so you may have to overlook them if you’re a larger company.

They work closely together with a group of applications tailored specifically to their client’s business and what would work for them. Their use of these cloud-based apps is what enables them to provide affordable accounting services.

The industries they specialize in are the following: professional services, constructions, retail, e-commerce, the fitness industry, beauty salons, and not-for-profit.

Their rates are based on the client’s business size as well as the volume and complexity of the services being availed. The fees given are all at a flat rate with no hidden charges!


  • Cloud-based workflow
  • Affordable rates
  • Fixed fee


  • Not suitable for larger companies

Customer Reviews

This cloud-based company really tailors their services to best suit their clients and here’s what their clients have to say about them:

Blueprint Accounting really changed the way we did our books and made everything very simple.  I would 100% recommend them!  Great service and very responsive!” -Amy

“Came across this business by recommendation and have been truly impressed. They have guided my personal and corporate finances for awhile now, and I am continually impressed by the level or service provided.  These folks are knowledgeable, timely, well-priced and experienced. Highly recommended!” -Nick

7. A-Accounting

SERVICESBookkeeping Services
Payroll Services
Government Remittances
ADDRESS50 Buckingham Private, Ottawa, ON K1V 0K8
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 240-4574
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri: 9:00am – 6:00pm

If you’re handling a small or medium business, A-Accounting may have the best accountant for you. This accounting firm helps small and medium businesses manage their payroll and books.

A-Accounting utilizes numerous online and cloud accounting platforms like Knit, Quickbooks, and Plooto. This way, its clients can access their books and records anywhere and anytime, as long as they have internet access.

To make things more convenient, A-Accounting also uses the user-friendly Quickbooks software. This firm even pays for the first 2 months of Quickbooks subscription for clients who sign up with the firm’s monthly bookkeeping services.

For those who want to be independent in time, A-Accounting also offers Quickbooks set-up and training. It does this efficiently as A-Accounting has Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in its team.

Aside from the routine accounting services businesses need, A-Accounting also does the filing of annual government documents to avoid any penalties for businesses.

However, you should know that it has a large service area for such a small team of accountants. So, make sure you book A-Accounting’s services as early as you can if you plan on hiring it for your accounting needs.


  • Convenient online and cloud accounting platforms
  • Offers Quickbooks set-up and training
  • Free 2 months subscription for Quickbooks
  • Wide range of services


  • Not suitable for larger companies
  • Relatively small team

Customer Reviews

If you want to know more about what to expect customer service-wise, then these client reviews can help you out:

“I am very happy with the services. I scheduled an appointment pretty quick and I was seen right at my appointment time. I was able to ask all my questions without feeling ignorant. Very detailed, thorough, and welcoming! Came back for the 5th year in a row to do my taxes. I’d definitely recommend this place to anybody looking to get there taxes done accurately, and at a reasonable price. As well as or for any business owners that need their bookkeeping taken care of.”

—Iris Design Ottawa

“Tatiana is a pleasure to work with! She is always quick to respond to questions, prompt with completing work and meeting deadlines. Best of all, working with her has simplified the bookkeeping process and I would highly recommend her.”

—Kyle Hewitt

8. Numetrica City

SERVICESBusiness Financial Advisors
Corporate Tax Return
Cloud Accounting Professionals
Professional Bookkeeping
Payroll Accountants
Tax Planning
ADDRESSNumetrica City, Inc. (HQ)
Suite 100 – 2435 Holly Lane
Ottawa, ON
K1V 7P2
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 613-266-7013
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

In this day and age, accountants and business consultants are modern-day heroes for businesses of any size. After all, their skills and expertise allow businesses and other organisations to run smoothly and focus on their missions and visions.

If you’re the same, and are looking for heroes to help you out in Ottawa, why not consider Numetrica City? Numetrica City is a firm consisting of chartered professional accountants with years of experience in the field.

These accountants are capable of handling corporate tax returns, bookkeeping, payrolls, tax planning, and many more. Their skills and expertise also allow them to give sound advice regarding businesses, finances, and accounting matters.

All in all, with the help of Numetrica City’s accountants, you can watch your business run smoothly without having to worry about the numbers involved in it.


  • Offers cloud accounting
  • Experienced business consultants
  • Full suite of accounting services


  • No hours online

What to Know Before Hiring an Accountant

Here are a few things you need to know before hiring an accountant service:

1. Are they familiar with your industry/type of business?

Different industries have different types of business trends, financial regulations, and tax laws. You’ll want an accountant who is already familiar with your business’ industry to make sure they give you the best advice.

2. What services do they offer?

Asides from accounting, ask them if they have other services they offer so you’ll know what other services you need to outsource. These could be things like business valuations, managing business investments, bookkeeping etc.

3. What are their qualifications?

In this day and age, you can never be too sure with who you can trust. This is why it’s important to ask them for the qualifications and certifications of the accountants being assigned to you.

4. Talk about fees.

It’s best to know their fees upfront so it’s clear to everyone involved and no financial issues arise in the future. Most companies charge by the hour but some charge based on deliverables.

5. Ask for references.

If possible, it’s best to ask the potential accountant if they have any references you could call to ask. This is standard protocol for any job, anyway.

FAQs About Accountant Services

That concludes our list of the best accountant services in Ottawa. We hope you found this helpful in your search for the right company to help you manage your taxes and other financial concerns.

If you have any other companies you’d like to recommend or ask about, let us know by sending us a quick message! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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