Best Dietitian Clinics in Ottawa
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The 5 Best Dietitian Clinics in Ottawa

Are you experiencing food-related allergies or health conditions? Need to lose weight? Then it’s about time to consult the best dietitian in Ottawa to get expert advice.

These nutrition and food experts can pinpoint the triggers that make eating stressful or a less pleasurable activity than it should be. More importantly, they can help plan nutritious meals around certain chronic illnesses or conditions you may have so you can start eating healthier.

Are Dietitian Services in Ottawa Expensive?

The cost of seeing a dietitian will depend on several factors. The biggest one has to do with whether you have some form of health insurance or not.

A lot of insurance policies cover nutritionist or dietitian services which can reduce consultation fees to an average of $30. Without insurance, it can balloon up to $125 or more (depending on the dietitian you’ll approach).

You’ll also have to factor in any illness or condition you have that might be causing particular food allergies or intolerances. Once you get diagnosed, a meal plan that addresses your condition will be added to your dietitian expenses, so you could add at least another $100 to that.

You can add up the special ingredients and supplements of a recommended diet on top of all the counselling, follow-up, and meal planning from your dietitian. But if it’s just the basic services you want to learn, here’s a table of them with their estimated rates.

Nutrition counselling1-hour session $125 – $130 (without tax)
Nutrition counselling with meal plan1.5-hour session $250 (without tax)
Continued support (for eating disorders, food intolerances, stress eating, etc.)1 hour $125 – $150 (without tax)
Nutritional assessment for family1.5-hour session $180
Nutritional follow-up (individuals)30 minutes $60

As indicated above, taxes aren’t included in the pricing scheme yet. Don’t hesitate to ask your dietitian to give you a billing estimate so you won’t get caught by surprise.

The Best Dietitian Clinics in Ottawa

Once you’re ready to embrace a more nutritious way of eating, it’s time to know where the best dietitian clinics in Ottawa are.

1.   JM Nutrition

JM Nutrition
SERVICESWeight loss & weight gain, personalized meal plans, digestive health, women’s health, disordered eating, chronic disease management, pediatric nutrition, recipes & recipe revamps, energy, mood & sleep, virtual counselling: online nutritionist & dietitian, nutrition for the elderly, specialty diets, sports & athletic nutrition, supplementation, skin conditions, immune system boost, one-on-one counselling, counselling for couples, counselling for families, menu planning, workplace wellness
ADDRESSSuite No. 3, 35 Beechwood Ave. Suite, Ottawa, ON K1M 1M1
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
(613) 909-7565
OPERATING HOURSOn-site consultation: Tuesdays, 2 PM – 9 PM
Virtual counseling available all days of the week

JM Nutrition is led by founder and owner Julie Mancuso, a health consultant for over 15 years. Her team is composed of registered dietitians, sports nutritionists, and nutritional therapy practitioners with different areas of expertise.

The clinic offers nutrition service packages geared toward individuals, couples, families, and even entire companies. These packages cover weight loss or gain, sports and athletic nutrition, disordered eating, chronic disease management, skin conditions, and more.

There’s also a menu planning service for institutions catering to elderly people and other special-needs groups.

Meanwhile, nutrition workplace wellness programs address various institutions, corporations, and other big groups with workshops, seminars, and sessions with personalized nutritional goals and needs.

JM Nutrition currently does virtual counselling every day of the week. However, those who want an on-site consultation at the Ottawa clinic can only do so every Tuesday from 2 to 9 PM.


  • Aᐩ BBB rating
  • Wide range of services
  • Staffed by expert nutritionists and dietitians


  • Only one day a week on-site consultation at the Ottawa branch
  • Conducts mostly virtual counseling at the moment

Customer Reviews

Find out how these JM Nutrition clients liked its services:

“Amazing nutritionist. Committed to your health journey. Reasonable and specific plans to shape every lifestyle. Highly recommend.” – Sarah S.

“Support, guidance, results. Julie will help you achieve your goals.” – Jimmy Nardai

2.   Debora Sloan Healthy Solutions

Debora Sloan Healthy Solutions
SERVICESInitial Nutrition Assessment
Couples Assessment
Initial Assessment Student Rate
Follow Up Visits
Body Composition Analysis
Meal Planning
Custom Packages and Seminars
Fitness Assessment
Body Composition Analysis
Workout Designs
Personal/Small Group Training
Custom Fitness Packages
ADDRESS411 Roosevelt Ave Suite 309, Ottawa, ON K2A 3X9, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
647 408 8891
OPERATING HOURSMonday: 9:30am–5pm
Wednesday: 11am–5pm
Friday: 9:30am–3pm

Next on the list is Debora Sloan Healthy Solutions. It is owned and handled by Debora herself, a registered dietitian and personal trainer.

She specializes in sports and performance nutrition, meal planning, diabetes, and heart health, among many services she can offer. These solutions are open to all ages, both men and women.

As a person who also experiences problems with her health, Debora knows precisely how hard it is to manage the new lifestyle. She understands how challenging it can be, thus, ensuring that she will help her clients the best way possible: by making excellent dietary plans and fitness regimens.

You can read more details about the services you’re interested in.

Debora Sloan Healthy Solutions is readily available for consultations and appointments. You can book it through their website or through phone calls.


  • Offers remote/online counselling
  • Crossfitter and Crossfit Certified Coach
  • Insurance-covered services


  • Open only three days a week
  • Leans more into virtual counselling as of the moment

3.   Caven Nutrition Group

Caven Nutrition Group
SERVICESNutritional assessment, weight loss, digestion, sports nutrition, nutrition testing, recipes, online shop
ADDRESS116 Albert St, 3rd floor Ottawa, ON
CONTACT NUMBER+1 613-608-4047
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

The Caven Nutrition Group specializes in both nutritional assessment and weight loss systems. While it’s dietitian-led, it emphasizes lifestyle changes that go beyond mere diets and delves into food sensitivity, intolerance, and chronic illnesses.

The people behind Caven Nutrition don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all process that counts calories instead of nutritional gains. The clinic takes pride in providing tailor-made weight loss and nutrition programs for each of its clients.

A registered nutritionist will monitor the patient’s progress and offer motivation by way of advice and meal planning tools. Patients can expect one assigned to them with the program of their choice.

And instead of relying on body weight as its main gauge, Caven Nutrition goes by full nutritional assessments and body composition testing instead. It’s the main difference between this clinic’s program from the way other weight loss centres conduct theirs.


  • Personalized nutrition and weight loss programs
  • Progress is regularly tracked until weight and health goals are reached


  • No fixed operating hours
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Read the following client feedback to learn more about Caven Nutrition Group’s services:

“Being a certified Group fitness instructor and personal trainer you would think I would have this nutrition thing down pat… no way!!! With at least 20 pounds to lose Rachel Caven put together an easy-to-follow, non sacrificing, uber yummy, eating lifestyle for myself and my husband to follow… 20 pounds down and feeling better than I have since my 20’s. Rachel Caven for the win.” – Suzanne Desjardins

“Proper nutrition has changed my life and the team at Caven Nutrition not only guided me in what to do but also taught me why. Thanks!” – Corey Hewitt

4.   The Balanced Practice

The Balanced Practice
SERVICESThe Balanced Practice individual and group sessions, supported programs, free initial consultations, weight inclusive plans, nutrition assessment, nutrition counselling
ADDRESS2111 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, K1J8M8
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
+1 613-769-6173
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

The Balanced Practice aims to be an inclusive team of health professionals. Aside from taking on clients of different weights and using intuitive eating approaches, patients can be of any gender, sex, or age, too.

Led by Marie-Pier, the Balanced Practice team is made up of registered dietitians who share the same weight-inclusive and non-dieting approach to wellness. To round off the services, a registered psychotherapist is available to support patients’ recovery journeys.

The practice was built after its founder’s struggle (and eventual recovery) with food and body issues. She believes that the mind and body are closely related to patients’ eating habits and that they should be addressed as a whole, not separately.

One-on-one and group counselling sessions are available for English and French-speaking clients. However, due to COVID safety compliance, all appointments are done virtually at the moment.


  • Weight-inclusive approach to proper nutrition
  • Bilingual services


  • No fixed operating hours
  • All appointments are currently virtual
  • Higher prices compared to others

5.   Kennedy Nutrition

Kennedy Nutrition
SERVICESKids and adult nutrition, picky eating, body weight concerns, failure to thrive, food allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal issues, disordered eating, poor growth, rehabilitation, vegetarian and vegan diets, diabetes, cardiovascular health, modified Atkins for epilepsy
ADDRESS503-2039 Robertson Road, Ottawa ON, K2H 8R2
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected]
+1 613-686-6355
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only
In-person visits available by request

Kennedy Nutrition wants to help you “rewrite your food story” no matter what age you are. That means taking into account all possible intolerances, chronic illnesses, meal preparation habits, eating disorders, and body weight issues as a starting point.

Its main services are geared toward kids’ nutrition, adult health, and rehabilitation. Kennedy Nutrition aims to provide realistic solutions and step-by-step approaches for a lifetime of healthy eating and well-being.

The rehabilitation program deals with the effects of chronic illnesses and injuries on a patient’s eating habits and abilities. The clinic’s experienced dietitians will carefully craft a rehabilitation meal plan along with the patient’s family, doctors, and therapists.

Initial appointments last about an hour for a thorough understanding of a patient’s nutrition assessment, goals, and eating habits. In-person appointments are available by request.


  • Nutrition programs available for kids and adults
  • Focuses on establishing healthy eating habits
  • A thorough and mindful rehabilitation program


  • No fixed operating hours
  • No BBB accreditation

FAQs About Dietitian Clinics in Ottawa

Here’s hoping you’ll be on the path to healthier eating habits after reading about the best dietitian clinics in Ottawa.

If you have a dietitian service in mind you’d want us to cover, simply send us a message.

To further your nutritional journey, read up on the top nutritionist services in Ottawa. We made sure to pick the ones that can help you build a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.