Best Jump Start Car Services in Ottawa
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The 5 Best Jump Start Car Services in Ottawa

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of the road with a car that refuses to start? It’s a terrible experience, especially if you’re rushing to go somewhere important. 

Luckily, there are multiple jump-start car services in Ottawa. In this article, we listed the best ones so you can find the perfect company for you. 

How much do jump start car services charge? 

Jump starting costs vary, but the national average is around $50 – $100. Each company offers a variety of related services as well. 

In the table below, we listed the usual services that these companies offer and the average price of said services.

Services Average Price
Jump Start$50 - $100
Towing $600 
Additional Services$100 up

The Best Jump Start Car Services in Ottawa

To find the best companies, we based our list on the following factors: 

Rates  – Affordable rates are always important, especially when it comes to vehicles that we use every day. 
Services  – We also checked how versatile these services are. 
Experience – We checked the experience of the technicians working in these companies to know if they’re knowledgeable enough to provide great service. 
Customer feedback – A business like a jump start car service is bound to have a lot of customers. It’s important to know what they think of the company. 

1.  Canadian Towing

Canadian Towing Homepage
SERVICESJump Start Services, Flat Tire Repair, Out-Of-Gas Service, Towing Service
ADDRESS1600 Michael St, Ottawa, ON K1B 3T7, Canada

Canadian Towing is a great option for your jump starting needs. Aside from the multiple services it provides, the auto shop also has 24/7 services for all of its clients, making it perfect for emergencies.

It has trained technicians that can help if ever the jump start process doesn’t work immediately so customers who drive for a living can work with fewer worries.

Larger batteries take more energy when cranking up and it can sometimes take longer than usual to get the engine going. 

So we love that Canadian Towing has special jump-starting equipment to help clients with bigger vehicles and other unique vehicle types. 

It’s also great that the company has traffic cones, warning lights, and other similar equipment to help out in case you get stuck in the road trying to get your engine going. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about other drivers crashing into you while you’re trying to fix your vehicle. 

The only downside with this company is its limited trucks. If jump-starting your vehicle doesn’t work, you may have to wait a while for someone to tow it for you. 

Overall, with the decent price tag and the multiple services it’s able to offer, you can’t go wrong with Canadian Towing!


  • Open 24/7
  • Serves multiple locations
  • Open for long-distance services
  • Good feedback from previous clients


  • Limited trucks

Customer Reviews

Fast service

“Andrij helped to jump start the car. He arrived very fast, approximately in 10 minutes and I was back on the road.” – Serhii Naumenko

Big help

“Shout out to Patrick who helped me big time! My car was dead, wouldn’t start and I thought it was a starter issue and ready to tow to the garage and spend few hundreds to fix it. Patrick arrived in 20 mins and suggested we should try jump start it before towing to the garage. Next thing I know the car started! Thank you Patrick you saved my day!” – Ll. L. 

2. Alliance Towing Ottawa

Alliance Towing Ottawa Homepage
SERVICESJump Start Services, Car Battery Boosting, Collision Reporting, Motorcycle Towing
ADDRESS78 George St #204, Ottawa, ON K1N 5W1, Canada
Services★★★★ (4/5)

Alliance Towing also provides a good range of jump-starting services. What makes it unique is its team of technicians who are specifically trained in handling roadside problems.

Its main shop is located at 78 George Street and has lots of space for parking, which makes it convenient for customers in need of help beyond roadside assistance. 

Technicians are on call and ready to respond to any emergencies 24 hours a day. It’s also great that its trucks are all managed properly and fully equipped with whatever is needed to deal with road problems.

The rates of the company are pretty decent as well, going for less than $100 for jump-start services. Of course, these rates will still depend if you need battery boosting and other roadside repair services.

Alliance also has connections with multiple repair shops all over Ottawa. This means you can bring your vehicle to one of these shops for a quick fix in case jump-starting doesn’t work.

The only drawback with Alliance is that there have been reports of late responses from its hotline. This can be a problem if you had an emergency stop because of an issue with your vehicle.

Overall, we still have to give it to Alliance for its decent services and reasonable rates.


  • Fully equipped trucks
  • Open 24/7
  • Affordable rates
  • Connected to multiple repair shops
  • Fast services


  • Late response from reception 

Customer Reviews

Professional and fast

“Quick, professional service. Ibrahim was a delight to work with over the phone. Dustin arrived, so polite and was quick to help us out. Total time, less than 5minutes.”

.” – Dalene Ransom

Took care of everything

“Our Honda Fit wouldn’t start. Ibrahim arrived quickly and was really professional kind.  Ibrahim explained things to us and reassured us he would take care of our car.  Excellent service.” – Marnie Mcphee

3. Ontario Towing

Ontario Towing Homepage
SERVICESJump Start Services, Dead Battery Replacement, Boat Towing, Trailer Towing, Vehicle Towing, Long Distance Towing
ADDRESS2197 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3, Canada

[email protected]

Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Services★★★★ (4/5)

Ontario Towing is also a solid choice for jump start services. Other than that, the company also provides dead battery replacement, long-distance towing services, roadside assistance, and more.

The shop is open 24 hours every day, making it a good choice for emergency services. 

Ontario Towing’s hotline is easily reachable and the company provides professional and friendly services by phone so you can rest assured that your needs will be met quickly.

It also has available extra batteries for multiple types of vehicles, but these are more expensive compared to just having your own battery jump-started. 

Previous customers have stated how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is at Ontario Towing and praised them for their efficient and courteous service. From what we’ve seen, this is true.

We also love how Ontario Towing has its own blog talking about a variety of topics, including important automobile and road safety information, car maintenance tips, and more. It’s a good way to reach customers even outside of doing work for them.

The only issue we have with this company is its prices. The service fees are fairly expensive compared to other jump-start shops that offer similar services.

However, because of the shop’s positive reviews from previous customers, we still think it’s worth considering if you need your batteries jump-started during emergency situations.


  • Good feedback
  • Offers long-distance services
  • Has its own blog
  • Good portfolio


  • Pricey

Customer Reviews


“These guys were quick and very helpful.  Thank you!” – David G. 

Fast and efficient

“Good job, fast and efficient. He is super nice and serious.“ – Majoie Kitenge

4. Abrams Towing Ottawa 

Abrams Towing Ottawa Homepage
SERVICESJump Start Services, Roadside Assistance, Recovery Services, Auto Auctions, Corporate Towing Services
ADDRESS43 Cleopatra Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 0B6, Canada
Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Services★★★★ (4/5)

Abrams Towing Ottawa has been helping people get their vehicles moving again since 1984. When it comes to jump-starting vehicles, this company is one of the oldest and most experienced.

Besides extensive experience, Abrams also offers multiple services that other towing companies do not offer, such as ignition replacement services.

For jump-start jobs, the company sends out technicians that are equipped with the latest in battery charging technology. These technicians are trained to handle all types of batteries, including AGM and sealed lead acid batteries.

We also love that because of Abrams’ long years of experience and training, its technicians know how to handle all types of vehicles, regardless of make or model. 

The company has an extensive portfolio that includes everything from classic cars to electric vehicles to commercial trucks.

Speaking of commercial trucks, we are also glad to report that the company can be hired for commercial needs. That means businesses can have Abrams as their direct contact for any kind of vehicle issue.

The only downside with Abrams is the reports of long responses from its main office. Some have also complained that it can be a bit pricey, but we believe this is due to the fact that the company has been around for a long time.

Overall, we think Abrams is a great company to hire if you need any type of jump-start service or roadside assistance in Ottawa.


  • Serving Ottawa since 1984
  • Offers multiple services
  • Provides commercial services as well 
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Great feedback from previous clients


  • Long responses for appointments

Customer Reviews

Saved me

“They showed up in 11 minutes and I’m currently heading to BC because they saved the day!!!!!! HUGE SHOUTOUT AND THANKYOU TO YOU GUYS!” – Renee Tatarchuk


“Amazing company that keeps our city vehicles running. Thank you for your hard work and service,  Professionals who don’t get involved in the politics and focus on what is  most important customer service and customer safety.” – Jessica S.  

5.  Ottawa Metro Towing

Ottawa Metro Towing Homepage
SERVICESJump Start Services, Unlocking, Moving, Towing Services, Collision Recovery
ADDRESS2759 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1B 4V8

[email protected]

Rates★★★★ (4/5)

Ottawa Metro Towing is a reliable and affordable jump start service located in Lancaster Road. Among its many services are unlocking, battery boosting, towing services, and more.

We love that the service is available 24/7, so it’s a good pick for when you run into car trouble in the middle of the road.

The company’s jump start services are affordable and you can get your dead battery going in no time. 

If your battery doesn’t jump-start immediately, the technicians that Ottawa Metro sends also bring their own portable power unit so they can continue to try charging the battery until it works again.

What we like about this company is the fact that it’s affordable and even accepts insurance payments, which makes it a great option when a client is in a pinch.

Ottawa Metro also offers a customer satisfaction guarantee so you can be certain that you’re getting quality customer service from here.

The only issue we have with this company is sometimes, it’s hard to contact, especially during the busy times of the day. There have also been complaints about technicians forgetting to bring tools.

However, because of the multiple services the company offers and the emergency availability it provides, we highly recommend Ottawa Metro Towing to anyone looking for a good jump-start service in the area.


  • Open 24/7
  • Quick services
  • Accepts insurance
  • Offers multiple services
  • Affordable


  • Contact issues
  • Complaints about lack of tools

Customer Reviews

Great company

“Great staff and easy to find location. During the winter it can be extremely busy due to the fact everyone is getting into car accidents and this place gets packed. Unfortunately that’s where I find they may need more staff with the amount of people that come in. Be warned to bring your own tools if you have to dig up your car or take your license plates off.” – Brian Eng

Very helpful

“Very helpful fellows, Thank you Mike & friends. Direct & professional. Can be helpful but :

Please remember: treat these guys with respect, they’ll do the same. Be nice, it’s a hard job. Keep your angry faces at home.” – Steve

FAQs about Jump Starting Vehicles

And that’s it for the best jump-start car services in Ottawa. Knowing the right company for you should make you feel more comfortable driving around the city.

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