What is it like living in Gloucester, Ottawa

What is it like living in Gloucester, Ottawa?

Did one of Ottawa’s exciting hotspots catch your attention? Before you start packing your bags and contemplating a move, there are a few things to know about Gloucester. 

Don’t worry though – we went on an investigative quest, enough to put Sherlock Holmes to shame, to discover everything one should know about the area. 

Sit back and relax because Gloucester is made for cozy nights and quality family time. 

Is Gloucester, Ottawa a nice place to live?

Is Gloucester, Ottawa a nice place to live

Gloucester Ottawa is a nice place to live if you consider the recreational activities, shopping and dining opportunities, safety, schools, and property prices. 

For an in-depth explanation, see below. 

1. Recreational Activities 

Recreational Activities

There’s a multitude of recreational activities one can do while living in Gloucester, Ottawa. For sports, there are numerous golf clubs in the area such as The Meadow Golf & Country Club, Hylands Golf Club, and Falcon Ridge Golf Club. 

There’s also the Fred Barrett Arena, offering ice skating and hockey opportunities. 

The neighborhood is also rich in parks for those seeking green spaces in the city. There’s the Ludger Landry Park, Julian de Guzman Park, and George Nelms Sports Park. 

Moreover, if you want to go on a lovely hike, there are plenty of exciting trails to choose from in the area. 

2. Shopping and Dining Opportunities

Shopping and Dining Opportunities

Another reason why Gloucester is an ideal location to settle down is because of the shopping and dining opportunities you can find in the area. 

Without needing to go outside the neighborhood’s borders, you can have access to shops from stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Real Canadian Superstore, and Costco. 

There are also a lot of restaurants offering different types of cuisine. 

3. Safety 


Based on AreaVibes.com, it’s quite safe in Gloucester. The total crime in the area is 53% less than the national average statistics and when it comes to violent crimes, it’s 51% lower than the national average. 

4. Schools


A lot of families settle down in Gloucester because there are also a number of schools in the area. A few examples are Ashbury College, The Ottawa Catholic School Board, St. Laurent Academy, and Conseil des Écoles Publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario. 

5. Property Prices

Property Prices

According to Redfin.ca, the average property price in Gloucester is CA$ 685,000, which is also considered the average in Ottawa. Because of that, living in Gloucester isn’t too expensive compared to Rockcliffe Park, Manotick, and Westboro. 

Most houses in the neighborhood are condos, townhouses, and single-family homes consisting of two-story structures, split-level houses, and bungalows. 

Where in Ottawa is Gloucester?

Where in Ottawa is Gloucester

From Downtown Ottawa, Gloucester is situated in the east. If we consider the Ottawa River on the other hand, it lies in the south, while it’s positioned to the east of Rideau River. 

How big is Gloucester, Ottawa?

How big is Gloucester, Ottawa

Gloucester, Ottawa is a big area spanning about 298.5 km². 

Is it expensive to live in Gloucester, Ottawa? 

Is it expensive to live in Gloucester, Ottawa

Based on the data allocated by AreaVibes.com, it’s not that expensive to live in Gloucester, Ottawa compared to the national average. In fact, the cost of living and housing is 12 to 13% lower than the national average. 

What’s the population in Gloucester, Ottawa? 

What’s the population in Gloucester, Ottawa

Based on the most recent census, around 150,012 people are living in Gloucester, Ottawa. 

What kinds of people settle down in Gloucester, Ottawa? 

What kinds of people settle down in Gloucester, Ottawa

According to Moving2Canada, most people who settle down in Gloucester are middle-aged parents with kids.