Best Carpet Cleaning in Ottawa

The 7 Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Ottawa

From wine stains to a layer of dirt, it’s never fun having to deal with a dirty carpet! That’s why we’ve got a list of the best carpet cleaning services in Ottawa for you to choose from so you can get those carpets smelling nice and fresh!

We’ll also go over what to consider before hiring a cleaning service, the average costs of services, and answers to some FAQs at the end. Enjoy!

What to Know Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

Let’s go over a few points to consider before hiring a cleaning service:

1. Products

This is crucial, especially if you have kids, pets, or sensitive skin. Nowadays, more and more cleaning companies stick to eco-friendly cleaning substances thanks to the rise in environmental awareness.

If you think that the company you’re considering might be using harsh chemicals, you can request they switch to milder formulas.

2. Tools

Not all carpet cleaning tools are created equal! Take the time to ask about the tools they use and if you have a choice between one or the other.

Typically, steam cleaners are useful if the water and residue can be fully extracted. If not, you’ll be left with a flooded carpet that takes a while to dry (and by a while, we mean 24 hours).

A dry cleaner requires a pre-spray that will also get the carpet wet, and then a buffer pad takes the stains out. This is usually not approved by the leading carpet manufacturers and might just void your warranty.

The best option is a hot extraction wand for the carpet paired with a counter-rotating brush for your floors.

3. Testimonials

As you know, fake reviews are a thing. On reputable websites, however, these are much harder to fake especially in large quantities.

Check out reviews and testimonials from multiple sites and see if the positive reviews are consistent and don’t seem too suspicious!

4. Insurance, Licenses, Bonding

Any cleaning company must be bonded by the state, have insurance, and licenses. This ensures that each employee has had a background check, the necessary training, and that your home and furniture will be protected in the case of any untoward incidents.

5. Appearance

While we were all taught not to judge appearances since we were kids, this may be one of the exceptions. Vehicles should be clearly marked with the logo and number of the company, and the overall appearance of the cleaning crew and van should be, well, clean.

How Much does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Ottawa

We’ve provided a list of the average service costs for carpet cleaning below. Remember that actual prices may vary based on the cleaning service providers!

ServiceAverage cost
Hot extraction wand$0.20 – $1.00 per sq ft
Steaming$0.20 – $1.00 per sq ft
Dry Cleaning$0.20 – $.50 sq ft
Patch repairs$150 – $225  sq ft (plus $25 – $50 for additional holes)
Re-stretching$80 for the first room $50 for each additional room
Water extraction$100 – $300 per room
Carpet pad replacement$300
Stairs$2 per stair
Furniture moving$20 per hour

Top Carpet Cleaning Services in Ottawa

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the top cleaning services!

1.   Love Your Rug

BEST FOR   Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning
SERVICESArea Rug Cleaning
General Carpet Cleaning
Drapes & Curtain Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Pet Stain & Odor Removal
Area Rug Stain Removal
Rug Repairs
Specialty Rug Cleaning
ADDRESS2340 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 6E3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 1 (866) 943-0172
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 8am – 4pm

For over 35 years, Love Your Rug has built its reputation by providing carpet cleaning and repair services in Ottawa. They pride themselves in 100% satisfaction guarantee achieved through hard and honest work by the company. 

So far, they have already cleaned at least a million rugs since their establishment. Under their care, we like that rugs go through a 9-step cleaning process using the latest technology from the inspection to the packaging and shipping itself. 

Aside from rug cleaning, they also do carpet cleaning services using eco-friendly products and the latest technology. They offer free estimates for clients to know how much their services will cost.

Having been in the business for so long, Love Your Rug also has two 10,000 sq. ft. rug cleaning and repair facilities in East and West Toronto, aside from Ottawa. This shows their dedication to their business in order to provide services to more areas in Canada.

Some of their more notable services include patio cushions cleaning and water resist finish, patio umbrella and awning cleaning and water resist finish, and boat cushions and boat tarp cleaning and water resist finish.

To add to their credentials, they have received various awards from HomeStars, CFA, BBB, and the likes. They are recognized by accreditations which means that they render quality services to their clients. 


  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Uses eco-friendly products with the latest technology in cleaning
  • Does final inspections
  • Company offers a wide array of service not limited to rugs and carpet cleaning
  • Gained various accreditations


  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

Here are some Google Reviews from their clients:

I have recommended Love Your Rug to my clients for a few years with great feedback and just used them personally for my own home.
Great customer service and the results are outstanding!! 100lb Chocolate Lab stains are gone. Will definately use them again vs buying a new area rug every 6 months.
” – Jamie Hallett

Tony at the office was great to deal with. He managed a client with very expensive and exotic Persian rugs, and provided a very detailed quotes with all the options for simple repairs to extensive options of perfecting the rug back to its original condition. Thank you team for all of your hard work and always keeping our client list happyRamy Morcos

2.   Quick Dry

Quick Dry's Homepage
BEST FOR   Eco-friendly and human-friendly products
Pet Urine and Odor Removal
Commercial and Oriental Rug Cleaning
Carpet Inspection
Tile and Grout
Flood & Water Damage Restoration
ADDRESS1025 Grenon Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2B 8S5
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 695-7705 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun Closed

QuickDry has been in business since 2010, earning the reputation of being one of the safest cleaning services in Ottawa. They are a small family business that has been focusing on using safe, eco-friendly cleaning substances over the past decade—safe enough to drink!

They are highly recommended for those with children, pets,for expecting mothers, and people with high chemical sensitivities, asthma, and allergies. Their carbonated system removes stains efficiently and deep cleans while leaving no residue.

They have a premium Dry-in-1-Hour deal for their carbonated cleaning that can also be used for upholstery as well as a 30 day guarantee for their services. Clients have reviewed them to be very helpful and pleasant throughout the cleaning process.


  • 1-hour drying method
  • Offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning
  • Non-toxic, safe cleaning substances


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

With their all-natural and eco friendly products, it’s no wonder QuickDry is popular throughout Ottawa. Check out these positive reviews from happy clients:

“Recently had my Stairs and area rug cleaned by QuickDry Carpet Care Clean

Abraham did an amazing job. This product truly is all he says it is! I’ve met few people so passionate about their product. And he drank it !! I was looking for environmental friendly cleaning and he delivered. Bonus is that it does dry quickly no water mess !”  -Ann

“Had QuickDry in to clean wall-to-wall carpet. Excellent job and service. Needed a pet-friendly cleaning and they did not disappoint. Fantastic job and the carpet dried quickly. Asked about my sofa and they advised how I could do it myself for a lot less. Highly recommended!”  -Rich K

3.   Jadoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care

Jadoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care's Homepage
BEST FOR   Commercial carpet cleaning
SERVICESArea Rug Cleaning
Carpet Edging and Repair
Commercial Flooring
Tile and Grout Flooring
Stretching and Patching Packages
Restoration & Rug Repair
ADDRESS15 Grenfell Crescent, Unit 3, Ottawa, ON K2G 0G3
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 225-0272
(613) 226-4352
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Sun Closed

With over 40 years in the business, JaDoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care is one of the older cleaning services in Ottawa. Their system is highly recommended according to all major carpet manufacturers.

While they aren’t the cheapest cleaning company to hire, this is because they were trained to understand the chemistry and techniques to clean carpets by the IICRC, one of the most reputable certification firms in North America. To achieve the best results, they use the best grade of cleaners to achieve the best results.

They are also trained to provide the most pleasant service, which makes their customer service second to none in the carpet cleaning industry. They also offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, so you know they won’t rest until you’re satisfied.


  • Wide variety of carpet cleaning services
  • Money back guarantee
  • Offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

You’d be hard pressed to find a team more certified to clean your carpets and upholstery than Jadoc Inglis, and clients would agree! Here are a few reviews from them:

“Carpet repair at seams. The technician Brent was very polite and very professional. He performed the necessary repairs in a very timely manor and the repairs were better than the original installation. I would highly recommend both Ja Doc and Brent.”  -Tim Casey

“We were very happy with JaDoc Inglis Carpet & Rug Care. Their employee Adam was very friendly and professional and did an excellent job cleaning all the carpets in our newly purchased 4 bedroom, 2 story home. Would happily use them again or recommend them to others.”  -Nena

4.   Clean Freaks

Clean Freaks' Homepage
BEST FOR   Additional cleaning services
SERVICESPet Odor Removal
Wall Washing
House Cleaning
HouseArea Rug
Pet Stain Removal
Leather Furniture
Move In and Move Out & Mattress Cleaning
ADDRESS162 Birch Hill Private, Ottawa, ON K1K 3Y5
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 421-5854
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun Closed

Since 2009, the locally owned Clean Freaks has provided cleaning services of carpets, upholstery, leather, walls, and offices.

They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly routine cleaning services if you decide to use their services more than once. Every employee is background-checked and trained to provide the highest quality service, guaranteeing that if you’re not satisfied, they will return and re-clean the area at no extra cost.

Clients have praised their customer service and quality of workmanship for years, describing them as reliable, efficient, and friendly.


  • Free online quote
  • Offers routine cleaning services
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

With a great reputation built from their quality of service and customer satisfaction guarantee, Clean Freaks has been the go-to cleaning company for many homes and offices in Ottawa! Here are what a few happy clients have to say:

“First time I write a review on Google. I found Stephen by looking online to get my couch clean. He was very professional, courteous and did an amazing job. The amount of dirt that came out of the couch was unbelievable! Really nice person and great service. Will definitely call him again in the future.”  -Guilherme Beraldo

“I called clean freaks to shampoo my staircase carpets recently. Stephen called back within 12 hours to answer questions and in the end I booked his services. He was very professional, friendly and showed up right on time. He did a great job and was very cautious to respect the social distancing and sanitizing requirements. Will definitely use his services again. Highly recommend!”  -Les

5.   Ideal Carpet Cleaning

Ideal Carpet Cleaning's Homepage
BEST FOR   Repairing and general cleaning needs
Tile and grout
ADDRESS43 Elvaston Ave, Ottawa, ON K2G 3Y1
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 693-0037 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8am – 4pm
Sat – Sun closed

Ideal Carpet Cleaning (formerly known as Ideal Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning) has been up and running since 2004 and is BBB certified with an A+ ranking. Their 16 years of providing excellent cleaning services to households, institutions, and embassies in Ottawa have earned them a reputation of being professional and reliable.

First-time and long-time clients have left reviews praising their efficiency and the quality of their service, returning again and again to hire them. They are also very thorough and meticulous, moving your furniture around at no extra cost and ensuring that everything is right back where it was before they got there.


  • Money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Free online quote
  • Offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning


  • Higher prices

Customer Reviews

With great treatment, customer care, and more, Ideal Carpet and Cleaning has become a reputable cleaning company. Check out what some other clients are saying about them here:

“Many thanks to Ideal Carpet and Cleaning.  We were most impressed with the red carpet treatment we received and would be more than willing to refer them on to anyone who is looking for quality, professional service at a reasonable price.”  -Conduct Law

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Ideal carpet for several years and have always found there service to be of  the highest caliber . The owner takes a personal interest in my questions and has always solved my problems. The guys at Ideal get it done right I highly recommend them.”  -Mark Weston

6.   Oxifresh

Oxifresh's Homepage
BEST FOR   Environmentally friendly products
Tile and Grout
Wood Floor
Home Disinfectant
Bacterial Inhibitor
Residential and Commercial Cleaning
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 903-5056
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sat 8am – 7pm
Sun closed

Oxi Fresh started in 2006 and is committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. They are dubbed the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, saving up to 58 gallons of water per home they service.

They use an oxygenated cleaning system that effectively deep cleans and disinfects carpets, upholstery and more which also dries in one hour. The franchise has expanded to nearly every state and has won a multitude of awards throughout the years.

Being a very well-known brand name, they have great customer service and well-trained cleaning crews that are ready to cater to your needs from Mondays to Saturdays.


  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Very well-known and reputable as a franchise
  • Multiple locations


  • Expensive initial cost (but additional services are cheap)

Customer Reviews

One of the most popular cleaning services throughout North America, OxiFresh has served hundreds and thousands of clients ranging from homes to large businesses. Here are a couple of reviews from satisfied clients:

“Excellent customer service. Carpets came cleaner than I expected. I was nervous about the “upsell” where they add extra costs that likely aren’t needed. Yes, he recommended an additive for pet urine (guilty) and it worked and cost only peanuts. I will get them back to do an area rug very soon and will highly recommend them!”  -OhMeOhMy Condo

“Had a good experience with Oxi Fresh. The technician, Cameron, was prompt, friendly, and did a good job of explaining to me all the cleaning procedures he would do on my carpet. He left my carpets looking new and my apartment feeling fresh! I will definitely use Oxi Fresh services again.

“  -Noah Richardson

7. Expert Steam Cleaning

BEST FORSteam Cleaning
SERVICESCarpet Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Automobile Cleaning
Stain Removal
Odour Removal
[email protected]
8:00am to 8:00pm

If you’re looking for a cleaning company with years of experience in the field, then Expert Steam Cleaning may be the one for you.

Expert Steam Cleaning specialises in carpet and rug cleaning, with over 25 years of experience in the field. The years spent cleaning countless rugs and carpets has led them to perfecting their methods of cleaning, which typically include top of the line equipment and non-toxic chemicals.

Nowadays, Expert Steam Cleaning is most known for its professional truck mounted steam cleaning for residential homes, commercial properties, and automobiles. However, the company also offers cleaning for furnitures and mattresses, and even removes stains and odours from these items as well as carpets and rugs.

Aside from the comprehensive list of services, we also like the fact that Expert Steam Cleaning is very rigorous in its process of choosing its team members. Clients of Expert Steam Cleaning can rest easy knowing that their items and homes are in the hands of cleaners who have been thoroughly screened in terms of skills, expertise, and character.


  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Caters to residential and commercial properties, and automobiles
  • Background checks each and every cleaner


  • No 24-hour emergency service option

FAQs About Carpet Cleaning

That concludes our list of the best carpet cleaning services in Ottawa! We hope you found this helpful.

Did we miss other great carpet cleaning companies? Send us a message and we’ll check out your recommendations promptly!

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