Best Employment Lawyers in Ottawa
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The 7 Best Employment Lawyer Firms in Ottawa

Whether you’re getting ready to sign an employment contract or an issue has come up in your workplace, employment lawyers are there to help you through any concerns, questions, or cases you want to bring up. For this, we listed out the best employment lawyer firms in Ottawa for you!

In this article, we’ll also talk a little bit about the average fees you should expect to be paying, what to know before hiring a lawyer, and we also have answers to some FAQs at the end.

Stick around till then to make sure you’re fully informed and ready to make a decision!

What to Know Before Hiring an Employment Lawyer

Here are a few key things to consider when hiring an employment lawyer to make sure they represent you in the best possible way:

1. Testimonials

Any lawyer worth their salt will have a few testimonials to back them up. Take the time to look them up online, check reviews or sites that mention them, or if they were referred to you, ask the person what working with them was like.

It’s best not to believe ads as they’re paid for by the lawyer and don’t really tell you much about the important things like their work ethic, professionalism, and if they’re pleasant to work with.

2. Portfolio

Make sure you end up working with someone who’s had experience with the type of cases you need them for. If you get someone who hasn’t worked on anything similar, you run the risk of the process taking far longer, paying more, and overall not being represented as well as you’d like.

3. Fees and Legal Costs

While the legal documents and such won’t vary in costs, the same can’t be said for lawyer’s fees. Larger firms and more experienced lawyers tend to cost more at the benefit of shorter processing time, and complete reliability.

Smaller firms and more inexperienced lawyers are more affordable, and don’t necessarily mean that they are not as competent as lawyers from larger firms. This decision will ultimately be left up to you.

4.  Integrity and Transparency

A lawyer that is transparent about all processes and costs, and remains courteous to all involved throughout the process is someone that can be trusted in general. As they are representing you, they shouldn’t risk making you look bad by being disrespectful to any parties involved.

How Much Do Employment Lawyer Services Cost in Ottawa

In the list below are the average fees of employment attorneys. Bear in mind that they will vary, and that bigger firms charge more in general!

ServiceAverage cost
Junior lawyer’s fees$200 / hour
Lawyer with 5 years experience$350 / hour
Lawyer with 15+ years experience$700 / hour

Top Employment Lawyer Firms in Ottawa

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get started on the list of firms we think will serve you best!

1.   Raven Law

Raven Law's Homepage
BEST FOR   Pays equity and wage rate discrimination
SERVICESWrongful Dismissal
Termination of Employment
Constructive Dismissal
Mitigation and the Duty to Find Alternative Employment
Human Rights
Maternity and Parental Leave
Employment Status
Independent Contractor
Bullying & Violence in the Workplace
ADDRESS220 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 5Z9
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 567-2901
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun Closed

Raven Law has been operating for over 30 years. Their work and dedication to employment law has extended far past providing service to their clients, largely due to the owner’s 40+ years studying, practicing, and improving Canadian employment law in more ways than we can count.

Their advocacy and hard work made huge changes in all areas in the country’s federal jurisdiction. In addition to this, they make it a point to teach Canadians everything they should know about their rights as employees by holding talks and conferences across the country.

On the business side of things, the attorneys that work in the firm have a wealth of experience that they use to represent their clients in the best way possible. As one of the top firms in Ottawa, they guarantee that they are the best to work with, a claim that seems to be backed up by a multitude of stellar reviews online from more-than-satisfied clients.

After all is said and done, they go even further by getting clients hired by other professionals so they can continue on with their lives. If there’s a firm that consistently goes the extra mile, it’s this one.


  • Specializes in employment law
  • Branches in Ottawa and Kingston
  • Large team of lawyers


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

With their work in employment law and with their clients, Raven Law has made waves in Canadian Law. Here are reviews from satisfied clients:

“Anna Lichty at Raven Law was amazing!

I was having a difficult time with my third party LTD provider and was almost destitute after months of battles on my own. Her understanding and compassion was incredibly reassuring. Because of her help and guidance, I was finally paid by my insurance.

Thank you so much. I will never forget you!”  -Mark Allen

“I want to acknowledge attorney Mr James Cameron for his professionalism while meeting with me. Disability can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process. Mr James Cameron made me feel very comfortable and kept me informed about my rights every step of the way. I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to him, and I am sure they will be happy with his legal expertise.”  -Shaun Michael

2.   Samfiru Tumarkin LLP

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP's Homepage
BEST FOR   Disability and Wrongful Dismissal
SERVICESWrongful Dismissal
Severance Pay
Employment Standards Compliance
Employment Termination
Hours of Work
Public Holidays
Termination Pay
Pregnancy and Parental Leave
Employment Contracts
Duty to Accommodate
Place of Origin
Family or Marital Status
ADDRESS275 Bank Street, Suite 402, Ottawa, ON K2P 2L6
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 366-3063
(855) 821-5900
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun Closed

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP has been operating since 2007 as a specialized employment law firm. They are one of Canada’s most qualified and trusted law firms according to multiple news outlets and business journals, airing Canada’s first radio program on employment law.

Fun fact: They launched the very first Severance Pay Calculator online back in the early 2000’s which inspired all other severance pay calculators you see online on other sites.

The firm employs over 40 attorneys who offer advice to workers while advocating for the rights of every Canadian under employment law. They’ve solved hundreds of complicated cases, even ones that seemed hopeless, and made sure that their clients got what they deserved.

They’re often lauded for their work with disability and wrongful dismissal cases. They are said to be very reassuring and communicative to work with, you would be hard pressed to find a negative review on them out of over a thousand.

If you’re tight on funds, don’t fret! They have a few different fee arrangements to make sure you still get the representation you need from them.


  • Large team of lawyers
  • Multiple locations across Canada


  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

Thanks to their innovations in employment law, ST Law has remained at the forefront of law in Canada. Here are a couple of five-star reviews:

“This was my first experience working with lawyers and it was incredibly painless. Samara and Chantale were so professional and a great team who took the time to explain the process to me. They were really personable and I felt like the did their absolute best for me.

Highly recommend. Also good to note: they won’t take on your case unless they’re fairly certain they can win.”  -Heather Playford

“I am very grateful to Samara Belitzky for her professionalism and proficiency in helping to resolve an employment matter for me. I was kept well-informed throughout the process and am thankful for the fair and favourable outcome she secured. The services of this firm are as advertised. Thank you, Samara!”  -Michael Karakolis

3.   Vey Willetts LLP

Vey Willetts LLP's Homepage
BEST FOR   Human Rights and Discrimination
SERVICESWrongful and Constructive Dismissal
Employment Contract
Contractor Status
Workplace Harassment
Human Rights and Discrimination
Pregnancy and Parental Leave
Denial of Disability
Vacation Pay
Labour Relations
Absenteeism and Attendance Management
Drafting Employment Contracts
Employee Termination
Strategic Human Resources Support
ADDRESS275 Slater Street, Suite 900, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9
CONTACT DETAILS(800) 296-7989
(613) 238-4430
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat – Sun Closed

Since 2012, Vey Willets LLP has provided services on employment law because they believe in “doing one thing and doing it very well”. They have extensive experience in every aspect of employment law and have built up a solid reputation despite being one of the more recent firms on our list.

They work very closely with their clients and even built long-term relationships with many of them, which we can say is a good testament to their reliability. With their experience and specialization, they can readily put together a strategy to be able to represent you well.

Their website is also very informative and a great place to start looking up information and what options you may have before committing time and money to a consultation.


  • Specializes in employment law
  • Online appointment booking


  • Small team of lawyers

Customer Reviews

By going the extra mile for their clients, VW LLP has created a solid reputation for themselves. Here are a few clients who have had a positive experience with them:

“I am very pleased with the guidance and representation I received from Paul and Lucy. They were very responsive, their advice was great and the rates were certainly reasonable. Above all, we reached a more favourable settlement than I would have otherwise been able to achieve. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for L&E counsel.”  -Tommy V

“I reached out to Vey Willetts LLP for advice, and then representation on an employment related matter.  From my first contact with the firm to my specific dealings with Mr. Willets, I received knowledgeable and professional guidance, and exceptional service. Mr. Willets was very responsive, providing his thoughtful and practical perspective at every step in the process. I would definitely recommend this firm and their excellent services.”  -Beth Clark

4.   Mann Lawyers

Mann Lawyers' Homepage
BEST FOR   Workplace Conflict and Investigations
SERVICESCivil actions, Ministry of Labour Complaints
Creating and interpreting policies
Employment contracts
Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan
Employment Standards Act interpretation
Independent Contractor / Consulting Agreements
Leaves of Absence
Long term disability issues
Occupational Health and Safety Act interpretation
Pay Equity
Performance Management and Discipline
Privacy and Confidentiality
Restrictive Covenants
Sale of Business
Severance Package Assessment
Workplace conflict and investigations
Wrongful and Constructive Dismissal
Other Related Areas
ADDRESS11 Holland Avenue, Suite 300 (Tower A), Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S1
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 722-1500
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm
Sat – Sun closed

Mann Lawyers started off as a small firm in the 90’s and has since grown into a law firm of over 30 lawyers practicing in all major fields of the law. Today, it stands as a full service law firm with offices in both Ottawa and Perth.

They provide a wide range of legal services to an even wider range of clientele, from individuals to whole businesses. Their lawyers are regarded as leaders across the National Capital Region, thanks to their support towards non-profit organizations, initiatives, and constantly giving back to communities.

While they aren’t specialized in employment law, they don’t lack the expertise to tackle nearly any case you have for them. In fact, their attorneys are some of the best in Ottawa for employment law!

Clients have said that they are very prompt, professional, friendly, and walk you through the entire process.


  • Large team of lawyers
  • Extensive range of law services


  • Not specialized in employment law

Customer Reviews

Going above and beyond their duties as lawyers, Mann lawyers constantly give back to the community with the same services they offer their clients. Here are a few positive reviews:

“I was given Nigel’ number by a coworker.  I was a bit hesitate to email them, but the initial contact with Mary and then Nigel were very prompt and professional.  Nigel provided me the legal advice that I needed to hear, they were fantastic from the very beginning.  I was very pleased with the outcome, and from the very beginning they made me feel comfortable.  I recommend Mann lawyers for all your legal needs.  I will recommend Nigel, if my family and friends ever need legal assistance.  Thank you so much Nigel!!”  -Rosa Mercer

“Ms. Jade Renaud is always a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend her services to all professionals looking to start a business.  She guided me through every step of the process and answered all of my questions. For those that need to understand the complexities of corporations, she is extremely reliable.

Her approach is client-centered and candid. She can breakdown the most complex business law terms to those that are not as familiar with the “legalese”.

Thank you Jade for all of your assistance!”  -Alana Guy

5.   Kelly Santini LLP

Kelly Santini LLP's Homepage
BEST FOR   Employment contract reviews
SERVICESHuman rights claims, including pay equity and discrimination issues
Employment standards issues
Wrongful dismissal claims
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board issues
Review employment contracts
Review termination packages
ADDRESS2401-160 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 2P7 301-2301 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2B 7G3
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 238.6321
(613) 829.7171
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 8:30 am – 5:00pm
Sat – Sun closed

Kelly Santini LLP has been helping out local, national and international business owners, not-for-profits, insurers, and private individuals with all their legal needs for over 35 years. Their motto is “Every client. Any issue. What’s important to you is essential to us.”, which says a lot about their dedication to customer care!

Every attorney they hire is licensed and highly experienced. Being one of the larger firms, they can be pretty selective when it comes to who is accepted in their ranks which means  they’re up to the task of taking care of nearly any legal need you have.

While they don’t particularly specialize in employment law, they’re fully capable of delivering top-notch service to help you with your case.

Clients review them to be highly professional and easy to work with.


  • Two branches in ottawa
  • Award-winning law services
  • Operates in French and English
  • Assist non-profit organizations


  • Does not specialize in employment law

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from satisfied clients of Kelly Santini LLP:

Great service! Used and recommended for 20 years! Call Michael D’Aloisio.”  -Michael D’Alosio

“Absolutely fantastic, used the Santini service to close on our new home, always provided follow ups, it really was stress free process, thank you Michael and Natalie for the outstanding work”  -Eug Ciabatt

6. Badre Law Professional Corporation

BEST FORPersonal Injury & Employment Law
SERVICESEmployment Law
Long Term Disability
Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Slip and Fall Claims
Spinal Cord Injuries
Brain Injuries
Orthopaedic Injuries
ATV Accidents
Snowmobile Injuries
Boating/Watercraft Injuries
Swimming Pool Accidents
Nursing Home Negligence
Wrongful Death
ADDRESS101-1296 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 209 9836 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Daniel Badre found his passion for helping victims of accidents and has been commited to bringing them back to their feet. Hence, the birth of Badre Law Professional Corporation, which offers a wide array of legal services that specializes in handling cases regarding Personal Injury and Employment Law.

Some of their notable areas of practice also include: Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip and Fall Claims, ATV Accidents, Snowmobile Injuries, Boating/Watercraft Injuries, Swimming Pool Accidents and even Nursing Home Negligence. Whatever case regarding Employment or Injury you may have, Badre Law can help you.

Badre Law also prioritizes their clients since they offer free consultation and case reviews, and assures you that there will be no fees until a case is won. Together with this team’s great customer service and knowledgeable guidance, Badre Law has been commended by many of their clients from Ottawa.


  • Free consultation and case review
  • No fees until case win
  • Specializes in Personal Injury & Employment Law
  • Open on weekends


  • Small team of Lawyers

7. Wyllie Spears LLP

BEST FORLabour Law, Employment Law, Sports Law and Long-Term Disability Benefits
SERVICESLabour Law, Employment Law, Sports Law, Long-Term Disability Benefits
ADDRESS700-100 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario
CONTACT DETAILS613 569 7002 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Wyllie Spears is a labour and employment firm with a passion for protecting workers’ rights. 

The dedication of its founders to this cause is seen in their history and this is why we’ve included them in this list. 

While it’s only made up of a team of three lawyers, don’t doubt their skills because all of them are experienced and have expertise in labour law, employment law, sports law and long-term disability benefits. 

What’s more is that their past clients also vouch for this team as they’ve been able to help them when it comes to receiving fair settlement, sports organizations, disability benefits, and more. 

They may only have a few practice areas compared to other firms, but the fact that they specialise in a few areas can be an advantage and you’re sure that this is their expertise. 

Overall, we highly recommend the team at Wyllie Spears for legal concerns in their practice areas. 


  • Specialises in Labour Law, Employment Law, Sports Law and Long-Term Disability Benefits
  • Experienced team


  • Small team
  • Operating hours unavailable on website

FAQs About Employment Law

That concludes our list of the best employment lawyer firms in Ottawa! Whatever your problem, these law firms are sure to help you in everything related to employment law.

Did we miss a law firm that should be on our list? Tell us all about it, we’d love to hear from you!

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