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The 11 Clinics with the Best Botox in Ottawa

Botox can be the solution to concerns ranging from noticeable forehead wrinkles to chronic migraine headaches. But before getting one, be sure to check the certifications and legitimacy of the clinic you’re getting the procedure from.

To help you with doing due diligence, we put together a list of the top and most trusted clinics offering the best Botox in Ottawa. We’ve also surveyed how much your visit for a Botox procedure can cost.

How Much Does Botox Cost in Ottawa?

To give you a more detailed summary of how much it would typically cost you per area of your face, we surveyed the best clinics in Ottawa to get a range of their rates.

Take note that Botox is often priced per unit, with each unit costing about $8 to $15. Units of Botox will also vary per person, depending on the area of treatment and the strength of the person’s facial muscles.

The table below contains the average cost of the most common Botox procedures and how much they cost.

Upper forehead lines$60 – $120
Crow’s feet (wrinkles on the sides of the eyes)$170 – $360
Frown lines (in between the eyes)$170 – $360
Jawline lift$320 – $1000
Neck bands$100 – $250
Nasal bunny lines (wrinkles on both sides of the nose)$50 – $80
Downturned lip corners$50 – $70

Clinics for the Best Botox in Ottawa

Now that you have the cost of Botox in mind, we can now delve into our list of clinics for the best Botox in Ottawa. Take note that this list is in no particular order.

1. ElevateRX Medical Aesthetics

ElevateRX Medical Aesthetics
SERVICESAesthetic Injectables, Skin Health, Teeth Whitening, Hair Loss Treatment, Therapeutic, Wellness Therapies, Elevate for Men
ADDRESS164 Lebreton St. North Ottawa, Ontario
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 613-518-1942
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:30AM–8:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM–2:00PM

ElevateRx Medical Aesthetics is relatively new, but already one of the best clinics in Ottawa that provides cosmetic injections and skin treatments. It is owned by Lindsay Peters, a very experienced Nurse Practitioner known for her approachable and caring demeanor and commitment to safety.

You can rest assured that you will be in the care of trained and experienced medical professionals during each treatment here. All injections in this clinic are performed by Medical Doctors (MD), Nurse Practitioners (NP), or Registered Nurses (RN). 

ElevateRx is very focused on safety and does not cut corners.  For that reason, they only use premium products, all of which have been authorized by Health Canada. They make sure treatments are carefully handpicked to include only those that have been tested and researched thoroughly, backed by published literature.

Their speciality is delivering a “natural” but elevated look, for a professional modern appearance.  Neuromodulator treatments (a generic term for Botox) are their most popular treatment for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. They carry several Health Canada authorized brands of neuromodulators including Botox, Restylane and Nuceiva, as they believe each has unique characteristics allowing them to truly individualize treatments.

With a range of other premium medical aesthetic treatments that include dermal fillers, facial sculpting, PRP, Evoke RF, chemical peels and more, ElevateRx Medical Aesthetics is one of our top picks in Ottawa. They offer a safe environment with licensed professionals administering treatments, making them an excellent option worth considering in the city.


  • All treatments are evidence-based and conducted by experienced medical professionals
  • Wide variety of aesthetic treatments and brands offered
  • Also offers therapeutic Botox for migraines
  • Competitively priced
  • Fantastic customer reviews


  • Only some staff are bilingual
  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what their clients have to say:

“The clinic is easy to find, and easy to locate. It is very clean, and modern. Tamara (RN) is extremely knowledgable, honest, and pretty down to earth. She made both my husband and I feel comfortable getting our injections. Lindsay (NP) is another gem! I definitely enjoyed my first visit, and already thinking about some other services I could benefit from.” Ashlee Harmer

“I am so happy to have discovered this spot!! The owner Lindsay is so professional, approachable and just an all round nice person. Medical aesthetics can feel intimidating sometimes but she makes you feel so ease and provides you with all of the important information. The space itself is so clean and bright and I’ve always walked out very satisfied with my treatments!” — Katie Hession (@YOWCityStyle)

2. Inskinity Aesthetic Clinic

Inskinity Aesthetic Clinic
Hydrafacial MD
IV Vitamins
Excessive sweating
Belkyra and more
ADDRESS180 Preston St 3rd floor Ottawa, ON K1R 7P9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 613-262-5848
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: CLOSED  

Inskinity Aesthetic Clinic was founded by Ana who is an advanced nurse injector and a Member of the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics. She was able to put up this medical aesthetic clinic due to her passion in helping people feel good and be confident in their own skin.

It is the motivation and goal of Inskinity to provide desired results for their clients to look both beautiful and completely natural as they believe that beauty is about enhancing what you already have.

Since not everyone has the luxury in spending their hard earned money with these kind of services, Ana partenered up with Do Finance that provides financing plans for most common elective procedures.

From their wide range of services, one of the treatments they offer is the neurotoxin treatments (botox/dysport) that smooths dynamic wrinkles which emerged as a result of facial motions, such as frowning, squinting, smiling and the like. This treatment interrupts muscle nerve signals thus causing the muscles to relax leaving a soften expression and a decrease in your wrinkles.

We even heard that their clinic is getting a new machine called Hydrafacial MD. This is amazing since not many establishments offer such a service in Ottawa.

You may share this one of a kind experience with your friend or loved one via the reloadable gift card they offer.


  • Biliingual
  • Easy booking
  • Competitively priced


  • Does not direct bill private insurance providers

Customer Reviews

Let’s take a look at what their clients have to say:

“Ana is the absolute best! She provided excellent services and I had an amazing experience. The atmosphere was relaxing. She took the time to walk me through the treatment and the results were wonderful. I will definitely be going back soon. I would highly recommend Ana and Inskinity. Thanks again for the delightful experience and pampering!” Natasha G.

“Outstanding service! Ana was professional and punctual. I loved the whole experience and love my results even more! I highly recommend Inskinity Aesthetic clinic. Thank you!!” Bobbi Gole

“Wonderful, professional service from Ana. She was really informative for my first ever botox injections and made sure to educate about the whole process. Not to mention, I’m over the moon with the subtle results! Highly recommend.” Brigit O’Neil

“I’ve been seeing Ana for my recurring Botox treatments and I love the results. Ana is professional, punctual and honest. She strives on giving you a natural look and gives her honest opinion. I can’t wait to keep seeing her!” Jessica Parker

3. Victoria Park Ottawa (formerly Laserderm)

Victoria Park Ottawa (formerly Laserderm)
SERVICES Aesthetics Injectables (Wrinkle Relaxers, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancers); Botox ® Therapeutic for Excessive Sweating; Pigmentation & Redness; Skin Rejuvenation; Acne Therapy & Scarring; Body Contouring; Double Chin & Neck Contouring; Sexual Health Treatments; Hair Treatments
ADDRESS1600 Carling Avenue #650Ottawa, ON K1Z 1G3
CONTACT DETAILSCall: 613.722.4436
Email:  [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8:00AM-4:00PM

Victoria Park Ottawa was founded over 30 years ago (previously known as Laserderm) and is part of the Victoria Park Medispa Group, the top Medispa in Canada for 2021 and 2022.

Their remarkable team is now led by dermatologists Dr. Christopher Sibley and Dr. Shanna Spring, as well as plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Étienne Ferron. With a registered nurse on staff who has years of experience working alongside one of Ottawa’s top injectors, you’ll receive top-notch service every time!

At Victoria Park Ottawa, they believe that injections should always result in natural and rejuvenating results – which is why their vision focuses on achieving this outcome with every client! Understanding that their patients may have different needs when it comes to Botox or any kind of injectable treatment they offer, their specialists prioritize each individual client’s satisfaction throughout their journey by offering them what they expect – all while providing an honest, professional, and gradual service. Plus, they are constantly testing the latest technology for their patients and adopting what they believe are the best possible solutions for facial rejuvenation.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment towards customer care, they always make sure every patient feels comfortable throughout their appointment – striving for excellence every step along the way, from consultation all through treatment planning until post-injection follow-up visits.

At Victoria Park Ottawa, you will be served by a dedicated team providing only top-quality aesthetic-medical treatments while ensuring a safe environment at all times; creating remarkable results one person at a time!


  • Victoria Park Medispa was voted Top Medispa in Canada two years in a row by the Canadian Wellness Spa Awards in 2021 and 2022.
  • Medical team is led by board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 
  • Aesthetic injectable treatments are performed by physician-specialists in their fields.
  • Team is composed of highly qualified and experienced nurses and technicians.
  • Wide range of treatments so you get the treatment that is right for you, not just the one we happen to have.
  • Five-star service.
  • First in Canada to introduce many technologies to the market.
  • Has a boutique with skin care products, approved by their experts.
  • Often offers special packages on their aesthetic treatments.
  • Offers a remarkable and personalized service, providing pre- and post-appointment follow-ups to ensure satisfaction. 


  • Closed on weekend
  • Only some staff are bilingual (all speaks English)

4. Elixir Beauty Clinic Inc.

Elixir Beauty Clinic Inc. Banner
SERVICESFacial treatments, PRP, Advanced Skin Management, Eye Lashes Extension, Botox and Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, Microblading, Weight Loss Management, Permanent Fat Dissolving, IV Nutritional Drips, Sculptra, Full Face Contouring
ADDRESS1279 Wellington St. W Ottawa, ON K1Y3A8
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 818-2066
OPERATING HOURSTuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Elixir Beauty Clinic Inc., located in Westboro, Ottawa, offers a comprehensive range of beauty services, including their renowned Botox treatments. Specializing in medical aesthetics, they aim to rejuvenate and enhance your natural beauty.

Elixir Beauty Clinic is staffed with experienced and skilled professionals who administer Botox treatments. Their expertise ensures that you receive safe and effective procedures.

Botox treatments at Elixir Beauty Clinic produce visible results shortly after the procedure, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The convenience of immediate outcomes is a significant advantage.

The clinic provides personalized consultations to understand your unique needs and tailor their services accordingly. This individualized approach ensures you receive treatments that best suit your goals.

With a specialization in medical aesthetics, Elixir Beauty Clinic focuses on non-surgical procedures designed to enhance your natural beauty. This emphasis on aesthetics allows clients to achieve a more youthful and revitalized appearance without invasive surgery.

In addition to Botox, the clinic offers a diverse array of beauty services, including dermal fillers, facial treatments, laser hair removal, and more. This one-stop-shop allows clients to address multiple beauty needs in one place.

Depending on the clinic’s demand, appointment availability may be limited, and clients may need to schedule sessions well in advance to secure their preferred time slots.


  • Very Experienced and Advanced Medical Aestheticians
  • Immediate Visible Results
  • Free consultation
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Extensive range of services


  • Appointment Availability
  • Closes on Mondays

Customer Reviews

“Amazing and reassuring place. Christine has been my nurse for a couple of years now and she’s truly the best. She’s passionate about her job , she’s talented and empathic. Even if she’s the best, she still continues doing transformation all over the world. I talked about her to many of my friends so they went to see her and they are all very happy about the treatment. I am very picky and she has all my trust. She’s an honest person , she won’t make you pay for a treatment that you don’t need. Don’t hesitate , I know that I repeat myself but , she’s sincerely the best. We give each other a big hug every time that I have an appointment. This is how heartwarming she is. Now, about the clinic , when you enter there you feel good. It’s beautiful and very clean. They immediately take good care of you and welcome you with a big smile. They offer many treatments and they use new technologies.

They are all very passionate about their jobs. They want you to receive the best treatment and the best experience. You can feel it. Nicole is amazing and takes very good care of the clinic and the customer. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and makes sure that you have everything that you need and even more. In conclusion , life is short , go at this clinic , treat yourself, you deserve it !” -Jeny Lemx

“Walked by the clinic one day and was intrigued, so I made a hydra facial appointment. Nicole was professional, kind, and knowledgeable. The salon itself was sleek, modern, and very clean. I will definitely be going back regularly.” -Shannon Kathleen

“Nicole was a great injector and very professional. Very satisfied with my results and the clinic is very nicely decorated and clean. Highly recommend” -Kayla Nguyen

5. The Ottawa Skin Clinic

The Ottawa Skin Clinic
SERVICESBotox and other Injectables, Skin Care, Body Sculpting, Laser Treatments
ADDRESS349 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +1 613 745-7546
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturdays: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The Ottawa Skin Clinic is one of the city’s staple cosmetic clinics as reflected in their winning the Top Choice Cosmetic Clinic of 2021 in Ottawa. This award is based on patrons and customers voting for their preferred clinics.

If you’re interested in Botox, The Ottawa Skin Clinic has physicians who specialize in offering the procedure. The procedure is typically for treating forehead wrinkles caused by repeated muscular contractions over the years, like frowning and squinting.

Their physicians also take the time to answer any concerns or questions their patients may have before any treatment and walk them through every step of the procedure.

Aside from Botox, The Ottawa Skin Clinic also offers different skincare services like acne treatments, microneedling, and specialized chemical peels.

They also provide body sculpting services for cellulite, double chin, among many other specialized treatments each uniquely personalized to their customer’s needs.

If you care about women’s health and skin health initiatives, you’ll be happy to know that The Ottawa Skin Clinic supports the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Action Ottawa, and Skin Care Foundation. The clinic actively does its part in fundraising and various awareness efforts for its causes.


  • Easy booking process
  • Wide variety of cosmetic services
  • Award-winning cosmetic clinic
  • Offers cost-saving treatment packages
  • Also offers vetted skincare products
  • Bilingual


  • Does not privately offer financing option
  • Modifications or refunds on packages are not possible
  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

A review from Yasmin Ghorbani via Google says:

“Always an amazing experience at the Ottawa Skin Clinic   Staff are always lovely and the results from the service are always great! I keep up with cool sculpting, Botox & fillers, and hydrafacials (my favourite)”

Another review from Jazmine Clement reads:

“I had the pleasure of getting a total of 14 syringes of filler injected into my face by Dr. Michon, Nurse Sarah, and Nurse Vanessa. All three injectors are the most amazing Medical staff I have ever worked with. My face looks lifted, contoured, and younger; surprisingly very natural!!

The procedure in itself was very relaxing, comfortable, and overall not as painful as I imagined. They take pride in ensuring that you are ready for the injections, by conducting a count down before injecting, especially those extra sensitive areas on the face. As an added bonus, they also play your favourite music as a way to distract and relax you while they work. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family, that this is hands down the best cosmetic facility in Ottawa, and I will never go anywhere else!

Thank you so much The Ottawa Skin Clinic, for giving me a refreshed look that I cannot wait to show off!”

6. Concept Medical

Concept Medical
SERVICESBotox Cosmetic, Chronic Migraine Treatments, Excessive Sweating Treatments, Chemical Peel, CoolSculpting, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling
ADDRESS11 Holland Ave #400, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 829-1266
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Concept Medical remains one of the best clinics in Ottawa for Botox by being a trusted clinic for different cosmetic procedures. It provides physician-led, evidence-based cosmetic medicine services.

It’s also vetted by hundreds of previous customers with a positive experience, winning the 2021 Consumer Choice Award.

Their Botox treatments are performed exclusively by their certified physicians and never delegated to a nurse or other non-medical staff member.

They also have a treatment for chronic migraine, which is a condition that may not respond to regular migraine medications. Specific injectable treatments may help in significantly decreasing the frequency and severity of chronic migraine headaches.

Concept Medical offers consultations for an injectable treatment to clients who have been diagnosed with chronic migraines by physicians or have tried migraine-specific medications that didn’t work.

Patients wanting to have Botox for chronic migraines need to have a referral sent from their Family Physician to Concept Medical.

Aside from Botox treatments, Concept Medical also provides specialized procedures like Photodynamic Therapy & Acne Treatment, Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating Treatments, and Laser Vein Treatments among many others.

The clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Hetz, has also developed novice and advanced training opportunities to help elevate the field of medical aesthetics in Canada. Dr. Hetz is nationally recognized through his academic and leadership awards and numerous published papers in peer-reviewed medical journals.


  • Wide variety of cosmetic services
  • Award-winning cosmetic clinic
  • Also offers vetted skincare products
  • Offers training courses for Botox and fillers


  • Does not direct bill private insurance providers
  • Not bilingual
  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

A review from Colleen Capello via Google says:

“Love Concept Medical! Dr.Hetz and all the staff are so wonderful! Always on time, never rushed through an appointment and they are all very knowledgeable about treatments and products!”

Another review from Keely Giles reads:

“Dr Hertz has been helping me to manage chronic migraines with Botox therapy.  After >10 years, this is the only thing that has worked!

The clinic is clean, bright and has a welcoming atmosphere.  The staff are professional, knowledgeably, and always run on time.

I highly recommend Dr Hertz and the Concept Medical Clinic.”

7. Dermis Advanced Skin Care Ottawa

Dermis Advanced Skin Care Ottawa
SERVICESInjectables, Light & Laser, Spa and Wellness, Medical Aesthetics, Body Sculpting, Lash Enhancement, Hair Removal
ADDRESS116 Albert St #110, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +1 613 233-7546
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dermis has been in the skincare and cosmetics industry for more than 13 years. They’ve been serving the community of Ottawa with over 70,000 treatments, which includes Botox procedures.

The medical team at Dermis’s Ottawa Botox clinic treats common concerns like lines and wrinkles, tired-looking eyes, sagging skin, and facial veins. Injecting Botox into the muscles that cause wrinkles helps muscles relax and reduces frown lines and other wrinkles.

Dermis also offers Juvederm Injections which are said to be five times more effective than chemical peels. Juvederm is unlike other injected fillers because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that naturally occurs within your body.

This acid’s premier function is for the healing and growth of skin cells when injected. This unique filler joins forces with the water already inside the skin to fill lines and add volume to the lips.

Because hyaluronic acid acts differently from other fillers, it will not freeze the face in place and results are bound to be more natural-looking to the eye, without the common frozen or stiff look.

This procedure is also an excellent purifying process for deep cleaning and is very effective at controlling sebaceous secretion, inflammation, and acne.

Aside from Botox and Juvederm Injections, Dermis also offers laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, acne removal, and vein removal.


  • Easy booking process
  • Provides free consultation
  • Offers regular promos on their services
  • Offers a reward system to customers
  • Wide variety of cosmetic services
  • Award-winning cosmetic clinic
  • Offers vetted skincare products


  • Not bilingual
  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

A review from Hayley Mahaney says:

“I’ve gotten botox from many places over the last 10 years, and Elizabeth beats them all hands down. Best results I’ve ever had. I don’t want anyone else to touch my face after this!”

Another review from Oktay via Google reads:

“I had 7 years of Botox experience before in other countries. But Dr.elizabeth is the best. the staff are really nice and friendly.the Dr is so Profesional nice and kind also the effect of botox was really awesome my husband and I have done botox and of course we will go there again for any skin cares.thanks a lot”

8. Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic

Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic
SERVICESHyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating), TMJ Masseter Reduction, Lip Flip, Eyebrow Lift, Platysmal Bands, Forehead Lines, Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Gummy Smile
ADDRESS300 Terry Fox Dr #500A, Kanata, ON K2K 0E3, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Our experience at Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic left us feeling rejuvenated and impressed with their exceptional services. From the moment we entered their sleek and modern clinic, we knew we were in for a treat.

The range of services offered at Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic is nothing short of impressive.

Their highly skilled and knowledgeable team provided us with personalized consultations and recommended treatments tailored to our specific needs. Their expertise was evident in every procedure.

Convenience is key, and Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic knows this.

Their online booking system made scheduling appointments a breeze, saving us precious time. Furthermore, their central location in the heart of the city ensured easy accessibility, allowing us to fit our treatments seamlessly into our busy lives.

When it comes to reputation, Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Countless satisfied clients rave about their transformative experiences, and we now know why. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their practice, from their meticulous attention to detail to their warm atmosphere.

While quality often comes at a price, Capital Aesthetics Skin Clinic strikes the perfect balance between value and cost. Their transparent pricing structure and competitive rates allowed us to indulge in the luxury of self-care without breaking the bank. 

Sadly, they don’t offer discounts at the present. We advise checking other affordable deals in their website.


  • Exceptional services
  • Convenient online booking
  • Stellar reputation
  • Competitive pricing


  • Busy during peak seasons due to popularity

Customer Reviews

“A very welcoming place. The receptionist is kind and Marina is really detailed and gentle with the procedure. Strongly recommend the place.” — Patricia Tavares

“From A to Z, the experience and services were topnotch. Thank you Marina for taking the time to assess what would suit me best.” — Sarah Dehbi

9. Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa Inc.

Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa Inc
SERVICESAnti-Aging Rejuvenation, Facial Contour, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Facial Rejuvenation, Scar & Stretch Mark Reduction
ADDRESS1919 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 1A2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +1 613 521-3223
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa has several of the most trusted physicians in Ottawa for cosmetic medicines. The clinic offers treatments for acne scars and pigment irregularity to wrinkles.

Botox injections will be done by their highly trained experienced nurses. Their goal is that their patients fully understand the procedure during the consultation.

Their doctors initially meet with each patient for a consultation. They review their health history to be sure there are no contraindications or reasons for a person to not receive a particular treatment or procedure they wish to have.

Patients will also be provided with baseline pictures to help explain the procedure. The doctors will go over a consent form with the patient and answer any questions they may have.

First-timers will be asked for a follow-up visit two weeks after the procedure to assess the results from the first treatment and make a plan of care moving forward.

Their medical aestheticians, working under the direction of certified surgeons, provide skincare assessments with the VISIA computerized skin analysis device as well as make appropriate skincare recommendations specific to your needs.

The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre has also been a training facility for esthetic injection techniques for over 12 years. In 2011, Dr. Antoniak, the medical director of the clinic was recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) for his experience and dedication to his specialty.


  • Easy booking process
  • Uses VISIA computerized skin analysis device for specific skincare recommendations
  • Affiliated with various hospitals to ensure safety of their procedures
  • Wide variety of cosmetic services
  • Surgeons and medical staff are trained on the latest technologies
  • Follow up provided at no charge


  • Does not offer promos or discounts
  • Not bilingual
  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

A review from Susan Clark via Google says:

“I always enjoy my visit to the centre: everyone is welcoming and friendly.

The technician I see, Sheila, is professional, knowledgeable and always looks out for my best interest.

I have know most of the staff at the centre for 17 year, I believe that speaks volumes on how I feel about the Facial & Cosmetic Centre”

Another review from Ellaha Moshref also via Google reads:

“I would like to share that I had such an amazing experience here. A previous nurse from another clinic  had done some botox and fillers on my face and I wasn’t happy. I went into Dr. Anthoniak clinic and the nurse/manager Sheila took care of my face and corrected everything. I noticed the results immediately and I will never again go anywhere else that is cheap because this place is worth every dollar. Thank you very much Sheila for all your help, I truly appreciate it.”

10. Ottawa Plastic Surgery

Ottawa Plastic Surgery
SERVICESBOTOX®️ Cosmetic, Eyelid Surgery, Face & Neck Lift, Facial Fat Rejuvenation, Gynecomastia, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, IPL Photorejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal
ADDRESS502-1525 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8R9, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: +1 613 792-4137
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Fridays: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Ottawa Plastic Surgery specializes solely in aesthetic surgery. They offer a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments for the face and body.

They are also one of the most trusted clinics in Ottawa with their board-certified surgeons and team of aesthetic experts who make sure patients are provided with a clear understanding of the procedures they want to have.

Every first visit will have a one-on-one sit-down with Dr. Silverman or Dr. Boyd, the lead surgeons of the clinic. The consultation is followed by a focused examination and procedural planning where the surgeon will go over the options, details, expectations, and risks of the surgery, and demonstrate possible results.

Aside from Botox, Ottawa Plastic Surgery also provides Chemical Peels, IPL Photorejuvenation, Venus Versa Skin Resurfacing, and many other treatments.

Because both Botox and dermal fillers treat signs of ageing in different ways, Ottawa Plastic Surgery is able to combine these treatments and give their patients a more complete facial rejuvenation than either treatment on its own.

In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Botox can provide a non-surgical brow lift that raises the outer portion of your eyebrows and can temporarily revitalize sagging or drooping eyes.


  • Offers free pre-operations and post-operations instructions to help with recovery
  • Offers virtual consultation
  • Open to financing programs
  • Offers 24/7 availability during patients’ recovery period
  • Offers loyalty programs
  • Offers discounts on non-surgical treatments and other aesthetic procedures
  • Wide variety of cosmetic services


  • Not bilingual
  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

A review from Danielle W. via Google says:

“I have been looking for over ten years for the perfect Surgeon! After three consults and finally finding Dr Silverman I decided to take the plunge! I have heard nothing but good things about him and I can say it was the best decision I ever made. From the very first consult all the way through to my last follow up, pre and post surgery care and my RESULTS. WOW I can’t believe it. Very happy and would recommend him to anyone for anything! A real professional.”

Sarah P. also left a review via Google saying:

“I could not be happier with the decision of using Ottawa Plastic Surgery and Dr. Boyd for my augmentation. From the initial consultation Dr. Kirsty Boyd took a lot of time to explain everything to me and weigh out options, with all the possibilities and explain the pros and possible cons moving forward. There was no pressure, just information and kind guidance of what she would recommend based on her experience and expertise.”

11. The Cosmetic Clinic

The Cosmetic Clinic
SERVICESCosmetic Injections, Threadlifitng, Laser, Hydrafacial, Skincare
ADDRESS900, Greenbank Rd, Suite 204, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (613) 913 2248
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Wednesday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Thursday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Friday: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Statutory Holidays: Closed

The Cosmetic Clinic was founded by Chelsey Brown, a registered nurse and a triple certified cosmetic nurse injector. She obtained her certifications in neuromodulators, filler injections, and dermal fillers in Ontario. 

We’re impressed with the owner’s qualifications and this gives us an idea of the high standards of service the clinic provides. With a precise eye for aesthetics, The Cosmetic Clinic is one of our top picks for those that want botox or other injectables.

Offering clients hyaluronic acid Fillers, neuromodulators, chin sculpting and more, this clinic’s procedures injectables take only around 30 minutes to an hour. This means you can get your treatment done and go about the rest of your day (depending on if there’s downtime for your procedure of course).

The Cosmetic Clinic offers various other skin care services which makes them a great option for those who want a single place to accomplish their beauty needs. Whether you’re looking for a hydrafacial, laser, or threadlifting, this clinic has got it covered.


  • Owner is a registered nurse and triple certified in injectables
  • Two locations in Ontario
  • Wide variety of cosmetic services


  • No financing options
  • Closed on weekends

FAQs about Botox in Ottawa

We hope that our list of clinics with the best Botox in Ottawa provided you with the information you needed for getting a Botox treatment safely. If you have concerns and questions regarding the procedure, be sure to consult your doctor.

Know of any other Botox clinics in Ottawa we might have missed and should be on this list? Let us know so we can check them out!

If you’re interested in other cosmetic surgery procedures, we have a list of the best plastic surgery clinics in Ottawa that you can check out.