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Top 5 Pediatrician Clinics in Ottawa

People often worry about their health only when they start feeling physical symptoms later on. Whether it’s age or lifestyle-related, the need for consulting specialists typically occurs when we’re already adults.

Kids also require specialized healthcare throughout childhood. They need to be immunized from certain illnesses and have scrapes, wounds, and other injuries treated as soon as they happen.

It’s a good thing there’s never a shortage of pediatrician services in Ottawa. It’s just a matter of knowing the rates of particular services so you can have peace of mind over your little one’s health.

How Much Does a Pediatrician Charge in Ottawa?

A lot of things will depend on how much you’ll be spending for a single or multiple trips to a pediatrician. The most important factors include the presence or absence of health insurance coverage and the kind of medical service you require.

Without some form of medical insurance, the costs will definitely add up to the base price. It’s therefore advisable to seek reliable insurance coverage that addresses most children’s health issues, as well as some particular ones.

It also pays to do prior research before committing your child’s health to a certain pediatrician. General wellness checkups are easy to come by, but pediatric specializations have different schedules, locations, and price ranges.

So we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to canvass the best pediatrician in Ottawa for your child. Bear in mind that the one you’ll end up with will likely be looking after your kids’ health from infanthood up until their late teens.

We’ve listed some common pediatric services in the table below. Beside them are estimated fees that could change based on specialized procedures, medication, and clinic policies.

Infant/baby wellness examAround $100 per visit (without health insurance coverage)
Around $30 (with health insurance coverage)
ImmunizationsAround $600 for the first year (with health insurance coverage)
Pediatric dental care$30 – $60 for common procedures like teeth cleaning
Laboratory servicesAround $30 – $700
Emergency room services$4000 for critical care for the first 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
$150 – $2000 for ER depending on visit levels
Pediatrician fee$75 to $200
Extra out-of-pocket costsAround $30 (first-time processing fee, etc.)

Please note that a lot of factors, predictable or not, could affect the price of a pediatric service or medical procedure. A consultation with both the doctor and your insurance provider should clarify any financial or logistical concerns you may have.

Top Pediatrician Clinics in Ottawa

Now it’s time to take a look at which pediatrician services in Ottawa are considered by patients as having the best services. We’ve taken comprehensive pediatric care and client feedback as some of the requirements for this list.

1.   Appletree Medical Group

Appletree Medical GroupAppletree Medical Group's Homepage
SERVICESPediatric care, virtual care, walk-ins, family medicine, healthcare services, specialists, telemedicine, wellness services, consultations, workplace health
ADDRESS240 Sparks St., Ottawa, ON K1A 0X8
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 482-0118
OPERATING HOURSMonday 9 AM – 7 PM                                                
Tuesday 9 AM – 4 PM                                                           
Wednesday 8 AM – 3 PM                                                      
Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM                                              
Friday 9 AM – 4 PM                                                               
Saturday (alternates weekly) 9 AM – 1 PM and 10 AM – 4 PM
Closed on Sundays

Appletree Medical Group’s pediatric services cover diagnosis and treatment from birth to late teens. Most childhood and adolescent conditions are considered for consultation and treatment at the clinic.

This means its pediatricians do the usual childhood vaccinations and well-baby checkups. But Appletree pediatric specialists will also deal with behavioural disorders, allergies, and other health concerns among young adults.

To make things convenient for their patients, Appletree allows online booking for appointments and self-registration kiosks to shorten wait times. There’s a handy Patient Portal for clients to access their test results online at any time of the day, too.

Because it is a multi-specialty medical group, there are various wait times at different Appletree clinic branches. You can search the best match for you using your postal code, city, or province on the website’s Find a Clinic page.


  • Offers virtual care consultations
  • Treats patients from birth to late teens
  • Patient Portal is available for access to patient’s test results


  • Alternating hours on Saturdays
  • No clinic services on Sundays

Customer Reviews

Learn about past patients’ experience at Appletree Medical Group:

“Absolutely no issues at all.  I love that I can check-in and get out quickly.  I’ve never waited for more than 10 minutes in the waiting room and 15 minutes in the office before the doctor comes to see me. The doctor I have is always friendly, personable, and attentive.  He’s willing to listen and always makes me feel welcome to ask questions, even when it’s busy.” – Scott B.

“My wait time was under ten minutes and the doctor was attentive and gave me the meds and tests I needed. Both times I went during the weekday so maybe that makes a difference.” – Anne W.

2.   Westend Family Care Clinic

Westend Family Care Clinic's Homepage
SERVICESAllergy shots, blood lab, chronic health conditions, dietician, family planning, gynecology consultations, immunizations, flu shots, minor ambulatory procedures, nursing staff, periodic health review, social worker/therapist, travel medicine clinic, 24-hour BP monitoring
ADDRESS80 Michael Cowpland Drive Ottawa, ON K2M 1P6
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
613 – 599 – 3321
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday (by appointment) 8 AM – 5 PM
(urgent care) 5 PM – 8 PM
Saturday to Sunday (urgent care) 9 AM – 3 PM
​Shortened hours or closed on holidays

Though it’s more of a family clinic than a pediatric one, Westend nevertheless offers services catering to younger patients. Kids can get their allergy shots, immunization updates, childhood vaccinations, therapy, and social work covering child welfare and healthcare here.

Consultations and diagnoses at the clinic tackle even chronic health conditions and preventive care. There are dozens of family physicians in the Westend roster, each with their specializations and schedules.

The doctors also collaborate with nurse practitioners, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals to cover almost all bases. Westend calls its physicians and staff a Family Health Team with a primary focus on comprehensive primary care.

To accommodate recent health and safety concerns, Westend has opened up phone and virtual consultations for its patients. These need to be booked in advance either online or by calling up the clinic lines.


  • Offers comprehensive healthcare for adults and kids
  • Virtual and phone consultations are available


  • Only urgent care services are available on weekends
  • The clinic is either closed or has shortened hours on holidays

Customer Reviews

These Westend Family Care Clinic patients have positive things to say about its service:

“Have been a patient for years and have only good experiences with all concerned. My Doctor sadly has retired and I am in the process of preparing to meet his replacement. In the meantime, I have been well looked after by the doctors who are filling in. My children are now patients here as are my grandchildren. Highly recommend!” – Carole McGuire

“My wife Diane and I are senior patients and have received outstanding service and caring support for eight years.” – John Spence

3.   Trainyards Medical Centre Pediatric Clinics

Trainyards Medical Centre Pediatric Clinics' Homepage
SERVICESPrimary pediatric healthcare, general pediatrics, pediatric nephrology, pediatric endocrinology, patient referrals, consultations
ADDRESSUnit 22-550 Terminal Avenue Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z3
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 731-4770
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM
Friday to Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM
Closed on Sundays

The pediatric clinic at the Trainyards Medical Centre boasts a roster of highly skilled pediatric practitioners who have seen generations of kids grow up under their medical care. The clinic usually offers walk-in services for pediatric nephrology, psychotherapy, and flu shots.

It’s an inclusive area that keeps special-needs clients in mind with wheelchair accessibility. There’s also a nearby pharmacy conveniently located near the clinic to accommodate patient prescriptions.

The Trainyards Medical Centre pediatricians require a referral from a family physician before a consultation can be made or a patient placed on the waitlist. Thankfully, the medical centre also has a separate family practice clinic on its premises.

The clinic itself is open from Monday to Friday, but only daytime appointments are honoured. Patients are encouraged to call ahead for appointments for these hours.


  • Accepts physician-referred patients
  • Newborn to 18-year-old patients accepted


  • No clinic services on Sundays
  • Daytime appointments only

4.   Central Park Pediatric Clinic

Central Park Pediatric Clinic's Homepage
SERVICESPediatric primary care, children’s health, pediatric consultations, immunizations, speech pathology, speech therapy, prevention and wellness, travel advice, occupational therapy
ADDRESS6-314 Central Park Dr. Ottawa, ON, K2C 0R2
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 9 AM – 4.30 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The pediatricians at Central Park Pediatric Clinic are all Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada-certified. Patients can consult with them and undergo routine primary care along with specialized treatments.

The clinic’s physicians offer specializations ranging from NICU care for premature and newborns to oral and dental pediatric assessment. Comprehensive care for its patients is the main goal of Central Park Medical Clinic.

Walk-ins are generally discouraged as pre-booked appointments help ensure quality consultations and treatment. However,  for those who can’t make it to the usual clinic hours, there’s a pediatric after-hours clinic (also by appointment) after 4 PM on weekdays.

New patients for medical and behavioural consultations are now being accepted. They must have physician referrals and need to fill out a new patient form to be placed on the waiting list.


  • Offers a wide range of pediatric specializations
  • Accepts cash, check, and electronic payments


  • No clinic services on weekends
  • Only provides services to children under 16 years old

5.   Walkley Medical Centre

Walkley Medical Centre's Homepage
SERVICESConsultations, walk-in clinics, after-hours services, family medicine, primary clinical care, prescription renewals, lab results, allergy shots, immunization, specialist referrals, virtual care
ADDRESS1852 Bank St, Ottawa ON K1V 7Z8
CONTACT NUMBER613-526-5200
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday 8.30 AM – 5 PM
Closed on Fridays
Saturdays and Sundays 8.30 – 12 noon (three out of four weekends only)
After-hours service 5 PM – 8 PM (three workdays per week only)

Another family clinic makes it to this list but with good reason. The Walkley Medica Centre team of doctors underwent extensive family medicine training and have their own sub-specializations.

Together, they offer comprehensive health care under one roof for kids, their parents, and even their grandparents. There are even after-hour services to accommodate numerous patients who can’t make it to regular clinic hours.

Apart from the physicians, there’s a dedicated support staff to help the clinic handle appointments and ensure clinical policies are met. They can guide the patients on how to sign up for the centre’s somewhat confusing and arbitrary after-hours policy.

The clinic highly encourages making a phone call over doing walk-ins to avoid redundant testings and mistakes in treatments. Uninsured services are covered but with corresponding rates typically higher than insured ones.


  • After-hours services for three workdays a week
  • Virtual care consultations are available
  • Uninsured services are available


  • After-hours and weekend appointments are limited
  • The clinic is closed on Fridays

Customer Reviews

Read about the experiences of these Walkley Medical Centre patients:

“Located inside the Shopper’s Drug Mart, this clinic moved here recently from their former location out in Westboro. I’ve seen the other doctors a few times when I needed a walk-in, but Dr. Soni is my family doctor and has been for several years. The staff is polite, friendly and understanding. It is a very clean clinic and I have never observed anything concerning in their care. Dr. Soni is attentive, understanding and has an excellent bedside manner. The doctors will not hesitate to send you to a specialist if they believe the problem is at all beyond their understanding and are therefore very thorough. I am very happy with the care that I receive from this clinic.” – Genevieve L.

“I am very impressed by the quality of care, ease of getting an appointment and follow-up. Dr. Sumi Ramachandra is particularly attentive, knowledgable and has great respect and consideration for the patient. She cares and it shows! Very grateful for the good teamwork and overall support! In this pandemic time, they are doing phenomenal work. Thank you!”

Marie-Sylvie R.

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