Best Cooking Classes in Ottawa
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5 Best Cooking Classes in Ottawa

The best cooking classes in Ottawa can definitely spice up your kitchen skills. Enrolling in one could improve your daily meals or help you specialize in particular dishes.

But how much will a private class cost you? In this article, we’ll discuss some culinary class types along with their estimated rates in the next section as well as in the individual reviews.

How Much Does a Cooking Class Cost in Ottawa?

We created a table outlining some of the fees of Cozymeal, one of the companies we’re reviewing today. Each type of cooking class has an average fee per event, activity, or person.

Online cooking class$29 up (1 hour and 15 minutes) per device
Online mixology class$19 up (1 hour) per device
Private chef service$59 up per household
In-person cooking class$59 up per person

We chose this particular price range to feature as a guide because the company has comprehensive cooking classes and culinary-related services under one roof. 

However, there are also freelance and independent chefs and experienced cooks who can conduct private cooking classes in Ottawa for clients. Their rates can be anywhere between $15 and $25 per hour depending on the level of cooking involved plus their culinary background/experience. 

On the other hand, reputable culinary institutions would understandably have steeper rates (especially internationally recognized ones).

So really, the instructional rates will depend a lot on selecting someone from a known culinary institution or an independent instructor. 

The Best Cooking Classes in Ottawa

Ready to raise the bar on your cooking, baking, or plating skills? Let’s see if taking the best cooking class in Ottawa can help you achieve these.

1. Cozymeal

SERVICESOnline and fully interactive classes for cooking, mixology, team building, virtual wine tasting, coffee classes 
ADDRESSServes Ottawa clients
CONTACT NUMBER800-369-0157 
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

Cozymeal aims to provide clients with a true cooking experience and not just a regular culinary class. It offers services like in-person and online cooking lessons, virtual mixology classes, coffee classes, virtual wine or whiskey tasting events, and other “experiences”.

It’s not just for individual classes, too. Cozymeal offers a unique spin on company team-building activities with its in-person or online group gourmet classes featuring instructor-chefs from five-star hotels.

Its online class rates are pretty affordable standing at just $19 per device. Via its live streaming platform, reputable chefs can help clients tweak and perfect recipes like authentic Italian risotto, handcrafted sushi, and even an entire plant-based holiday feast!

The fully interactive classes have available kits and ingredients ready for delivery for utmost convenience, as well. 

Cozymeal’s website has monthly scheduled classes along with rates and other information for reference.  


  • Affordable online classes (starting at $19 per device)
  • Ingredient deliveries offered
  • Recipes can be modified according to client preference


  • Some online classes might have up to 20 participants
  • Slots could get filled up quickly
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Read some client feedback for Cozymeal:

“Chef Jinhe taught us Maki for beginners! It was amazing! He was patient and very good at instructing and guiding on how to make the maki. The end product was incredible. Overall it was just an awesome experience. I would highly recommend it!” – Amanda Engstrom Lemay

“It was such an amazing experience! We felt like we had known Michy and Vivian all of our lives! The food was delicious and fun to make and every dish was very well explained. I would highly recommend Cozymeal and Michy and Vivian and we look forward to many more meal experiences!” – Annie Valdes

2. C’est Bon Cooking

C’est Bon Cooking
SERVICESIn-person cooking classes, virtual cooking classes, food tours, self-guided tours, online shop
ADDRESS200 Dalhousie Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7C8
CONTACT NUMBER613-722-8687
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMondays closed for tours
Sundays closed for classes
By appointment only

C’est Bon Cooking believes that the National Capital Region has a rich food culture and that its clients should learn all about its culinary secrets. Its kitchen facilities are located in the Byward Market area surrounded by artisanal food producers and food markets.

Because of its strategic location, C’est Bon also offers food tours with pre-determined stops via curated, culturally and historically contexted guided tours.

The company holds virtual cooking classes for individuals or groups of students, too. Online classes typically run for an hour and a half with options for ingredient kit deliveries.

It’s great that C’est Bon Cooking offers not just gourmet meal classes but basic kitchen skills, as well. Clients can learn proper knife skills, making fresh pasta sauces and stocks, and how to make bread from scratch.

The downside is the price tag of single in-person cooking classes. Most of them already cost over $100 per person without tax!


  • Guided food tours are available
  • Some Ottawa-specific cuisine classes offered
  • Open for single classes and multiple sessions 


  • Steeper class rates
  • Ingredient kit deliveries for locals only
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

The following clients have good things to say about C’est Bon Cooking:

“Had a great experience tonight with Chef Georges! The orange cranberry ginger chicken recipe was great! The virtual experience was super easy and well done as well! Thank you!” – Jillian Robertson

“I cannot say enough about the teen course my son attended last night. He came home smiling and wanting to tell us all about it. He loved Chef Georges. Well done!” – Helene Donaldson

3. Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu
SERVICESCulinary classes for pastry, cuisine, boulangerie, short courses,  Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences, Diploma in Culinary Management
ADDRESS453 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6R4, Canada 
CONTACT NUMBER+1 613 236 2433
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 8 AM – 6 PM
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

As the sole North American campus for Le Cordon Bleu, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute takes pride in having over a hundred student nationalities each year.

Its rich 125-year history makes it a much-coveted culinary school for future chefs to hone their skills. Le Cordon Bleau is now present in 20 countries with its 35 international schools.

It offers a range of programs for those who want their culinary dreams to become a reality or simply need the boost to cook with confidence. That’s why there are Culinary Arts & Business programs being offered alongside gourmet and short courses for beginners and foodies.

Because of its reputation and history, Le Cordon Bleau’s tuition rates are definitely expensive. For instance, certificate courses in Superior Pastry take about three months and cost local students $10,400 and international students $10,900!

Given current global situations, the institute also offers both online learning-accredited and non-accredited courses as a way for Le Cordon Bleu to safely bring its classes to students. 


  • Gourmet and short courses offered
  • Fees already include tuition, uniforms, equipment, and learning materials
  • Specific courses designed for each program
  • International network of schools


  • Expensive tuition fees
  • Admission requires a qualifying test and proof of English Language Proficiency 
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Read the following feedback from former Le Cordon Bleu students:

“I have done a few of their short courses and highly recommend them. I have yet to meet a poor instructor.” – Alan Zander

“Lovely workshop on how to make and to decorate Easter eggs. Perfect for all chocolate lovers.” – Roanne Wetherup

4. The Urban Element

The Urban Element
SERVICESCulinary event studio, online cooking classes, prepared meals, meal kits/classes, catering
ADDRESS424 Parkdale Ave (formerly Fire Station 11) Ottawa
CONTACT NUMBER613.722.0885
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

The Urban Element does private catering and wedding menus for weddings but it also offers clients online cooking classes. These fall under its UE@home program.

Its online classes are scheduled until the end of the year with themed lessons and dishes being offered. There’s a vast array of international culinary lessons to try, including vegetarian Thai food, classic Spanish dishes, Mexican comfort food, holiday baking, and even basic canning.

Recipe meal kits are available with all online classes. They already include both whole and pre-scaled ingredients, lists for prep and equipment, recipes, and tips from culinary experts and chefs. 

Class rates are a bit higher than most but still affordable at $95 – $180. Clients can choose from fundamental kitchen lessons to more complex ones involving advanced techniques, international flavours, and even appropriate wine pairings.

For those who don’t want live online classes, The Urban Element also offers pre-recorded culinary lessons.


  • Offers both fundamental and advanced cooking techniques
  • Covers wide array of international cuisines
  • Recipe meal kits come with all classes
  • Pre-recorded lessons offered


  • Slots could get sold out fast
  • Relatively higher lesson fees
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

See how past clients liked their experience at The Urban Element:

“Great cooking classes, fresh food and awesome chefs to teach and give you tips!” – Denise Neubauer

“We attended the Poultry Fundamentals course this weekend at it was outstanding! Chef Devin, Kassandra and Max are so professional and helpful. Chef Devin instructed in a clear, calm understanding way. We learned a lot about cutting up and cooking chicken. it was the best chicken we ever made. We highly recommend attending one of these classes. thank you Urban Element.” – Sophia, Kim and Loris.

5. Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio

Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio
SERVICESWeekly scheduled cooking classes, private cooking events, children’s cooking classes, corporate team building
ADDRESS211 Black Sage Cres Ottawa, ON, Canada K1V 2J7
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 366-5778
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

It may be named the Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio, but the centre also teaches students other Asian cuisines like Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Indian fare.

The studio offers Asian cooking tips and basic principles and places special emphasis on that even “exotic” food can be prepared easily and by anyone.

It has taught several Ottawa schools and companies via its in-studio workshops. Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio also offers private hands-on cooking classes at student’s own homes or independent kitchens.

There are classes for kids as well as for vegans and vegetarians. Lessons are offered in several ways: for corporate team building sessions, children’s cooking classes, weekly scheduled classes, and private cooking events.

The cooking classes have reasonable fees starting at just $89 (HST not yet included) per person and last for 2.5 to three hours. Complimentary food items are included in the fee.


  • Affordable class rates
  • A wide range of Asian cuisine taught
  • Offers classes for kids and adults
  • Offers vegan/vegetarian classes


  • Limited to Asian cuisine
  • Credit card or cash payments accepted but discouraged
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

See how past clients liked their experience at the Ottawa Chinese Cooking Studio:

“We really enjoyed our “fancy sushi” class with Nancy. A class of 6 people gave us all the opportunity to try everything. She makes it all seem easy!” – Amanda Cox

“Huanmei is an experienced, clear and well-prepared teacher. My wife & I enjoyed our lesson on Japanese cooking at her home and learned a lot from it. It felt a bit lonely, though, to have no other classmates to share comments with.” – John Sankey

FAQs About Cooking Classes in Ottawa

The best cooking class in Ottawa can help bring out your inner master chef, so go ahead and enroll in one today! 

And if we missed mentioning a great cooking class, send us a message so we can review it ASAP.

But if you’re too tired to cook, why not consider getting the best catering services in Ottawa instead?