Top Staffing Agencies in Ottawa

The Top 5 Staffing Agencies in Ottawa

Joblessness is never a good place to be stuck in, that is why we’re reviewing some of the top staffing agencies in Ottawa today.

Having an agency do the job search for you will cost you money, though. That’s something we’ll investigate in the next section.

There are also staffing agency-related FAQs at the end of this listicle so make sure to read all the way through.

How Much Do Staffing Agencies Charge in Ottawa?

Most staffing agencies in Ottawa usually have tiered pricing matrices to accommodate different placement circumstances. 

For instance, more competitive jobs could have a price markup that’s anywhere between 40% and 60% of job seekers’ salaries in their first year. Those who get into less competitive jobs might get 15% to 50% garnished from their first year’s salary.

They could also charge by the hour of use a flat rate if it’s a contractual or project-based placement. Another important factor is whether you’re looking for a temporary job or transitioning to a more permanent position. 

To give you an idea of national averages, here’s a table of some current rates.

Temporary placement$30 up
Permanent placementAdditional 10% - 20% of annual base salary
Temporary to permanent placementAdditional 5% of annual base salary
Employment consultation$75 up per hour

Of course, different staffing agencies will have different specializations, placement methods and techniques, and other systems to consider. It’s best to get in touch with them first to ensure you’re on the same page as far as fees and pricing go.

The Top Staffing Agencies in Ottawa

Now that you’re ready to be gainfully employed, it’s time to look at the top staffing agencies in Ottawa.

The ones reviewed today were selected with the following factors in mind:

Represents a good range of industries
Offers additional resources for job seekers
Consistently good feedback from satisfied clients
Customized solutions for staffing needs

1. Keynote Search

Keynote Search's Homepage
SERVICESExecutive search and recruitment, post-placement support
ADDRESS135 Rideau Street Suite 300 Ottawa, ON K1N 5X4
CONTACT NUMBER613-765-8509 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 7.30 AM - 5 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Right off the bat, what made us notice Keynote Search is its post-placement integration and support program. It’s a unique one that others don’t usually have.

The agency begins the staffing process using proprietary predictive psychometrics but doesn’t stop after it places candidates in jobs. Instead, it follows their careers closely so it can improve its recruitment system and ensure better success rates for other candidates. 

It’s a people-centric system that wants to do away with traditional hiring practices. Feedback from executives of companies who found staffing via Keynote Search consistently mentions its efficiency and effective methods, too. 

Keynote Search represents a wide range of industries including aerospace, defence and security, engineering, construction, technology, healthcare, retail, and more.

It also provides resources for those looking for new executive hiring opportunities. These listings come at no cost, though there are no express services for them, either.

Perhaps the only thing missing with Keynote Search is a price guide for its executive search solutions. But sending the agency a message should remedy that. 


  • Has a post-placement integration program
  • Uses predictive psychometrics to find candidates
  • Lists current placement opportunities
  • Represents a wide range of industries


  • Doesn’t provide an executive search price guide
  • Open on weekdays only
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Professional, knowledgeable, understanding of the market

“It is so easy to get lost in the business, to the point where working on the business is sacrificed. Our experience with Keynote allowed us to achieve our goals without sacrifice. Their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the market combined with the time taken to understand our objectives, made our expansion seamless. Their process took all of the guesswork out of our hands which gave us the ability to move forward efficiently and effortlessly.” – Matt Carr

Went above and beyond, did an in-depth screening

“Keynote took a keen interest in all facets of our organization to ensure they had a grasp on how a potential candidate could provide executive leadership, value and fit within our culture. They went above and beyond to market the opportunity to a targeted group of individuals that they had screened in-depth to ensure that an extremely impressive short-list of candidates was presented for review by the Board’s Executive Search Committee.” – Ian Sherman

2. Staffmax Staffing and Recruiting

Staffmax Staffing and Recruiting's Homepage
SERVICESTemporary and contract staffing, permanent recruitment, executive search, payrolling, professional employer services, HR concierge services
ADDRESS116 Albert St., Suite 300 Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3
CONTACT NUMBER613-220-9778


[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 7 AM - 6 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Staffmax Staffing and Recruiting can cater to job seekers who are either looking for contract-based assignments or a permanent career change. It also does executive search and HR concierge services for companies that need them.

The company’s services are open for a wide range of industries including labour and skilled trades, hospitality and retail, physicians and healthcare professionals, and customer services.

It continues to expand its other list of specialty recruitment to provide new job opportunities. But what would add further value to all of these offerings would be posting the fees associated with its placement services. 

For added convenience, there’s an app that’s available to download for both iOS and Android users. The app features regular career postings and a Staffmax Recruitment Consultant chat service that allows candidates to connect with the right kind of employers.

It’s also closed on weekends, but using the app at any time should be able to make up for that.


  • Can do senior management and executive role placements
  • Apps available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Represents a wide range of industries
  • Continues to expand to other job specialties


  • No information on service fees
  • Open on weekdays only
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Helpful and knowledgeable

“Fantastic company that was helpful and knowledgeable for assisting both parties in the employment process.” – Alexa Gray

Excellent company, anyone looking for work should sign up

“Excellent company helping to reduce the poverty level in the province..anyone looking for work should sign up with Staffmax.” – Norm Delongchamp

3. Local Staffing

Local Staffing's Homepage
SERVICESRecruitment agency working primarily in the manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries
ADDRESS328 Waverley Street West Ottawa, ON K2P 0W3
CONTACT NUMBER613-680-5757 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 10 AM - 2 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

We’ve included Local Staffing for this post because it’s a true Ottawa-focused staffing agency. This means job seekers who want specific employment within the National Capital can try to find employment here.

With its over 15 years in the recruitment industry, Local Staffing has gotten consistently good feedback from job seekers. It also gives employers client consultations and resources for temporary to permanent placements for their employees, as well as direct hire solutions.

The downside is that the agency primarily focuses on administrative support, customer service, construction, light industrial, and manufacturing. However, job listings are available to browse through on its website to widen the scope.

It would also be good to indicate fees related to both on-site client consultations and candidate applications (if any). Or, in lieu of a fee matrix, a customer support service or a hotline would suffice rather than just providing a couple of application forms.


  • Ottawa-centric staffing solutions
  • Over 15 years in the recruitment industry
  • Offers on-site client consultation
  • Offers job listings on the website


  • Focused on specific industries only
  • Open on weekdays only
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Dedicated and devoted

“Dedicated and devoted! Local Staffing hasn’t done anything but favours for me…

I brag about them to anyone that’ll listen! Thank you Sameer and Sheh!” – Joel Cunningham

Fantastic to work with, quick with responding

“When working with local staffing I had Sheh, and honestly, he was fantastic to work with. He was quick with responding, he was kind and understanding.

All in all, it was a pleasure to work with him, and I definitely suggest working with local staffing!” – Ryan Pettit

4. Actalent

Actalent's Homepage
SERVICESContract and managed talent solutions, engineering, laboratory, and clinical services, engineering and sciences capabilities
ADDRESS1130 Morrison Drive Suite 310 Ottawa, ON K2H 9N6
CONTACT NUMBER+1 410-579-6456

(613) 726-4089


Actalent is a staffing agency that specializes in IT, engineering, clinical, and scientific industries. Those looking for jobs in construction management, healthcare, laboratory sciences, clinical research, architecture, or manufacturing can try out Actalent’s placement process.

It has an inclusion and diversity policy that gives career opportunities even to the most underrepresented populations. And as its name implies, Acatalent takes on a talent-first approach that ensures passionate and well-suited employees for any business.

Its managed talent solutions involve consultant care. It utilizes data transformation, performance management, and coaching for successful and optimal talent engagement.

There’s also a handy employee resources page that lets candidates access their benefits and payroll information and connect with the Actalent team. There’s a database of jobs to refer to, as well.

These solutions don’t have a price tag (at least on the website) so it’s best to inquire about them first. Actalent operates on a strictly by appointment basis as there are no fixed operating hours or customer support service available.


  • Inclusion and diversity policies
  • Uses a talent-first approach
  • Jobs database available at employee page


  • Focused on engineering and science-related jobs only
  • No BBB accreditation
  • No fixed operating hours

Customer Reviews

Goor personal contact

“Good personal contact. Recruiter stays in touch.” – Patricia G.

The account representative was very engaged from the very beginning

“My account representative was very engaged with me from the very beginning. She has always gone above and beyond to answer my questions.” – Silvia H.

5. Stevenson & White Recruitment

Stevenson & White Recruitment's Homepage
SERVICESPlacement services for people on a permanent, contract and temporary basis across all business sectors and at all levels, from the Junior Accountant to the CFO
ADDRESS2685 Queensview Drive Suite 100 Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8K2
CONTACT NUMBER(613) 225-5417


[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Established in 2000, Stevenson & White Recruitment believes “it’s all about the fit”. It’s a Canadian-owned and operated firm that specializes in finance, accounting, and payroll professional recruitment.

It’s simplified its placement process to several simple but thorough steps. First, there’s a face-to-face meeting with the client, then a position posting, followed by a candidate search, shortlist, presentation of interviews, scheduling, offer, placement, and follow-up.

Job seekers can use the job listings page to see if any positions are available. The listings are complete with job descriptions, qualifications, salary range, and application steps.

The agency also has additional services to give clients peace of mind. It partners with Triton Pre-Employment Screening to conduct criminal background checks make thorough reference screenings.

There’s also a candidate referral program that can earn you $500 for every successfully placed candidate!

However, it would be good to have some of the service rates indicated anywhere on the website to give clients an idea.


  • Candidate referral program
  • Simplified placement process
  • Canadian owned and operated firm


  • Focused on financial and accounting recruitment
  • Open on weekdays only
  • No BBB accreditation

Customer Reviews

Really values employees

“Stevenson and White is a great company to work for. They really value their employees and recognize their contributions and allow for a great work-life balance. The work we do is a collaborative effort and I am proud to be a part of assisting others in finding a great fit workwise. I would definitely put my trust in them if I were looking for a position in the finance field!” – Anonymous employee

Provided great advice and helped throughout the process

“I contacted Stevenson & White to help me with my job search since I was getting frustrated with the lack of response I was getting from companies. They provided me with some great advice and helped me through the process. Their recruiters really listened to me and helped me to figure out what types of roles I most wanted to pursue. In the end, they found me a great one – the next step in my career at a great company with great perks! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to make a move.” – Anonymous job candidate

FAQs About Staffing Agencies in Ottawa

The top staffing agencies in Ottawa can help you land a job that’s perfectly suited for your skills and background. You can recommend other staffing agencies to us and we’ll be glad to review them.

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