The Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ottawa

The Top 10 Reasons to Study in Ottawa

Ottawa has a reputation for its incredible education. From awesome programs, internship opportunities, and a high quality of life for students, the city is definitely a great place to study! 

During my college years, I recall just how great it was to study here. I managed to get into the University of Ottawa, and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 

I was able to take part in several communities that helped me master my course, and the professors were super approachable. The university also prioritized our well-being to ensure that I and the rest of the students would be able to perform at our best. 

The great thing about this is that it’s not only the University of Ottawa that promotes this kind of thing. Every university in the city has the same policies but has its own unique twist that makes all of them worth checking out. 

Still not convinced? Allow me to give you a few reasons why you should study in the capital. 

Earn a world-class education.

Earn a world-class education

Ottawa is home to some of the best universities and colleges in the world. The University of Ottawa and Carleton University are two examples of high-quality learning facilities in the city. 

People know these institutions for their challenging programs, good teachers, and high academic standards. As a result, they tend to produce some of the best students around. 

If you decide to attend one of Ottawa’s universities, there are a lot of programs that can help you reach your academic and career goals. Engineering, arts, business, and all kinds of sciences are just a few examples of these courses.

Other than great programs, the universities also care about the success and well-being of their students, as well as the quality of their classes. 

They help make the school a good place to learn by providing services like academic advising, career counseling, mentorship programs, and student organizations. These also contribute to your success in your studies and eventual careers. 

Another great thing about Ottawa’s universities is their modern infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities. Enrolling in any of the city’s institutions grants you access to these resources. 

These tools make it easier to do schoolwork and research and make learning more fun for you.

Finally, the universities hire the finest experts who are at the top of their fields as professors. They have been teaching for a long time, have great experience and good research skills, and have connections in the business world. 

Because of these things, national and international accrediting bodies have given Ottawa’s universities their stamp of approval. 

This makes sure that the education given is of high quality and that its value is widely known in the academic and professional worlds.

Gain a unique advantage through a bilingual environment.

In today’s globalized world, being able to speak more than one language is becoming more and more valuable, and it can lead to more job opportunities.

In Canada, being bilingual is a big plus on the job market, especially for positions that require working with English- and French-speaking clients, customers, or coworkers. 

Because Ottawa is a bilingual city, you have the chance to improve your English and French proficiency. 

For example, the University of Ottawa has many programs in both English and French so you can study in the language you prefer. This wide range of languages makes school more fun and gives you access to more ways to learn.

Bilingualism also brings together students who speak different dialects. This will be essential in helping you make new connections. 

By talking to your foreign classmates, you can start growing your social and professional networks and learn how to work with them in the future. It serves as a great advantage when trying to find your desired job position.

When looking for work, students in Ottawa have an advantage because they can speak two languages. This is especially true in the government, international relations, tourism, and many other service sectors.

For government processes, internships, and possible jobs in bilingual settings, students who speak more than one language tend to get prioritized over those that don’t. 

Ottawa and the rest of Canada’s institutions and companies are more likely to shortlist those who can speak both English and French, so this will help you get hired much faster.

Besides job and education-based benefits, being bilingual has been linked to improvements in memory, the ability to solve problems, and mental flexibility. This helps develop the mind and makes you more adaptable.  

Lastly, studying in a bilingual environment can be a life-changing experience that encourages students to adjust to different linguistic and cultural settings. It helps people grow as people, build self-confidence, and learn more about the world.

Find plenty of research opportunities. 

The educational facilities in the city pay a lot of attention to research and new ideas. They create an environment that encourages analysis and breaks new ground in many different fields. 

There are well-known professors who do data gathering in their fields at Ottawa’s universities. You can work with these experts, add to ongoing research projects, and learn something from them.

Undergraduates also have opportunities for research fellowships, co-op placements, and research internships during the summer. It gives them the chance to work on cutting-edge projects that increase their knowledge and improve their resume.

If you’re someone who wants to pursue a graduate program such as a master’s or doctoral degree, Ottawa’s universities feature top-notch advanced research facilities. These can help you with your thesis or dissertation work. 

For more specific fields of study, Ottawa also has dedicated facilities that make it easier for you to conduct your research. These grant you access to money, specialized tools, and knowledge to get the best results.

Speaking of money, there are also plenty of ways for you to fund your research in the capital city. These can include internal grants, external grants, scholarships, and fellowships for students at different points in their academic careers.

If you’d like, you can also work with Ottawa’s businesses and industries since many of the colleges and universities work closely with them. These partnerships can lead to joint research projects, business-funded research, and chances to share technology. 

Personally, I recommend you try this out since you can use the experience once you start working. You might even be able to meet your future employer through business research. 

For a more global approach, Ottawa has a lot of great partnerships with international institutions from all over the world. You can join researchers and academics from other countries, and learn more about their fields as a whole. 

As the capital, Ottawa is home to many government agencies and institutions. Enrolling at the city’s universities lets you gather data in fields like policy research, public administration, and political science.

Every now and then, the universities will hold conferences, symposia, and other academic events. These bring together scholars, field workers, and students from different fields, whom you can talk to for feedback and insight on your own studies.

Overall, Ottawa’s universities have a strong research ecosystem that gives students many opportunities to do research. 

By studying in the city, you can contribute to the creation of new knowledge, and learn research skills that will help you grow academically and professionally.

Gain access to awesome internship and job opportunities.

One of the best things about universities in Ottawa is how well they work with businesses and industries in the area. This makes it possible to have internships, co-op jobs, and research partnerships with relative ease.

Opportunities like this allow you to get training that will be useful in the real world. This also lets you see exactly what skills you need to develop to thrive once you become a young professional.

Ottawa has many thriving sectors for you to choose from. These include technology, business and finance, culture and the arts, and education and research.

In the tech zone, you can find plenty of companies and startups operating in the city. There are internship and job opportunities in areas such as software development, information technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

For business and finance, the city has a diverse business community, offering OJT and job opportunities in related areas. Some of these include marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, and business administration. 

You can choose to intern at financial institutions, consulting firms, startups, and corporate organizations to gain practical experience in your chosen field.

Ottawa’s vibrant arts and cultural scene make it a great place for art student internships. The best places to choose from are the city’s museums, galleries, festivals, and cultural organizations. 

These positions may involve event management, curation, marketing, public relations, and arts administration. 

The city’s numerous festivals and cultural events also create temporary job opportunities in areas like event coordination, hospitality, and customer service.

Within the universities themselves, you can often find opportunities for research or teaching assistantships. 

These positions allow you to work closely with faculty members, assist in research projects, or help with course instruction. All of these internships will help you gain valuable academic and professional skills.

Take advantage of the proximity to government institutions.

Take advantage of the proximity to government institutions

If you’re someone majoring in political science, Ottawa is pretty much your dream city. As the capital city of Canada, it is a hub for government institutions and agencies. 

There are many internships for students in fields like political science, public administration, and international affairs. This gives political science students a chance to apply their learnings in these areas. 

During these apprenticeships, you’re given the opportunity to network and make professional connections. You can go to government-sponsored events, conferences, and seminars to talk with policymakers, politicians, and public servants. 

Striking a conversation with these people can help you greatly in finding a new job. It can also teach you a lot about how policies are made and how the government works from insiders.

Besides that, you can also watch and participate in the policy and governance processes. By going to parliamentary sessions, public hearings, and committee meetings, you can learn more about how laws, policies, and decisions are made. 

This makes you better at analyzing and thinking critically, and it also helps you understand the political system better.

By far, one of the best things about Ottawa’s closeness to government institutions is its access to libraries and resources. They’re basically treasure troves of useful information for your schooling and work. 

As a student in the capital city, you can easily get to these resources, like government reports, policy documents, statistical data, and research publications. These help you create high-quality write-ups and assignments that get high marks. 

Connect with foreign students through Ottawa’s international outlook.

Connect with foreign students through Ottawa’s international outlook

In Ottawa’s universities, there are a lot of international exchange programs, chances to study abroad, and partnerships with schools from all over the world. 

Both local and international students can get a bigger picture of the world, learn about other cultures, and take part in global learning experiences.

English and French are widely spoken in Ottawa, which makes it a great place for foreign students to improve their language skills. 

When you study in a place where two or more languages are spoken, you can practice and improve your linguistic skills. For Ottawa and Canada, this can be a huge advantage for your future career and personal growth.

Interacting with students from other countries and cultures also makes studying more interesting and encourages collaboration across cultures. It becomes easier for you to share ideas and points of view and make friends with people from different walks of life. 

Besides that, Ottawa’s universities have well-established support systems for international students. 

They offer services like international student advisors and language help to assist them with their new environment. With these services, foreign attendees will always feel welcome and cared for at the university. 

Enjoy a high quality of life in the city. 

Ottawa is consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in Canada. It is also a friendly place to live where you can get acquainted with many people. 

The city is known for its low crime rate and laid-back, open atmosphere. You can feel secure and comfortable as a student, exploring the city and doing different things.

Compared to other large cities in Canada, the cost of living in Ottawa is quite affordable. 

In general, student housing options, such as on-campus residences and off-campus rentals, are cheaper compared to Toronto or Vancouver

Groceries, transportation, accommodations, and entertainment come at rather reasonable costs, which makes it easier for students to live comfortably on a budget. 

You will be spending around $400–$800 for a shared apartment, $300- $400 for food and groceries, $80–$110 for transportation, and $150 for entertainment.

The transportation system is easy to use and works well. Ottawa has plenty of options in the form of buses, light rail transit (LRT), and infrastructure for cycling. 

Students can easily find their way around the city and get to their campuses, libraries, shopping centers, and entertainment centers through these modes of transport. 

In addition to that, the system is reliable, efficient, and easy for students to use, making it easy to get to and from school.

There are also many cultural and recreational activities for you to do in Ottawa. Many museums, art galleries, theaters, and music festivals can be found in the city. 

You can look at cultural exhibits, go to performances, and do other creative and artistic things. Ottawa also has beautiful parks, bike paths, and other outdoor spaces where people can play, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.

There are a lot of students from different universities and colleges in Ottawa, making up a vibrant student community that you can mingle with. With many student clubs, organizations, and events, this community has a lively and active feel. 

If you’re a fan of nature, you will love the city’s green spaces and natural beauty. There are parks all around the city, including Gatineau Park, the Rideau Canal, and the Ottawa River, making it possible to go hiking, biking, and canoeing outside. 

There is also an active effort in the entire city to manage waste, start recycling programs, and protect the natural environment. This shows that everyone in the city cares about environmental sustainability.

Lastly, students in Ottawa have access to high-quality healthcare services. There are a number of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities in the city that offer primary care, specialized services, and help for mental health.

In Canada, you can either purchase health insurance through its schools or use the government-funded healthcare system.

Participate in plenty of nature and outdoor activities that are available.

Participate in plenty of nature and outdoor activities that are available

Without a doubt, one of the best things about Ottawa is the abundance of outdoor activities that you can do. 

You can explore Gatineau Park, a huge natural conservation area with more than 360 square kilometers of forests, lakes, and trails. On the grounds’ many trails, students can go hiking, biking, or cross-country skiing. 

The park is also a great place to have a picnic, swim in lakes, camp, look for wildlife, and enjoy beautiful views.

Next, you have the Rideau Canal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that runs through the middle of Ottawa. 

Students can rent bicycles and take a leisurely ride along the canal’s paths, taking in the beautiful views of the waterway and passing through different parks and green spaces. 

During the winter, the canal freezes over and becomes the world’s largest ice rink, making it a unique way to glide through the city.

Ottawa has many parks where students can have picnics, lay out in the sun, and do other fun things. 

A few places you can visit are Confederation Park, Major’s Hill Park, and Vincent Massey Park. These locations have green areas where people can relax, get together outside, play Frisbee, and even go to outdoor concerts and festivals in the summer.

For those looking for an exciting activity in the water, canoeing and kayaking are two activities that students can do on the Ottawa River. 

There are places to rent boats along the river, so students can paddle along the beautiful waterway and look at the city skyline and nature around them. 

It’s a great activity to enjoy the peacefulness of the river and explore the islands and shorelines nearby.

If you’re a talented photographer, you will love taking pictures of Ottawa’s natural scenery. You can use your cameras to take pictures of the beautiful parks, rivers, and wildlife in the city. 

Besides capturing incredible views, this will help you improve your photography skills and create lasting memories.

Attend Ottawa’s exciting events and festivals. 

The capital city of Canada is famous for its many exciting events and festivals that everyone can join.

During the winter in February, Winterlude lets you participate in activities like ice carving contests, snow slides, ice skating on the Rideau Canal, live shows, and fireworks. Students can take part in winter sports and cultural events and enjoy the holiday spirit.

The Canadian Tulip Festival is held in May and celebrates the beginning of spring with beautiful displays of tulips. 

After World War II, the Dutch sent tulips to Canada as a gift. This marked the birth of this festival to honor the two countries’ friendship. 

You can walk through the colorful tulip beds, watch live music and performances, look at art exhibits, and take in the beauty of the festival’s flowers.

Ottawa’s International Jazz Festival is one of the best music events of the year. It takes place in June.

At this event, you can watch performances by well-known local musicians, as well as those from other parts of the world. Students can hear the different sounds of jazz by going to live concerts, jam sessions, and workshops.

Canada Day is the national celebration of the country on the 1st of July and is one of Ottawa’s biggest events. Concerts, cultural performances, fireworks, and a huge street party on Parliament Hill are all part of the celebrations. 

You can take part in the commemorations, listen to live music, mingle with other locals, and feel the patriotic spirit of the country.

Another prominent event during the month of July is the Ottawa Bluesfest, one of the biggest outdoor music festivals in Canada. It has songs by well-known blues, rock, and pop musicians. 

You can listen to many different kinds of music, try out food and arts and crafts, and enjoy the festival’s lively atmosphere.

Every June, the Canadian Museum of History holds an Indigenous Peoples’ Celebration, which gives students a chance to learn about and participate in Indigenous cultures. 

At the event, there will be traditional dances, music, stories, and arts and crafts, with Indigenous artists showing off their work for you to admire.

For animation fans out there, the Ottawa International Animation Festival is one of the biggest animation festivals in North America. It takes place in September and shows a wide range of animated films, such as full-length movies, shorts, and student projects. 

Students who want to learn more about the animation and film industries can go to screenings, workshops, and panel discussions.

Finally, you have the CityFolk Festival, which used to be called the Ottawa Folk Festival in September. It has a mix of folk, indie, and alternative music. 

At this multi-day music festival, you can watch live shows by local and international artists, shop at food stands and craft markets, and soak up the festival’s lively atmosphere.

Bask in Ottawa’s rich cultural heritage.

Bask in Ottawa’s rich cultural heritage

As a student in Ottawa, you can enjoy its incredible heritage, which the locals are super proud of. 

Firstly, there are many museums and galleries in Ottawa that show art, history, and culture. Check out the collections at the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Museum of Nature, or the Bytown Museum. 

I recommend that you take advantage of the fact that many of these facilities let students in for heavily discounted prices or even for free.

Besides the museums, Ottawa’s got awesome historical sites. Some of these places are Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, ByWard Market, and Rideau Hall.

You can walk around these places, go on guided tours, and learn about the history of the city. It’s a great experience! 

Each neighborhood in Ottawa has its own personality and cultural offerings. Check out places like Wellington West, Glebe, and Hintonburg. 

In each neighborhood, you’ll find unique shops, cafes, art galleries, and cultural events. I’m positive that you’re going to find a place here that you will love coming back to. 

If you love theater, Ottawa also has a thriving performing arts scene. You can see shows at the National Arts Centre, the Ottawa Little Theatre, and other nearby theaters. 

A few things you can watch include plays, musicals, dance shows, concerts, and more. Students are able to enjoy much cheaper ticket prices, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

For the foodies, Ottawa has a wide range of restaurants that serve food from many different cultures. You can find dishes from all over the world as well as local specialties.

Finally, you are more than welcome to join cultural organizations and clubs that match your interests. You can find these either on your campus or in your neighborhood. 

These groups often put on cultural events, workshops, and other activities that can help you meet other people who are also interested in learning about other cultures.

Now that we’ve talked about reasons why Ottawa is a great place to study, let’s talk about its top universities, shall we? 

Ottawa’s Top 5 Universities

Ottawa’s top 5 universities are the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Algonquin College, Saint Paul University, and Dominican University College.

Canada’s capital city is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, which compete globally with other universities. Here’s a quick overview of what makes them such great places to study. 

University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

Address: 75 Laurier Ave. E, K1N 6N5
Contact #: 613-562-5130
Application fee: $110
Tuition fee: Approx $26,000

The University of Ottawa is a great place to study because it has an awesome mix of high-quality academics, different cultures, and busy campus life. Research and new ideas are also given a lot of attention at the university, which encourages innovation. 

People with different interests and career goals can choose from a wide range of programs and departments. Its supportive environment with small classes, easy-to-talk-to professors, and modern facilities allows you to thrive and develop.

The University of Ottawa is also proud of its multicultural atmosphere, which attracts students from all over the world. 

This helps you understand other cultures and see the world from different points of view. It also makes learning a lot more fun and interactive as you mingle with foreign students. 

Because the school is in the middle of Canada’s capital city, students have more opportunities than anywhere else to do internships, co-ops, and network with people in government, business, and research organizations.

In addition to academics, the university has a lot of clubs, student groups, and cultural events that make the campus a fun place to be in. You have a chance to do things outside of school, learn new cultures and traditions, and make lifelong friends.

Carleton University

Carleton University

Address: 1125 Colonel by Dr, ON K1S 5B6
Contact #: 888-354-4414
Application fee: $110
Tuition fee: $37,500

Carleton University is a great place to study for many different reasons. 

First of all, the university has a reputation for hiring some of the best professors in the world. It also features a wide range of programs and departments that help people with different interests and career goals. 

You can learn in a friendly, interesting environment with professors who are easy to get in touch with and modern facilities.

Carleton University is also known for how much it values hands-on and experiential learning. A lot of attention is given to co-op programs, internships, and community involvement. 

This helps you learn skills and get real-world experience in your chosen field.

The campus grounds feature plenty of clubs, student groups, and events that help you feel like you belong in a family and also grow your character. By doing things outside of the university, students can learn how to be better leaders and make friends for life.

Being in Ottawa also gives Carleton University some special advantages. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the only city that can offer internships, chances to network, and access to government, technology, and research institutions.

The things I’ve mentioned give Carleton University its reputation as one of Canada’s best universities. Its commitment to academic excellence, hands-on learning, inclusive campus community, and strategic location help produce incredible students.

This makes it a great option if you want a well-rounded and meaningful college experience.

Algonquin College

Algonquin College

Address: 1385 Woodroffe Ave, K2G 1V8
Contact #: 613-735-4700
Application fee: $95
Tuition fee: $15,000-$20,000

Algonquin College is a top-tier university with a lot of incredible features that make it a great place to study. 

The college is known for its focus on hands-on learning and programs that lead to jobs. 

Through co-op placements, internships, and applied learning projects, you have the chance to learn real-world skills and get industry experience. This prepares you for a successful career in your chosen profession.

Strong partnerships between the college and leaders in the industry make sure that the programs are always up-to-date and meet the needs of the job market. This makes it easier for graduates to be hired for their desired job positions. 

Also, Algonquin College’s teachers are all experienced professionals who bring their real-world knowledge into the classroom. This helps you learn and gives you plenty of guidance once you start your professional career.

The college’s dedication to new ideas is clear from its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and industry-standard equipment. All of these things give you a lively and exciting place to learn. 

Algonquin College also encourages a friendly and welcoming community. It accomplishes this by providing a wide range of support services, clubs, and extracurricular activities that encourage growth and relationships.

Overall, Algonquin College is a great place to study because of its career-focused programs, hands-on learning approach, industry partnerships, and modern facilities.

These features, along with a supportive community, make it a great choice for students who want to learn practical skills and make a smooth transition into the workforce.

Saint Paul University

Saint Paul University

Address: 223 Main Street, ON K1S 1C4
Contact #: 613-236-1393
Application fee: $105
Tuition fee: $13,000 – $18,000

Saint Paul University offers students a unique and rewarding way to learn. Its main strength is its all-around approach to education, which includes academic excellence, spirituality, and social justice.

The humanities and social sciences define a big part of Saint Paul University’s identity. It has a wide range of programs that combine theoretical knowledge with real-world applications.

Small class sizes and professors who are easy to get in touch with create a supportive and individualized learning environment. This encourages you to have meaningful engagement and conversation with everyone in the classroom.

Spirituality and ethics are important at the university, which helps you and other students become good people. It also gets you to think about your own values and analyze what ideals define you. 

This all-around approach gives you the skills you need to make a positive change in your communities and work for social justice.

Saint Paul University is also known for its welcoming and diverse community, where students from different backgrounds and cultures can share ideas and experiences. 

As with all universities in Ottawa, its location gives students plenty of chances to do internships. In particular, government and non-government organizations stand out as places for you to take your OJT and even find future employment.

Dominican University College

Dominican University College

Address: 96 Empress Ave, ON K1R 7G3
Contact #: 613-233-5696
Application fee: $50
Tuition fee: $13,000 – $18,000

Dominican University College stands out as a great place to study because it has a number of unique qualities. 

The college is known for its strong academic tradition, which is rooted in Dominican culture and focuses on intellectual rigor, critical thinking, and the search for the truth.

Students and teachers can get to know each other well because of the college’s small size. As a result, it’s easier for you to get the help and attention you need if you are struggling with a certain subject. 

This also helps you start interesting conversations with the students and teacher, get personalized help, and be part of a supportive academic community.

The Dominican University College also focuses on interdisciplinary studies. This encourages you and other students to learn about a wide range of topics and talk with people from different fields. 

This way of teaching helps you get a well-rounded education by making it easier for you to understand hard topics and improving your ability to think critically.

Also, the programs and activities of the college show that it cares about ethics and social justice. You are encouraged to care about the world and do what you can to make it a better place.