The Top Math Tutor Services in Ottawa
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The Top 5 Math Tutors in Ottawa

Having some problems with math lessons and homework? Maybe it’s time to get help from the best math tutor in Ottawa.

For this listicle, we selected reputable tutorial centres that either handle math among other academic subjects or are focused entirely on math lessons.

In the next section, we’ll also be discussing some tutorial rates and how service fees are charged.

How Much Does a Math Tutor Charge in Ottawa?

Most of the time, the fees will often depend on how the tutorial centre is structured. For instance, the table below reflects Ottawa Tutoring’s pricing package both for hourly sessions and packaged sessions.

Virtual tutorial$40 up per hour
In-person tutorial$46 up per hour
Packaged virtual tutorial$450 per 10 hours
$660 per 15 hours
$860 per 20 hours
$1,260 per 30 hours
Packaged in-person tutorial$500 per 10 hours
$735 per 15 hours
$960 per 20 hours
$1,410 per 30 hours

There are also tutorial portals where clients can create an account and then choose the tutor who can best fit their academic needs and budget. 

Individual tutors usually charge by the hour depending on their area of expertise and tutorial background experience (typically $17 – $25 per hour). These tutorial profiles often come with client feedback and ratings so potential students can see if they’re a good fit with what they require.

The Top Math Tutor Services in Ottawa

Now that you have an idea of the costs, let’s see which math tutor service in Ottawa can help you with your lessons and homework.

1. Mathnasium

SERVICESMath-only learning centre for grades 2 to 12
ADDRESSWeb-based instructionsOttawa ON K2J 4Y6
CONTACT NUMBER613 435 8500  
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 3 PM – 7 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

As a learning centre primarily dedicated to mathematics, Mathnasium’s aim is to help kids from Grades 2 to 12 make sense of the subject. 

Its directors believe that an encouraging environment can help young minds understand math and retain its concepts throughout their lives. To underline this, an initial assessment with both written and oral examinations are conducted to see how well the student grasps mathematical concepts.

This is what makes Mathnasium a unique tutorial centre. Aside from helping pupils overcome math-related homework frustration, its customized learning process can help them establish a disciplined way of processing math concepts and problems.

So whether your child is struggling with math subjects or an advanced learner, Mathnasium can improve or enhance what they already know via tailor-made lessons. 

There’s a free assessment offered at the centre. Given the current situation, instructions are done live via Internet connection at the moment with its Mathnasium@Home program.


  • Math-focused instructors
  • Free assessment
  • Offers seasonal promotions
  • Referral programs available


  • Currently open for live web-based instructions only
  • No BBB accreditation
  • Open for only 5 days a week

Customer Reviews

Read the following client feedback for Mathnasium:

“We are extremely pleased with Mathnasium; our daughter was very stressed with her high school math class and was having an extremely difficult time.  However, after a few sessions at Mathnasium, her grades improved and the stress went away.  Mathnasium was very accommodating with tutoring times as her schedule always changes.  Special shout out to Tom – a great tutor!” – Lori Cora

“My Daughter was failing Geometry this fall, we had her assessed by Mathnasium and have worked on her basics as well as her homework and test preparations. The results have been wonderful. She scored 100% on her final and received an A for the semester.” – Sharon

2. Ottawa Tutoring

Ottawa Tutoring
SERVICESVirtual tutoring, in-person tutoring, virtual lessons, in-person lessons
ADDRESS838 Somerset Street West, Unit 40 Ottawa, ON, Canada K1R 6R7
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected] 
(613) 230-9675

Ottawa Tutoring has been around since 2013 and currently has more than 60 tutors on its roster. Its mission is to make learning a positive experience for all its clients regardless of age or aptitude.

Math, statistics, and physics tutorials are available either on a weekly or a book-as-you-go basis. This kind of flexibility allows students — whether they’re elementary, high school, or university level  — to customize the time and lessons they need to learn at the moment (or long-term).

Lessons can have flexible lengths, too. There’s a minimum of one hour for in-person lessons but Ottawa Tutoring’s teaching staff can accommodate one and a half, two, and even three hours of private tutorials.

Students have the option to meet where it’s most convenient for them. Aside from the main tutorial centre on Somerset, tutors can go to the student’s home, at a quiet library, or even virtually using the centre’s Online Lesson Space!


  • Students can request the same tutor each session
  • Book-as-you go and weekly sessions available
  • Flexible lesson duration
  • Virtual lessons available


  • Slots can get filled up fast
  • Doesn’t accept cash payments
  • All packages are non-refundable

Customer Reviews

See how past clients liked Ottawa Tutoring’s services:

“Our daughter has successfully passed Grade 12 Advanced Functions and it would not have been possible without Karine’s expertise.  She was so wonderfully patient and knowledgeable about how to explain math in a way that made sense.” – Joanna

“My son and daughter have been getting tutoring from Ottawa Tutoring for 3 years now and we plan to continue all throughout high school! Not only is the tutoring extremely beneficial for their confidence, but it has also helped them develop study habits that they didn’t have before. We have had several tutors for science, English, and math, and they all have been amazing!” – Emily

3. First Tutors Canada

First Tutors Canada
SERVICESRegistered private tutor portal for different academic and practical subjects
ADDRESSServes the Ottawa areaOnline classes
CONTACT NUMBER+1 888 448 0296
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

First Tutors Canada offers a huge range of subjects for its clients. Students can get tutored in academic subjects, languages, practical skills like essay writing and music, and even sports.

Established in 2011, the centre is an offshoot of the original UK branch which aims to provide a client-recommended and feedback-based tutorial system. We like this because it establishes honesty, trust, and confidence among clients and tutors. 

Clients can choose among the tutor profiles available at First Tutors Canada. The centre doesn’t garnish a percentage of the tutor’s payments and earnings which also makes it an ideal workplace for those who want to teach on the side.

Because it’s a 24/7 portal for tutors and students, clients are given flexible options for how they want their lessons conducted (and for how long). They will just be asked to pay a one-off introduction fee of $9.99 without any hidden costs.


  • Affordable $9.99 introduction fee 
  • Feedback-based tutorial system
  • No hidden fees


  • Doesn’t run background checks on tutors
  • No physical tutorial centre
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

The following clients have good things to say about First Tutors Canada:

“We have been using Nel Ridgeway as an A-level Biology tutor for our son. We have found her very knowledgeable and very approachable. She is very calm, methodical and able to put across complicated topics in a simple and understandable manner. We strongly recommend her.” – Tariq M.

“Couldn’t fault the service. Searched for a tutor, spoke with the one I liked the most, paid to receive their contact details. Customer service answered my questions promptly.” – Jeremy S.

4. Oxford Learning

Oxford Learning
SERVICESOnline tutoring, homework help, math, English, French, science tutoring, ESL tutoring, learning difficulties, summer learning, preparation for SSAT, SAT/ACT
ADDRESS3619 Innes Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K1C 1T1
CONTACT NUMBER613.706.7733
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Thursday 11.30 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays 9 AM – 2 PM
Closed on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays

Oxford Learning takes pride in its creation of math tutoring programs for grades 1 to 12. It understands that each child has a unique learning pace and needs which can’t be addressed by a one-size-fits-all type of teaching.

Beyond getting homework done properly and on time, the tutors of Oxford Learning want to instill the development of new and effective study skills among students. It’s a trait they want students to carry even outside the classroom.

Oxford Learning structures its lessons so that tutorial groups are small and students can have one-on-one instructions with each tutor. There’s a minimum of two one-hour classes per week or around 8 tutorial hours per month.

The centre wants to shift the usual tutorial method of memorization to actual effective ways a student learns a concept or lesson. Its tutors believe in the power of cognitive learning, boosting confidence, and improving overall study skills.


  • Offers payment options
  • Customized tutoring plans
  • Wide range of subject areas


  • In-class programs subject to regional regulations
  • Open for only four days a week
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Read some positive feedback for Oxford Learning:

“Oxford Learning is a great way to give your child a ” leg up” on the next year. We send our son in during the summers to clear up cobwebs and get him ready for September! Great professional staff and price point is fantastic!” – Salima Ismail

“It keeps our kids one step ahead of others. Few hours of Summer vacation time is best utilized and kids don’t have to start a fresh journey after the school’s restart. It also gives parents  feedback of young ones and some relaxing time.” – Abdul Rehman Mithani

5. Math Cubed

Math Cubed
SERVICESVirtual one-on-one math tutoring for grades 7 – 12
ADDRESS29 Pentry Ln, Ottawa, ON K1S 0X1, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 567-2278
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSSunday to Thursday 2.30 PM – 9.20 PM
Closed on Fridays and Saturdays

By its name alone, clients can tell that Mathcubed is a math-focused tutorial centre. The good thing about it is that it aims to have students actually understand math concepts via one-on-one tutoring sessions.

To better understand its student’s math needs (whether they’re struggling or not being challenged enough), Mathcubed conducts a thorough initial assessment per client. 

Aside from the math assessment test itself, there’s a learning and study skills questionnaire as well as a questionnaire for parents or guardians to fill up. These documents and tests can help the reviewer give recommendations and customized programs for the student to learn math better.

It boasts of having tutored over 3,000 grades 7 – 12 students in the Ottawa area by far. As of March 2002, all tutorial sessions have been moved online for the safety of both teachers and tutors.


  • Ontario-certified high school math tutors
  • One-on-one tutorial lessons
  • Conducts thorough initial assessments


  • Tutors only high school level students
  • No BBB accreditation
  • Open for only five days a week

Customer Reviews

Here’s some positive feedback for Mathcubed:

“Edison is such a good teacher he didn’t JUST teach me to learn and understand math, he taught me how to learn things in general. This is a very important life skill you can apply to anything, math or not! I 100% recommend MathCubed to anyone. Thank you, Edison!” – Joseph Parker

“Great tutoring staff. They really know their stuff and make sure you understand the concepts.” – Anthony Reynolds

FAQs About Math Tutors in Ottawa

Your child can look forward to enjoying numbers with the help of a great math tutor in Ottawa. 

Should you need help on other academic or practical subjects, we recommend reading our listicle on the best tutoring services in Ottawa.

If you have more recommendations for reputable math tutors, we’re all ears. Please send us a message and we can review them.