Best Dog Boarding Centers in Ottawa
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5 Best Dog Boarding Centers in Ottawa

Leaving your fur baby behind when you go on vacation or an essential out-of-town appointment could make you feel guilty. Luckily, with the best dog boarding centers in Ottawa, you could entrust your pooch and enjoy your vacation guilt-free.

In our listicle, we’ll be reviewing the best dog boarding centers and tell why they’re different from the others. But before we do, let’s look at how much you need to prepare if you plan to have your dog stay for some nights in these facilities. 

How Much Do Dog Boarding Cost in Ottawa 

Dog boarding costs primarily cover the individual suites where your dog will stay. Access to outdoor areas, play, and individual care are also part of the fees. 

Most dog boarding centers accept two or three dogs of the same household with a discount starting from the second pet. 

Some centers offer additional services like fitness programs and grooming services. 

As of writing, the table below shows the rates that we’ve gathered based on our entries’ website.

Bekker’s Pet Care

Gold $ 40 to $60/ night

Platinum $45 to $70/night

Diamond $50 to $85/ night

Diamond Deluxe $60 to 95/night

Dog World Bedrock Kennels

Go Package $58.50 to 73.50/ day

Freedom Package $60 to $75/day

Senior’s Package $45 to $61/day

Flex Package $58.50 to $75/day

Beds for Tails Country Kennel

Basic $32 to $58/day

Regular $35 to $64/day

Deluxe $37 to $68 per day

Hw7 Pet Retreat

Silver Package $30 to $60/night

Gold Package $35 to $75/ night

Keshet KennelsOvernight (pick-up before noon) $45 + HST

It’s still best to give the boarding center of your choice a call or to email them. They may assist you further and offer you some discounts, if available. 

Best Dog Boarding Centers in Ottawa

With the best dog boarding centers in Ottawa, you can have peace of mind that your dog will have a home away from your home. 

Here are some guidelines on how to pick the best accommodation for your fur baby.

Reasonable prices are always a welcome treat for any fur parent. It doesn’t have to be the lowest on the spectrum, but the rates should be aligned with the inclusive services. 
Varied activities keep any canine excited and happy. Clients do not mind having a very tired dog at pick-up time because it’s a sign that their pet enjoyed their time in the boarding center. 
Impeccable dog care is high in any priority list for a search of a top-notch boarding center. This includes the staff’s knowledge with different kinds of dogs or additional services that they give. 
Clean and wide facilities could help your dog relax and acclimate even without your presence. 

With these qualities in mind, let’s dig deeper into where you could take your pet if you need to go somewhere for long periods without them. 

1. Bekkers Pet Care

Bekkers Pet Care's homepage
SERVICESDog boarding, cat boarding, dog daycare

ADDRESS2735 Huntley Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K2S 1B8
CONTACT DETAILS 613-838-4478
OFFICE HOURSMonday to Friday 8 AM to 10 AM, 4 PM to 5:30 PM

Saturday 8 AM to 10 AM

Sunday 8 AM to 10 AM, 4 PM to 5:30 PM(these are reduced hours due to COVID 19)

Criteria Ratings 
Reasonable Prices★★★★✩ (4/5)
Varied Activities★★★★✩ (4/5)
Dog Care★★★★✩ (4/5)
Facilities★★★★✩ (4/5)

Bekkers Pet Care has gained loyal pooch guests throughout its two decades of operation. Pet owners vouch that their pets are always looking forward to drop-offs in this facility. 

It’s no wonder why dogs love staying here. Their accommodation includes a spacious, temperature-controlled suite with heated ceramic flooring. 

We also appreciate the fact that dogs have access to a 12-feet individual outdoor run. That’s sure is a lot of workout and exercise. 

Is your fur baby a social dog? You don’t have to worry because there’s an outdoor common play area where they can mingle with dogs that match their energy. 

If you want to check first their facilities, you can choose between an in-person tour or a virtual tour. Once you’ve decided, you can book online to reserve accommodation for your canine.

You’ll feel safe leaving your pet here because they make sure that all four-legged guests have the vaccination for distemper, rabies, and bordetella. However, they do not accept intact or non-neutered dogs. 

Aside from the usual boarding inclusions, they offer grooming and medicine administration as additional services. Of course, this comes with separate fees. 

We love the fact that there’s a discount if you wish to bring 2 dogs from your household. These markdowns are applicable in all four packages that they offer. 

One letdown, though, is that their Gold Package does not include walks for your fur buddy. This service is offered only with the other three packages on their list. 

There is also no mention of any emergency care should your dog experience some illness when under their care. 

Note: As of this writing, they operate on reduced hours due to the COVID situation. For more details, it’s best to contact them first to confirm their updated operating hours.


  • Has spacious, temperature-controlled units with heated ceramic flooring
  • Access to a 12-feet individual outdoor run
  • Offers an in-person or virtual tour
  • Has online booking
  • Offers additional services
  • Gives discounts for 2 dogs in the same household


  • Gold Package does not include walks
  • No mention of emergency care
  • Only accepts cash payment
  • Does not accept intact dogs

Customer Reviews

A partner to maintain work-life balance

“My fur babies have been dealing with Bekkers for 13 years. Amazing staff, I know when I drop the boys they are going to have a blast.  I appreciate having Bekkers when work, life balance is too much, I know I can count on Kevin and his team to take care of my Boys.” — Lynn Gauvreau

Trustworthy, caring, fun

“Bekkers is the only kennel we trust with our pup, they truly treat him like family there and he is always so excited when he gets there. You can tell the staff really care about the animals as Digby is always so happy to see them. We recently boarded him there for the weekend and we knew he was in great hands, so we didn’t have to stress. When we picked him up he was happy and tired – signs of a great weekend! We highly recommend this place, thanks again Kevin & team!” — Heather Ringland

2. Dog World Bedrock Kennels

Dog World Bedrock Kennels homepage
SERVICESDog boarding, dog daycare, grooming, training

ADDRESS3904 March Rd Carp, ON K0A 1L0

[email protected]

OFFICE HOURSMonday to Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM
Criteria Ratings 
Reasonable Prices★★★★✩  (4/5)
Varied Activities★★★★★ (5/5)
Dog Care★★★★★ (5/5)
Facilities★★★★★ (5/5)

One unique quality of Dog World Bedrock Kennels is that its packages are based on the energy of your pooch. They devised four packages that cater from low-energy dogs to high-energy ones. 

We love how there are many options of activities here for their canine guests. Your dog can hike on exercise trails, wade in an in-ground dog pool or water park, or play in jungle gyms or dog gyms. 

Aside from the varied activities, you’d be excited to know that your dog can also enjoy some add-on features during their stay here. With an additional charge, they can have personalized training, grooming, or behaviour adjustment.

Their accommodations are also commendable as their private and group suites are all climate-controlled. Group suites work best for 2 dogs of the same household―which they accept at discounted rates. 

On top of that, they have promotions and discounts for first-timers, referrals, and long stays. You only need to enter some phrases when you book to avail of said discounts. 

We appreciate the fact that you can settle your payments with them through different methods. They accept cash, debit, Apple Pay, credit, e-transfer, or cheque. 

Check-in requirements for canine guests are up-to-date vaccination cards. They should have shots for distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. 

If your dog isn’t yet neutered or spayed, they are still welcome to stay at this boarding center. However, if in case your female dog goes into heat, she has to stay in a different suite which equates to a different charge. 

There’s no need to worry if your pooch suddenly feels ill during its stay at Dog World. Its staff knows canine first aid or they can contact the number of your vet which they ask during check-in. 

Their prices, though, are relatively high compared to the industry’s standards. There are also extra charges if you drop off your fur baby at a time outside their check-in hours. 

Another letdown is that they don’t offer facility tours either in-person or virtual. If you wish for your dog to stay here, you have to rely on pictures posted on their site. 

It would also be an expensive stay if you wish to board your pooch here during certain holidays like Christmas or March Break. They have minimum day requirements (from 4 to 7 days) during some holiday periods.  


  • Offers a discount for 2 dogs in the same household
  • Has discounts for first-timers, referrals, and long stays
  • Climate-controlled suites
  • Has various facilities that dogs will enjoy
  • Deals with emergency pet situations
  • Has flexible payment methods
  • Accepts intact dogs
  • Offers additional services during your dog’s stay


  • Does not offer in-person or virtual tours
  • Relatively high prices
  • Extra charges if you drop off outside check-in hours
  • Has minimum stays during some holidays

Customer Reviews

Great place even for puppies

We brought our 5-month-old puppy here his first time away from us. He had a fantastic time, lots of dogs to play with. The staff are sweet and kept us updated and help us feel better for leaving him there. Will bring Max back. Great place” —Rebecca Hall

A place for all kinds of dogs

“We have trusted our various dogs with Dog World Bedrock for years and years.  Dog World Bedrock always gets it exactly right and the dogs always come home happy and healthy.  Some of our dogs have been high-need rescue animals.  Some of them classic happy-go-lucky family pets.  It doesn’t matter.  Dog World Bedrock cares for them and suits their exact needs..” — AH Tea

3. Beds for Tails Country Kennel

Beds for Tails Country Kennel's homepage
SERVICESDog boarding, cat boarding, dog daycare, grooming, emergency care

ADDRESS6363 Bank Street Greely, ON K4P 1J3

[email protected]

OFFICE HOURSMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 AM to 12 NN

4:30 PM to 6 PM

Wednesday, Saturday 8 AM to 12 NN

Sunday 8 AM to 10 AM

4:30 PM to 6 PM

Criteria Ratings 
Reasonable Prices★★★★★ (5/5)
Varied Activities★★★★✩ (4/5)
Dog Care★★★★★ (5/5)
Facilities★★★★✩ (4/5)

Beds for Tails offers one of the most competitive prices in the industry. On top of that, they also give discounts for 2 dogs in the same household. 

We love the fact that despite these affordable charges, your pet would not feel shortchanged. Any canine guest here has access to a spacious, temperature-controlled suite and a 20-feet outdoor run. 

Their packages allow you to choose what exercise options work best for your fur baby. They could have walks, supervised play sessions, or 1-on-1 sessions with staff members. 

The common outdoor play area will give your pooch plenty of time to make new friends. All these four-legged guests are safe to mingle with as Beds for Tails ask for up-to-date vaccination records (DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella) upon check-in. 

On top of regular care during their stay, you may also go for extra services for only nominal fees. You can have your pet groomed, bathed, or administered with medicine. 

Speaking of health concerns, we appreciate that Bed for Tails offers emergency care should the need arise. They will try to get in touch with your regular veterinarian if your pet develops health issues while vacationing in their facility. 

Should you wish to see the whole place, Bed for Tails can accommodate you for an in-person tour during their business hours. Unfortunately, they do not have virtual tours. 

In our opinion, their website could benefit by adding more vital information that fur parents wish to know. Some of these are if they allow intact dogs and also what kind of payment methods they accept. 


  • Has spacious, temperature-controlled suites
  • Access to a 20-feet outdoor run
  • Gives discounts for 2 dogs in the same household
  • Affordable rates
  • Offers emergency care
  • Allows in-person facility tour


  • Website needs more vital information (e.g. intact dogs, payment methods)
  • No virtual tours

Customer Reviews

Attentive care

“Terrific place. I feel so comfortable when leaving my pets here. Staff are great and very attentive to my “boys”😁.” —Jennifer Robinson

A home away from home for your dog

“Our dogs home away from home. Friendly and loving staff.Excellent kennel and well worth the drive from Ottawa!” -J D S

4. Hw7 Pet Retreat

Hw7 Pet Retreat's homepage
SERVICESDog boarding, cat boarding, dog daycare, cat daycare, grooming

ADDRESS1412 Ashton Station Road Ashton, Ontario K0A 1B0
CONTACT DETAILS(613) 257-6060

[email protected]

OFFICE HOURSMonday to Sunday 7 AM to 7 PM
Criteria Ratings 
Reasonable Prices★★★★★ (5/5)
Varied Activities★★★★✩ (4/5)
Dog Care★★★★✩ (4/5)
Facilities★★★★★ (5/5)

Hw7 Pet Retreat lives up to its name as a place for relaxation for their four-legged guests. Their climate-controlled suites, pools, and two large yards translate to comfort and enjoyment for pets who stay here. 

What we love about Hw7 Pet Retreat is they can accommodate up to 3 dogs in one household. Discount rates apply to start from the second dog. 

Safety is not an issue in this facility because all areas are camera-monitored. Also, the owners of canine guests are required to present vaccination records for DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. 

We also appreciate their flexibility in accepting guests. Intact dogs are welcome here, as well as dogs with some manageable health issues. 

They don’t even charge extra fees for medicine administering or when dogs have special diets. These complimentary services go a long way for a pet owner’s peace of mind. 

Speaking of peace of mind, you wouldn’t have to wonder how your dog is doing while away from you. Hw7 Pet Retreat sends email updates along with pictures to keep you abreast of your fur baby’s condition. 

If your pooch is staying for more than 7 days, they receive a complimentary wash, dry, and comb. Grooming options are also available for separate fees if you want to request them. 

Hw7 Pet Retreat offers emergency care for their canine guests. Their staff knows pet first aid and they have a veterinarian on call 24/7. 

If you wish to check their facilities, you may do so with an in-person tour. Unfortunately, they do not have virtual tours. 

Payment would not pose any challenge because they accept cheques, cash, and e-transfers. One letdown is that slots fill up quickly. 

Also, it’s unfortunate that their Silver Package does not include daily walks. If you want this to be a part of your fur baby’s activity, you have to avail of the Gold Package. 


  • Has climate-controlled suites
  • Facilities are camera-monitored
  • Has two large yards for outdoor exercise
  • Has no medicine administering/special diet fees
  • Gives discounts up to 3 dogs in one household
  • In-person facility tours are available
  • Offers emergency care
  • Accepts intact dogs
  • Has flexible payment methods
  • Sends email updates
  • Offers grooming options and complimentary wash, dry, comb for 7 days’ stay


  • The Silver Package does not include walks
  • No virtual tours
  • Slots fill up quickly

Customer Review

I appreciate the photo updates

“We have been taking Rocky and Sebastian here for many years. Pete and his team always take exceptional care of them and always go above and beyond for their guests. Rocky always comes home tired and ready to sleep for days! They have a very nice facility and even send updates with pictures to you throughout your pet’s stay! I have nothing but positive feedback for this amazing team and I look forward to coming back for many more years.” —Jesse Campbell

We love the grooming option

“Hwy7 have taken great care of all of our dogs. They come back tired from the play and happy. Love that there is a grooming option too. We particularly enjoy getting an update or two when we are gone for longer stays..” —Natalie Gunn-Abrams

5. Keshet Kennels

Keshet Kennels homepage
SERVICESDog boarding, dog daycare, facilities and rental, grooming, rescue and adoption, dog training, seminars

ADDRESS6157 Russell Road Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0
OFFICE HOURSMonday to Sunday 8 AM to 8 PM
Criteria Ratings 
Reasonable Prices★★★★★ (5/5)
Varied Activities★★★★★ (5/5)
Dog Care★★★★★ (5/5)
Facilities★★★★★ (5/5)

What we love about Keshet Kennels is its vintage and natural look compared to other kennels. It’s set in a restored heritage barn with lots of natural landscapes around where your dog can roam and play. 

Though they tried to preserve as much of its rustic look, they also upgraded where it’s necessary. For one, they made sure that the property is fenced in. 

Your canine buddy will love the stream and pond where they can wade in. Acres of green spaces and trails can occupy them with unleashed walks and play. 

There are also indoor facilities where less active dogs can stay in. Senior dogs and less social dogs will love staying in these quiet spaces. 

We also appreciate the fact that there are no additional fees for medicine administration. However, there was no mention of emergency care should your pooch encounter health issues during their stay. 

Aside from boarding, you can also rent their indoor and outdoor facilities if you want to spend quality time with your fur baby. It would be like a little excursion for you and your pet. 

Upon check-in, Keshet Kennels require proof of DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines. It’s also good news that they accept intact dogs. 

Payment would pose no challenge because they have flexible payment methods. Keshet Kennels accept cash, cheque, or e-transfer. 

Aside from the usual boarding inclusions, there are also some additional services like fitness and training programs you can avail of. It’s best to inquire about their availability as some of them are seasonal. 

A personal touch that’s unique with this boarding center is the professional photos of canine guests. These are attached to their email updates and also serve as mementos at the end of the stay in the form of fridge magnets. 

Another point that makes this dog boarding facility different is its involvement with rescue and adoption. 

One thing that could make Keshet Kennels inferior to other boarding centers is that they only have heated facilities. Climate-controlled temperature is more common with other facilities. 

Also, they do not offer discounts for dogs who live in the same household. 


  • No additional fees for medicine administration
  • Wide areas for dogs to play and run
  • Professional photos taken
  • Gives email updates
  • Offers additional services
  • Owners can rent facilities
  • Accepts intact dogs
  • Involved with rescue and adoption
  • Flexible payment methods


  • No discounts for multiple dogs
  • Only has heated facilities
  • No mention of emergency care

Customer Reviews


“Our puppy dog just thinks Keshet is “doggy-heaven”. She just loves going there every chance she gets! 6-star rating!🐶🐶” —David Bruce Scott

We love the professional photos

“Can’t say enough good things about Keshet! We’ve been putting our dog into their care for over 6 years. Their care for the dogs is incredible. We call this place Doggy Heaven and that’s exactly what it is. Customer service is 10/10 and we love the personal touch, as they take professional photos of the dogs during their stay and look forward to seeing our pup having a blast! Debbie, the owner, goes above and beyond and helped us out a great deal, we cannot thank her enough for her compassion, guidance and big heart! A gem of a place. HIGHLY recommend.” — Theresia Wolfe

FAQs about Dog Boarding in Ottawa 

Did we miss a reputable dog boarding center in Ottawa? We would be delighted if you would let us know of them. 

You can also take a look at the best dog daycare centers in Ottawa if you only need to leave your beloved pooch within the day.