Best Painters in Ottawa

The Top 7 Painters in Ottawa

If you’ve ever tried to DIY a paint job and ended up with unevenly colored walls with paint splats on your floor and ceiling, welcome to the club! As in, the club of firmly deciding to always get a professional to paint large spaces for you.

This is why it’s always best to get a professional painting contractor. We’ve prepared a guide below on how to find the perfect painting service provider, how much painting services cost, and finally, our picks for the top painting services in Ottawa!

How Much Do Painting Services Cost in Ottawa

To give you a bit of insight on how much painting services usually cost around Ottawa, check this out:

ServiceAverage cost
Residential Interior Painting$1.50-3.50 per square foot
Residential Exterior Painting$1.50-3.50 per square foot
Commercial Interior Painting$1.50-3.50 per square foot
Commercial Exterior Painting$1.50-3.50 per square foot

Top Painting Services in Ottawa

Here’s a list of the top painting companies in Ottawa along with everything you need to know about them:

1.   Enviro Painting

Enviro Painting's Homepage
SERVICESWindows, Doors, Garage Painting
Wood staining
Siding Painting
Concrete Painting
Deck/Fence Painting and Staining
Interior Painting
Commercial Interiors and Exteriors
ADDRESSSuite 200 – 38 Auriga Drive Ottawa, Ontario, K2E8A5
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 900 6154  
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Sun 9:00am-9:00pm

Enviro Painting is a painting company that only uses environmentally-friendly products. The paint they use contain little to no volatile organic compounds which are the dangerous chemicals found in most painting products.

Their refusal to use products with VOCs makes the paint job practically odorless. This helps both your health, the environment, and the durability of the paint.

They are known to provide top-notch paint jobs and pride themselves in their professional workers that do their job well while keeping everything neat and tidy during and after the project is completed.

One of their policies is that you don’t have to pay until the project is complete. Also, if you have any paint lying around, they have a free recycling program you can give it to.

A slight snag in their otherwise dreamy service is customers have complained quite a few times that it’s hard to contact them once the job is done. This may make follow-ups or immediate touch ups harder to have done right away.


  • Free estimates
  • Payment once the project is complete
  • 2-year warranty
  • Environmental-friendly products


  • Some customers have had issues with follow up communication

Customer Reviews

Enviro Painting is a company that seeks to help the world while helping you get what you need! Here are some reviews from satisfied clients:

“We hired Enviro Painting for exterior and interior home painting. We are very happy with the service that we received and the jobs were well done. The employees/painters were all professional and worked with us to confirm details. The owner also ensured that we were satisfied with the results. We highly recommend this awesome team. Thank you, Enviro Painting!” – Saja

“Great guys. I feel lucky finding them. Their work on the exterior of my house included: power wash, removal of wooden shutters, painting stucco, painting wooden windows, and reinstalling the shutters. They were dependable, clean, scrupulous, proud of their work, and likeable, too. They completed their work in the shortest time possible, considering the weather. They delivered 100% on my expectations without even knowing they worked on the house of a retired architect looking at their work with sharp eyes.” -Jerzy

2.   Peinture Ottawa-Gatineua Painting

Peinture Ottawa-Gatineua Painting's Homepage
BEST FOR   Residential Painting
SERVICESResidential Interior Painting
Residential Exterior Painting
Epoxy Floor Painting
ADDRESS33 St-Andrews Ottawa, ON, CA
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 277 5586
ottawagatineaupainting[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm

Peinture Ottawa-Gatineau Painting is objectively known as the top painting company in Ottawa. This is because they hire only the most well-trained and skilled workers that knock on their door because they know their clients only deserve the best.

Precision, professionalism and expertise are the top words used by clients to describe the procedures and workers themselves. They promise to work side by side with you throughout the entire process to make sure you get exactly what you pay them for.

It took us quite some time to find any issues with this company seeing as they have nothing but raving reviews but, if you’re someone who wants the paint job done right away and as quickly as possible, they may not be the perfect fit for you because they really take their time doing prep work!

They guarantee the use of only premium products and tools to ensure that your paint lasts as long as possible and stays as vibrant as the first day of painting. Don’t worry, though, it seems that despite their use of all things premium, they still offer pretty competitive prices for their services.

You can give them a call or check out their website to get a free estimate.


  • 2-year Warranty
  • Free estimate
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Affordable rates


  • May take a longer time compared to others due to meticulous prep work

Customer Reviews

Hiring the top painting contractor in Ottawa will definitely leave you as happy and satisfied with the job as these previous clients:

“This was a long overdue project for me. I am so happy I chose this firm to do the work. Guillaume and his team were on time,careful and professional. I am very pleased with the results. They looked after my property while they did this big job and cleaned up afterwards. These guys know what they are doing and are very pleasant to deal with. The price was very reasonable. I will hire this team again if I have a need.” – Sandra

“A very professional team and excellent work. Always available when I called them and they always kept we informed. Cleanliness was priority. Highly recommend Guillaume and his team. You won’t be disappointed.” -Colleen


BEST FOR   Quick yet Quality Paint Jobs
SERVICESResidential Painting Services
Commercial Painting Services
ADDRESS27 – 323 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1K 3X6
CONTACT DETAILS+1 (888) 969-1329
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMon- Fri 8:00am-7:00pm
Sat 8:00am-2:00pm

WOW 1 DAY PAINTING’s selling point is they get the job done in a day, which is obvious in their name. They say their goal is to get the job done with minimal to no interruptions to your daily routine.

They use eco-friendly paint free of VOCs to keep everyone involved in the project and in your home safe from those toxic compounds. They offer house painting services whether interior or exterior and commercial paintings services.

For commercial buildings or any exterior projects, they tend to bring extra equipment along other than the usual paints and brushes but this is just to make sure the exterior gets painted the right way.

This is the company to go to for those “I need this done STAT.” projects because they seem to always deliver based on their reviews.

For more in-depth and thoroughly explained details on their painting processes, you can check out their website. They also give you tips on choosing color schemes on their website.


  • Free on-site estimate
  • Online booking
  • Eco-friendly paint
  • 2 year warranty


  • No online estimates

Customer Reviews

Busy people require fast-paced workers so if you’re looking to get WOW 1 Day Painting, here are a few reviews to let you know you won’t be disappointed:

“Thank you to Gerson for doing such an amazing job with painting our basement and stairs. Your time and efficiency was truly appreciated! Best one man show!” -Anon

“From the initial contact with WOW 1 Day Painting to receive an estimate to the completion of the job itself was uncomplicated, businesslike, professional and a problem free experience for us. We received a thorough and detailed estimate from Leesha plus a home visit to answer our questions and pick our colours. Our painter Gerson arrived on time on the day promised, was polite. considerate and did an excellent paint job. I a detail oriented person and noticed right away Gerson paid attention to the smallest detail. Overall a very positive, successful and no stress experience. A job well done by all connected at WOW 1 Day Painting. We would unhesitatingly hire them again!!” – David

4.   PG Paint & Design

PG Paint & Design's Homepage
BEST FOR   Residential Painting Services
SERVICESInterior Painting
Exterior Painting
Paint Color Consultation
Condo Painting
House Painting
Town Home Painting
ADDRESSCoolspring Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 7M8
CONTACT DETAILS+1-613-656-5865
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
Sat 9:00am-4:00pm

Trust, respect, and integrity are the three cornerstones of PG Paint & Design. They make sure each and every employee they send out embodies these three traits in all that they do.

They believe trust and respect are earned through integrity and this is the only way they are supposed to handle any job they do.

They’re the only company in this list that voices out that the seasons in Ottawa affect their services. While this is a bit of a drawback, it’s nice to know they value the safety of their workers over potential income they could be receiving in the winter months.

So if you’re looking for a winter paint job done, you might have to look for a more risk-taking company that’s willing to do so.

Anyway, Pg Paint & Design claims to provide the best service money can get you with premium products and tools used by experienced painters. Also, if you’re still in the stage of trying to figure out the colors you want to go with, they provide paint color consultations.


  • Free estimate
  • Provides paint colour consultations


  • Provides estimates from April-October for safety and accuracy reasons

Customer Reviews

This Italian-owned painting service is well-loved and that is quite evident in these reviews from satisfied customers:

“The job: hallway, stairwell and ceiling. The wall was not in great shape; uneven, damaged, painted over many times. Pino took the time to prep it really well and make it smooth. The paint job was nicely done. I was really impressed with the final result. Clearly someone who takes pride in his work and doesn’t cut corners. The price was reasonable. I will definitely hire this company again.” -K.W.

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! We couldn’t be happier! We had some walls in pretty terrible condition, that not only need to be painted but repaired as well. Pino was absolutely wonderful to work with – so friendly, easygoing, patient, and unbelievably hardworking. We contacted multiple companies for quotes and a detailed walk-through of our home; PG Paint & Design was easily our first choice based on their approach. And we are so glad we went with them. We really couldn’t be happier :)” -Amisha

5.   Ottawa Home Pros

Ottawa Home Pros' Homepage
BEST FOR   Renovations and Improvements
SERVICESResidential Painting Services
Commercial Painting Services
Exterior Painting Services
Interior Painting Services
One-Day Painting Services
ADDRESS78 George St. Ottawa, ON K1N 5W
CONTACT DETAILS+1 613 288 9145

Ottawa Home Pros goal is to get your dream project done within your budget and on time. They guarantee your 100% satisfaction but in the close-to-impossible case that you don’t get it, they’re more than willing to do the job all over again.

They specialize in home renovations and improvements so if you have a few other projects you want to get done, they’d be a good choice.

With this in mind, all of their workers and traders are promised to be experienced, insured, and licensed before they’re even considered for projects for both your safety and satisfaction. Ottawa Home Pros is sure that once you experience their service once, you’ll want them for life.

To know their office hours, don’t hesitate to call them up and ask about it since it’s not posted anywhere online. More than likely they have a 24-hour customer service if that’s the case.

For a quote, you can call them and set up an appointment but it isn’t going to be free.


  • Does home renovations as well
  • Fully licensed and insured


  • Quotation fee

Customer Reviews

For a company that’s so trusted, they deserve to have their clients’ reviews plastered here so here you go:

“We renovated our the basement in our Ottawa home. The renovators at Ottawa Home Pros were clean, fast and professional. My husband and I are very please with the work from start to finish.” -Lynne

“Very happy with the basement reno from Ottawa Home Pros. The guys were clean and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the project. Thanks for all your help.” -Tahmid

6. Maisonneuve Painting

SERVICESExterior and Interior PaintingDeck and Fence Staining
CONTACT DETAILS(819) 639-0228
OPERATING HOURSMon – Sun: 8:00am – 7:00pm

Maisonneuve Painting is one of the best painters in Ottawa as it caters to commercial and residential interiors and exteriors. This experienced paint contractor has a team of punctual and ambitious high school and university students.

Each member of the team is WHIMIS-trained is covered by WSIB liability. So, while there isn’t much to question about its quality of work and standard of safety, Maisonneuve may still be limited due to its staff’s schedule.

To make up for this limitation, Maisonneuve offers other benefits. First, it offers both painting and staining services.

Next, Maisonneuve provides free estimates and quotations. To make this benefit even more convenient, Maisonneuve also provides the option of either a virtual or actual in-house inspection.

Lastly, Maisonneuve backs up its work through numerous safety nets, with the first one being its long 3-year labour warranty. Next, Maisonneuve also backs up its services with a $5 million liability insurance.


  • All painters are WHIMIS-trained and WSIB-covered
  • 3-year labour warranty
  • Expensive liability insurance
  • Available for staining services


  • Few reviews online

7. NCR Pro Painting

SERVICESInterior and Exterior Painting
CONTACT DETAILSEmail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 613-606-5257

If you’re looking for one of the best painting services in Ottawa, look no further than NCR Pro Painting.

NCR Pro Painting has been serving the area for quite some time now, building up a reputation for their quality services, reasonable rates, and experienced painters.

They offer both interior and exterior painting services and takes great care in bringing client’s visions to life. Additionally, NCR Pro Painting generally makes use of excellent quality paints, but clients are free to request their choice of brand as well.

Those who are looking to update their homes before a sale can also depend on NCR Pro Painting since the company offers comprehensive painting services for houses that are soon-to-be-sold.

This service includes wallpaper removal, minor and major interior wall surface repairs, drywall taping, mudding, and sanding, following repairs, pressure washing, and more. NCR Pro Painting readily provides an estimate for this service within 24 hours.


  • Offers free quote
  • Caters to residential and commercial clients
  • Quality interior and exterior painting services
  • Provides comprehensive services to clients looking to sell their homes


  • Closed on Sundays

What to Know Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

Now that you’ve decided to go the professional route, here are a few things you need to know before hiring someone and letting them into your space!

1. Know your budget

As you start looking for contractors, you have to know how much you’re willing to spend on the specific job you want to have done. There are tons of painting services out there that do a great job for reasonable prices and even if you’re willing to splurge a little, it’s still important to set a budget that you and the contractor can workaround.

2. Know your painters

Get to know the painters in person before letting them into your space, especially if it’s your home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and we’ll tell you more about this in number 4!

3. Know their materials

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, you’re going to want to know the materials they use. There are some companies out there who will give you the best paint job but after a few months, the quality of the paint they used will really be apparent and you could end up regretting ever hiring them.

4. Check their permits

If a painting contractor has the proper permits and certifications, you can be almost certain that they’re legit and safe to have around. Bonus points if they can show you they’re all professionally trained at their job!

5. Check their reviews

Of course, the holy grail we have to respect before ever hiring anyone for anything.n People like to share their experiences with certain companies almost always so just type their name up online and look for reviews.

FAQs About Painting Services in Ottawa

That concludes our list of the best painting services in Ottawa! We hope it serves as a guide for you as you bring a fresh new coat of paint to your home or business.

If you decided to go with any of the companies in this list, please let us know by sending us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

In case you’re also looking to spruce your garden up a bit after your paint job, here’s our article about the top landscaping services in Ottawa!