Best Security Companies in Ottawa

The 7 Best Security Companies in Ottawa

Are you organizing an open festival or special event with a high volume of attendees? Chances are you’ll be needing the help of the best security companies in Ottawa to make it safe and crime-free.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of services addressing everything from the basic to specialized security needs of individual or group clients.

To get an idea of how much each service costs, we’ll first discuss the fees and rates associated with them.

How Much Do Security Companies Cost in Ottawa?

The pricing scheme will vary with every security company, but we can base our estimates on current national averages. There’s a table below reflecting these hourly costs for your guidance.

There are basic to advanced security services which could mean the presence or absence of firearms or handguns (plus specialized training). For most security companies in Ottawa, obtaining these services requires signing an annual contract with them.

You can also opt to have emergency security services on short notice. It’s a bit steeper than the usual hourly rate because of its nature (averaging $40 an hour).

Most security services require an annual contract, though high-skilled ones like private investigations demand a retainer plus added expenses. Special events and close protection security typically require a 7-day notice to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Basic security guard service$23 per hour (with annual contract)
Advanced security guard service$27 per hour (with annual contract)
Concierge security service$24 per hour (with annual contract)
Special event security service$29 per hour (with at least 7-day notice)
Close protection service$70 per hour (with at least 7-day notice)
Emergency security guard service$40 per hour (on less than 24-hour notice)
Private investigation service$90 per hour (with retainer; exclusive of expenses)
Senior investigator $150 per hour (with retainer; exclusive of expenses)
High-risk location tactical guard service$50 per hour (with annual contract)

Please note that aside from individual pricing schemes from each company, other factors like crowd size, nature of the event, high-risk locations, and other circumstances can affect the final invoice.

The Best Security Companies in Ottawa

With the knowledge of security service costs to guide you, let’s now take a closer look at the best security companies in Ottawa.

1.   Iron Horse Security & Investigation

Iron Horse Security & Investigation's Homepage
SERVICESSecurity guards, mobile patrol, concierge services
ADDRESS884 Churchill Avenue South Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5H2
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
(613) 228-2813

As a Better Business Bureau-accredited company that’s won the Consumers Choice award for 14 years in a row, Iron Horse Security & Investigation definitely deserves a spot in this listicle.

But aside from awards, the company also boasts a good range of services for both commercial and residential sectors. Its 25 years of existence have allowed Iron Horse to come up with customized solutions for each client’s needs.

To keep clients consistently in the loop about security measures and processes, the company utilizes an actively engaged monitoring and communication system at all times. All staff and team members are fully bilingual, as well.

Every form of communication is strictly documented and compiled for clients.

Those interested in getting Iron Horse’s services can ask for a free quote by filling out the online form on the site or simply calling up or emailing the office.


  • BBB-accredited, A+ rating
  • Free quotes
  • 2012-2020 Consumers Choice awardee


  • No fixed operating hours
  • No discernible pricing matrix

Customer Reviews

Discover how past clients of Iron Horse Security & Investigation found its services:

“The management is very qualified and professional. From experience, the staff will go above and beyond for clients and team members alike. Customer service is provided at a premium on all levels. 10/10 would highly recommend this company to provide the highest calibre of security services.” – Chloe J.

“Outstanding assistance from our building’s Security Guard. Our offices have had Iron Horse Security for a while now, but today was my first interaction with the gentlemen at the front desk. He was not only extremely helpful in providing me assistance, but the Guard went above and beyond and I just wanted to say I couldn’t have appreciated it more, especially in these stressful times. Well done to the Guard (******) and the company for having an extremely friendly and capable young man protecting our interests and well-being.” – Sean L.

2.   Shield Security Services

Shield Security Services' Homepage
SERVICESCommercial and industrial security services, special events security, concierge services, moving in or out security, mobile patrol, investigative services, security staff training
ADDRESS377 Dalhousie St. Unit B105, Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
(613) 699-7454
(Toll-free) 1.866.254.9204

Shield Security’s approach for offering security services to clients has a decidedly different twist. Instead of providing aggressive security staff to “threaten” would-be criminals or aggressors, the company decided to focus on a polite and professional approach instead.

Its services cover commercial (including residential apartment buildings) and industrial (construction sites and plants) sites and locations. Residential properties can also avail of the company’s concierge services so condo and apartment dwellers can get to know the security staff on a first-name basis.

Shield Security Services follows a simple guideline that it attributes to its success: strict compliance with industry rules mixed with the highest level of customer satisfaction it can muster.

The company also offers security camera system setups in Ottawa using Lorex surveillance technologies. Existing clients can log in using the special system on the site, while new inquiries are entertained via email or phone calls.


  • A comprehensive range of security services
  • Polite instead of intimidating approach to security
  • Offers security camera system installation


  • No fixed operating hours
  • No BBB accreditation
  • No discernible pricing matrix

Customer Reviews

Read the following client feedback for Shield Security Services:

“First-rate. Congratulations on managing the comprehensive package of customer security services in these times of change. Well done!” – Kevin Murray

“Here, I want to share my great experience working with this company. Very professional staff, guards are well trained, punctual and discipline. Management is very cooperative. Pay always comes on time. Never had any issues in regards to payment. The owner of the company is very helpful and always there when any guard or supervisor needs any support on-site. I will recommend this company for sure!” – Sam1989

3.   TOERSA Security, Inc.

TOERSA Security, Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESSecurity guard services, festival services, close protection, loss prevention, training, private investigation
ADDRESS2212 Gladwin Cres Unit B3, Ottawa, ON, K1B 5N1
CONTACT NUMBER613-695-9371
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9 AM – 6 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Established in 2008, TOERSA Security boasts an impressive list of Ottawa festivals and events it has covered as a security agency. There are also indexes of pubs, bars, museums, hotels, and event centres as its most recent clientele.

The company has an extensive menu of services ranging from basic guard service to private investigation. TOERSA also offers training courses for those who want to be part of the security industry in the future.

A big part of TOERSA’s (Training and On-site Enforcement of the Responsible Service of Alcohol) mission is handling alcohol-related issues at festivals and live events. The company places special emphasis on training its staff and security team when liquor is being served or sold on-site.

TOERSA Security, Inc. is open on weekdays and can be reached during its operating hours. Clients can email or call the office, or leave a private message via its official Facebook page.


  • Wide range of security and investigative services
  • Impressive clientele
  • Specializes in alcohol-handling issues at festivals and events


  • No BBB accreditation
  • Closed on weekends
  • No discernible pricing matrix

Customer Reviews

The following clients have positive things to say about TOERSA Security, Inc.:

“I’ve had wonderful experiences with TOERSA security guards! I worked in the Byward market with them for almost a year, and they always treated people with respect and professionalism. They handled things appropriately, and within the scope of their limitations. l felt more comfortable in the Byward market knowing that they were there. A big thank you to them!” – Madeline Cicerella

“Extremely competent and efficient staff and security agents. Very professional. As festival-goers, we felt and were totally safe in a major event thanks to their work. Thanks, guys for your great job!” – Cedric Androuet

4.   Phoenix Private Security, Inc.

Phoenix Private Security, Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESAlarm response, site guard, mobile patrol, parking enforcement, loss prevention, festivals and fairs, special events, guard training
ADDRESS5470 Canotek Rd Ottawa, ON K1J 9H4
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 909 – 1225
[email protected]

It seems quite lofty to claim that it’s one of the most technologically advanced security companies in Ottawa. But Phoneix Private Security, Inc. does back up this claim by utilizing new technology and software for RFID, facial recognition, digital reports, and electronic verification codes.

Apart from the usual on-site security, parking, and mobile patrol services, the company also offers alarm responses. This is for emergency cases where trained security guards can maintain order and security at a client’s home or business until authorities arrive.

Phoenix Private Security can also be contracted for special events, festivals, and fairs. The trained security guards will patrol the site to ensure that the event is crime and violence-free.

Those who are interested in becoming skilled security staff themselves can enroll at Phoenix’s training centre. After passing the security course, the company will give the graduate a security license and certification.


  • Provides an alarm response service for emergencies
  • Uses state-of-the-art security technology
  • Reasonable rates for security guard courses


  • No BBB accreditation
  • No fixed operating hours
  • No concierge services

Customer Reviews

Want to try Phoenix Private Security’s services for your next event? Read what other clients have to say about it first:

“Great management and the owner always around for his clients. Would recommend if you are looking for affordable security services in Ottawa.” – Vasko Racim Ias

“Super growing security service in Ottawa that provides quick and excellent services. Management at various levels has also proved well mannered.” – Vicky Kairay

5.   Response Security

Response Security's Homepage
SERVICESGuard services, mobile services, video monitoring, parking enforcement and management, special events, investigation, 24-hour emergency services
ADDRESS2685 Queensview Dr, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 820-6193
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9 AM – 4 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
Open for emergency calls

Response Security has been around since 1994 to serve the greater Ottawa area. Its range of security services runs from basic guard presence to 24-hour emergency response.

Aside from its team of over 150 security guards and staff, the company takes pride in its robust mobile surveillance system. To ensure that nothing escapes the eye even as guards roam the grounds, trailers are set up in the vicinity equipped with wireless network cameras and monitors.

Response Security is open to serve everything from private to corporate events like fundraisers and charity balls. The company has partnered with local authorities like fire marshalls and liquor control board staff to ensure utmost safety and crowd control.

There’s an emergency service hotline in case you need security guard services after operating hours. Other inquiries and concerns are entertained via phone, email, or an online contact form on the site.


  • 24-hour emergency services offered
  • Mobile surveillance trailers are available
  • Good range of security services


  • No BBB accreditation
  • Closed on weekends
  • No discernible pricing matrix

Customer Reviews

Read some positive feedback about Response Security:

I have been working with Response Safety Security and Investigations for more than a year and I really appreciate the company’s effort and contribution to the growth and development of the employees. The work environment is cordial with a close-knit team. Management emanates a productive and friendly culture that motivates me to deliver the best.” – Sukh Benipal

“Brandon, a security guard with Response Security while on mobile patrol route encountered me in a distressed situation. When making initial contact with me he was very professional and polite and once we determined the issue at hand he went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that my safety and well-being were his top priority. If it weren’t for Brandon I would have been in for a nightmare of an evening however because he was there the outcome was positive and I was able to be on my way securely without any issue. I believe Brandon should be commended for his actions and recognized within the company for his initiative and professionalism while on duty. I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to recommend Response Security to friends or family and if I were ever in a position to hire a security service I would consider them to be my first choice, without a doubt. Thank you so much Brandon I wish there were some way that I could make it up to you because your help really meant a lot to me.” – Chris Nicolas

6.   Cancom Security

ADDRESS1638-B Cyrville Rd Ottawa, Ontario K1B 3L8 Canada
CONTACT NUMBER1-343-339-5358
Toll Free: 1-866-338-6582
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday 9AM – 5PM

Cancom Security is a company that provides Nation-owned businesses with quality security guards and services. With over 50 years of experience in the field, they are able to offer a wide range of security needs to various facilities such as malls, condos, healthcare facilities, and educational facilities among many others.

Not only do they offer security personnel but also on-the-job training and advancement opportunities for individuals who would like to have a career in the said industry.

We find their unique approach to be integrated and inclusive in which clients can be assured that a proactive method and strategy is always employed with every job that they take.

Priding themselves to be a First Nations Security company, they are also able to employ equipment to further enhance security measures such as surveillance systems and alarm systems to whatever job they find appropriate.

However, there lack any rates of packages that they offer, but clients can get a quote readily at their website to compensate for the lack of the said information.


  • Negotiable rates
  • Utilizes innovative systems for more security
  • Highly experienced personnel


  • Closed on weekends

7.   Blackbird Security

SERVICESUniformed Security, Undercover Guard, Loss Prevention, Mobile Vehicle Patrol, Elite Suit and Tie Security, Event Security, Executive Protection, Patrol Security, Concierge Services
CONTACT NUMBER1 800 889 7096

If you are looking for a company to provide you with professional security services in Ottawa, you might want to check out Blackbird Security!

With Blackbird Security operating Canada-wide, you can ensure that your area is covered by the company. With goals of revolutionizing security services in Canada, Blackbird is dedicated to serving localized and flexible services that are accessible nationwide.

Offerings such as multiple types of security ranging from mobile patrol, security guards, concierge security, and many more, you can assure your business or community the best security service.

Aside from that, Blackbird offers services to different industries such as corporate offices, construction security, events, conferences, and many more!

Blackbird Security has a talented team that promises a dedicated and quality service to ensure your safety as they have specialized regional managers around Canada to make their service accessible for you!

If you are interested in their services, you may access their portals to check for a quote.

With that, you can expect quality service for your safety, your business, or your community. No doubt, Blackbird Security is one of the best security service providers in the whole of Canada!


  • Wide-range innovative security solutions
  • Open 24/7


  • No stated physical locations except for the Vancouver HQ

Customer Reviews

Read some positive feedback about Blackbird Security:

I recently attended a private event whose coordinator had hired security detail provided by Blackbird. I was impressed with the professional conduct of the guards as well as witnessed one guard in particular help a guest who was physically impaired – he noticed that the individual needed help walking into the venue and offered help before anyone else could. Impressed!” – Tamara

“I required a highly professional and attentive Security team to provide Security services at a Construction Project. I found the services of Blackbird Security to meet and exceed my requirements. The supervisors supported the security guard teams daily and ensured that process and protocols were followed. I found the supervisory team to be highly professional on all levels.” – Jeff Ferrey

FAQs About Security Companies in Ottawa

Here’s hoping your next event will feel safer and more secure now that you know all about the best security companies in Ottawa!

If you have other suggestions about security companies that are capable and reliable, please send us a message.

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