Best Home Massage Services in Ottawa
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The 5 Best Home Massage Services in Ottawa

We all know that therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to relax but it is even more relaxing if it’s done at the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re looking for a great home massage service, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the best home massage services in Ottawa.  

How much does home massages cost in Ottawa?

Home service massage costs around $100 for an hour of service. A more comprehensive look at their prices can be seen below:

Massage Duration Average Price
1 hour$120
1 hour 30 minutes$160
2 hours$200 - $250

The Best Fabric Shops in Ottawa

To find the best fabric shops in Ottawa, we looked at the following factors: 

Reasonable rates – Do they charge fairly for their services?
Variety – Do they offer different types of massage? The more to choose from, the better.
Experience – Do they have extensive experience in the field of massage?
Feedback – Have they received mostly positive feedback from their previous clients?

1. Massage At Home

Massage At Home Homepage
SERVICESHome Service Therapeutic Massage, Couples Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu
ADDRESSAppointment only

[email protected]


Tuesday 10AM–9PM

Wednesday 10AM–9PM

Thursday 10AM–9PM

Friday 10AM–9PM

Saturday 10AM–9PM

Sunday 10AM–9PM


Massage At Home is an appointment-based home massage service that caters to the Ottawa area. The clinic offers a variety of services, including therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, and shiatsu.

Established in 2012, the goal of Massage at Home is to give you a spa experience in your own home. The clinic providesg a friendly and comfortable environment even in a familiar setting like your own home.

We love that most of Massage At Home’s therapists have over 10 years of experience with clients of different body types. Whether you’re looking for a sports massage or a relaxing full-body massage, they can help you relieve pain and restore balance in your muscles.

Convenience is the priority of Massage At Home so if you’re looking for a more luxurious type of massage like hot stone massage or hot bamboo massage, you may need to look elsewhere.

We also want to mention that despite its many therapists, Massage At Home only accepts a limited number of clients a day. This is to make sure its therapists are able to give the proper amount of energy to each client.

Overall, because the clinic has multiple therapists available everyday and most of them have extensive experience, we believe Massage At Home is still one of the best options for home massage services.


  • Open everyday
  • Accepts massage insurance
  • Knows multiple styles of massage
  • Most therapists have more than 10 years of experience


  • Limited clients a day
  • You can’t always get your favorite therapist

Customer Reviews


“Received an excellent massage from Judith. I like her massage style, she’s very thorough. Very grateful for this service. As a new mom, it’s not possible for me to go out for a massage, and I needed one really badly. It’s so convenient that I can get a massage while my husband is watching the baby for an hour, and then he can get a massage right after me. Would definitely recommend!” – Astha Laplante

Positive energy

“Judith brings positive energy and care. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive. She provides extremely quality treatments that suit individual needs. Would highly recommend. And the convenience of getting your massage at the comfort of your own home is just a cherry on top. Perfect for busy families and anyone who doesn’t like getting into a cold car after a relaxing massage.” – Noth B. 

2. Lou’s Mobile Orthotherapy And Massage At Home

Lou's Mobile Orthotherapy And Massage At Home Homepage
SERVICESHome Service Massage, Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Orthotherapy
ADDRESSAppointment only

Tuesday 4–9PM

Wednesday 4–9PM

Thursday 4–9PM

Friday 4–9PM

Saturday 7AM–9PM

Sunday Closed

Variety★★★★ (4/5)

Lou’s Mobile Orthotherapy And Massage At Home is another great option for those looking for a quality massage at home. The most unique thing about Lou’s is its orthotherapy options.

Orthotherapy is a type of health care that combines massage, joint mobilization, exercise, and postural adjustments to help alleviate pain and improve range of motion. We are big fans of this service because it’s also a medical procedure that is scientifically proven to work. 

Another impressive thing about Lou’s is its discounted services. Regular clients are given coupons so they can get a cheaper massage next time. 

Because of this, Lou’s has gotten mostly positive feedback from its previous customers.

Unfortunately, Lou’s Mobile Orthotherapy And Massage is very in demand to many customers in Ottawa. The company has even removed its phone number from its website so that potential clients can only email for an appointment.

Despite the long wait list, we still think that Lou’s is one of the best home service massage options in the city. We have to give it to the company because it’s able to provide the usual massage services but also unique ones like orthotherapy for a decent price. 

Overall, Lou’s Mobile Orthotherapy And Massage at Home is an excellent option for anyone looking for quality massages in the comfort of their home.


  • Offers medical-based therapy
  • Gives discounts to regulars
  • Great feedback from previous clients
  • Orthotherapy


  • No phone number
  • In demand

Customer Reviews

The best

“Lou is amazing at what she does. Great experience. I have referred her to many friends and clients and will continue to do so. I’m getting massage regularly and have known many therapists, but I will stick with Lou from now on. She’s the best!” – Bella Nguyen

Innate ability 

“Lou has the innate ability to tailor her massage to your exact physical requirements. She is detailed, professional, has a tremendous amount of experience, and a variety of massage techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and wondering why you waited so long to have her in your home. Her convenient approach to an in-home massage service is an ideal way to relax after a long work day, or to cure any physical ailments you may have. I would unconditionally recommend Lou for all your massage needs.” – John

3. Ashby House Massage Therapy

Ashby House Massage Therapy Homepage
SERVICESGeneral Wellness, Injury Massage, Trauma Massage, Prenatal Massage
ADDRESS293 MacLaren St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0L9, Canada

Tuesday 8AM–8PM

Wednesday 8AM–8PM

Thursday 8AM–8PM

Friday 8AM–8PM

Saturday 9AM–6PM

Sunday 10AM–8PM

Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Variety★★★★ (4/5)

Ashby House Massage Therapy is another great option for your home services massage sessions. Ashby has its own office located in Maclaren Street but most of its customers prefer to have their massage sessions at home.

What we like the most about Ashby is its sleep-centric massage services. Many customers are stressed because of work and have a hard time resting because they can’t sleep so the clinic offers massages that help people sleep better.

Other than sleep-centric massages, we’re also glad to report that Ashby offers athletic massages, and massages for prenatal and postnatal women. We also love that the clinic has multiple therapists available so customers are able to choose their favorite therapist for their sessions.

Ashby also provides posture assistance to help reduce the risk of back pains especially for employees who spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer.

The only drawback with this clinic is that sometimes it is fully booked. Despite the many therapists, there are still times that Ashby’s therapists cannot go to your home because another client has already scheduled an appointment.

However, because of the many massage options that Ashby provides, we still believe it’s one of the best home massage services in the city especially for those who have trouble sleeping and need their stress levels reduced.


  • Pregnancy massage
  • Posture assistance
  • Sleep-centric massage
  • Athlete focused massage
  • Multiple therapists available


  • Fully booked at times
  • Massages are always full-body 

Customer Reviews

Good listeners

“They really listened to what I wanted and needed and customized the experience which is so appreciated! A 2 hour massage here is incredible and cheaper than almost anywhere else in Ottawa – highly recommend Ashby House!” – Mary W. 

Great therapist

“ My massage therapist is; Daniela. Again, she’s friendly, extremely competent at what she does and we have the best conversations. If you’re looking for a wellness clinic, you do not need to look any further! 5/5 would recommend.” – Chris Henderson

4. Mama Mobile

SERVICESHome Service Massage, Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massage, Injury Prevention, Posture Assistance
ADDRESSAppointment only

Tuesday 8AM–9PM

Wednesday 8AM–9PM

Thursday 8AM–9PM

Friday 8AM–9PM

Saturday 8AM–9PM

Sunday 8AM–9PM

Rates★★★★ (4/5)
Variety★★★★ (4/5)

For stressed moms out there. Mama Mobile is a great way to unwind. The mobile massage service offers 1 – 2 hour massages at clients’ homes, and it’s perfect for prenatal and postnatal women.

The clinic offers posture assistance and even injury prevention services as well.

Injury prevention is done by checking a client’s body for common problem areas like their hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders.

Posture assistance, on the other hand, is done by correcting bad posture habits like slouching or hunching over a desk all day using massage.

All of these services can be availed and done at home which is why we’re very impressed with Mama Mobile.

Despite its name, Mama Mobile also offers massages to fathers. These massages are designed to treat general aches and pains that dads get due to all the lifting and other physical activities that they undertake on a daily basis.

Another highlight of this clinic is its sleep-centric massages. Taking care of babies can be tiring, which is why these massages are designed to restore the parent’s energy and help them sleep better at night.

The only drawback of Mama Mobile is its expensive prices. If you’re under a strict budget, you may have to go with a different clinic.

Overall, we’re very happy with what we’ve seen and we hope that Mama Mobile eventually lowers its prices so it becomes more accessible to more people.


  • Good selection of massage for pregnant women
  • Also offers strength massages for fathers
  • Sleep-centric massage
  • Posture assistance and injury prevention


  • Expensive price
  • Less options for men

Customer Reviews

Great service

“Just had a GREAT experience with them (Patricia). She came to our house for an outside massage but the cold weather brought us inside. She was very COVID safe and my husband and I got great massages after 2 years without! Definitely rebooking.” – Britt Harrison


“Dayna was great! She was so kind, thorough, and actually adjusted her pressure as I needed. Loved getting to play my own playlist to be able to completely zone out. So great to not have to leave home too, especially as we battle the 4 month sleep regression. It was the most relaxed I’ve felt in months!” – Sharmin Rahman 

5. Apollo Therapy

Apollo Therapy Homepage
SERVICESHome Service Massage, Chiropractic Services, Orthotics, Physiotherapy
ADDRESS2310 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5H9, Canada

Tuesday 8AM–8PM

Wednesday 8AM–8PM

Thursday 8AM–8PM

Friday 8AM–8PM

Saturday 8AM–8PM

Sunday 8AM–8PM

Rates★★★★ (4/5)

Apollo Therapy is another great clinic for home massage services in Ottawa. Not only does it provide different types of massages, it also offers chiropractic services.

What makes Apollo unique is its application of both western and eastern pain relieving methods. The clinic’s therapists are also medically trained to massage specific areas of the body.

We also love that the clinic provides focused massages for pain issues like headaches, migraines, and muscle tension. It also offers physiotherapy sessions in-home for those suffering from arthritis, back pain or other similar injuries.

However, since Apollo is more of a medical facility than a spa, it doesn’t use the same methods as most massage clinics. That means there are no aromatherapy oils and incense during massage sessions.

This may be too professional for some who just want to relax but because of the clinical grade services that Apollo offers, we believe it’s still one of the best choices for home massage services in Ottawa.

With that said, we’re very happy with Apollo’s services but we understand that it’s not for


Customers who just want to unwind will probably be better off with a different clinic but anyone who wants a medical-grade and thorough body treatment should check out Apollo Therapy.


  • Offers chiropractic services as well
  • Eastern and western methods 
  • Medical-centric methods
  • Focused massages for headaches, migraines, muscle tension


  • No spa treatment 
  • Might not be the best for relaxing

Customer Reviews

Top quality

“Apollo massage therapists. from entering the door are very polite, Angela is always there to greet you with a hello and a smile. “ – Kent R. 

Love it

“Love the in-home physio services. The staff showed up on time in the comfort of my home. They were also in full protective gear which made me feel safe. I’ll definitely be using the mobile services from now on.” – Stephen Lau

FAQs about Home Service Massage

And that’s it for the best home massage services in Ottawa. Hopefully you found one that’s akin to your needs. 

If you’re looking for a more medical approach to your bodily pains, check out the top chiropractors in Ottawa!