Smooth Cruising Ottawa’s 5 Best Longboarding Spots

Smooth Cruising: Ottawa’s 5 Best Longboarding Spots

If you’re the type who loves riding the concrete waves of Ottawa, longboarding in the city is a way to connect with the urban landscape in a truly unique way. 

And when it comes to carving up the pavement and enjoying the thrill of the ride, Canada’s capital offers some fantastic spots for longboarding enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, this article guides you to the best longboarding locations in Ottawa. So grab your board and your helmet, and let’s go on an exciting ride through the city’s top spots!

1. Rideau Canal

Address: Rideau Canal, Ottawa, ON, Canada

If you’re looking for the ultimate longboarding experience in Ottawa, then the Rideau Canal should be one of your top picks. 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its winter skating rink, transforms into a longboarder’s haven during the warmer months for various reasons.

Firstly, it’s celebrated for its impeccably maintained pathways as the smooth asphalt surfaces create a silky-smooth ride, making it perfect for longboarders of all levels. 

Whether you’re practicing your tricks or just out for a cruise, you’ll find the ride along its smooth surface just delightful.

Secondly, as you cruise along the canal, you’ll be treated to picturesque views that define Ottawa’s charm. The lush greenery, combined with the shimmering water, offers a stunning backdrop for your ride, perfect for your social media accounts!

Another reason the Rideau Canal is the first thing on our list of best places to go longboarding is that it offers a variety of routes, allowing you to tailor your experience. 

Regardless if you’re looking for a short, leisurely ride or a more extended adventure, you’ll find paths that suit your preferences at the time.

And if you need a break, the canal is dotted with parks and cafes where you can take a breather and enjoy some refreshments. These spots are perfect for relaxing, people-watching, and re-energizing for the next leg of your longboarding journey.

But just remember, the Rideau Canal is a beloved location for both locals and tourists. While longboarding, please be considerate of pedestrians and fellow cyclists, and always follow traffic rules!

Pro Tip:

Timing is everything when it comes to enjoying the Rideau Canal on your longboard. So, to avoid crowds and pedestrian traffic, early mornings and evenings are the ideal time to go cruising. 

Aside from the tranquil atmosphere, the soft morning light or the warm hues of sunset enhance the already great views during your ride!

2. Central Experimental Farm

Address: 960 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6, Canada

For those longboarders who dream of endless rides and the soothing embrace of nature, the Central Experimental Farm’s loops are the best place to be! 

If you’re in pursuit of the longest, most uninterrupted rides in Ottawa, you’ve struck gold here. The wide, paved roads make for an incredibly smooth journey, allowing you to focus on your longboarding flow without frequent stops.

What’s more, these loops that surround the Central Experimental Farm are an oasis of greenery, research, and beauty. As you carve your way through, you’ll be greeted with scenic landscapes, gardens, and lush fields all around. 

The well-maintained pavement offers just the right amount of resistance for longboarding. You’ll find it’s forgiving enough for comfortable cruising yet allows for some thrilling speed if you feel like it.

The paths along the Central Experimental Farm provide reliable routes for longboarding. You won’t encounter abrupt changes in terrain, potholes, or challenging obstacles, which is a blessing for beginners.

And because the loops are popular among longboarders, cyclists, and joggers, you’re likely to find a lot of other people on the trail with you.

Another thing to love about this location is that in spring and summer, you’ll be surrounded by tons of lush greenery and blooming flowers. Fall paints the landscape in stunning shades of red, orange, and gold. 

So, if you’re seeking a longboarding experience that combines open roads, beautiful landscapes, and reliable routes, the Central Experimental Farm is an absolute gem!

3. NCC Pathways

Address: Ottawa, ON, Canada

The NCC’s pathways form an intricate web across the city, each one offering a unique longboarding experience. 

Whether you’re craving a leisurely cruise along the river or an adrenaline-pumping downhill run, you’ll discover it within this network of routes. 

With many paths stretching alongside the Ottawa River and Dow’s Lake, you can soak in some breathtaking waterside views.

What we really love about the NCC Pathways is that they cater to longboarders of all levels. From a beginner still finding their balance to an experienced rider who loves the thrill of speed, these routes have you covered. 

The mix of flat, smooth sections and winding, challenging pathways ensures everyone can get to ride.

Regardless of whether it’s a relaxed cruise or carving tight turns, you’ll find suitable sections along these pathways. The smooth asphalt is kind to your wheels, and there’s plenty of space to practice your slides and maneuvers.

Another thing to love about the NCC Pathways is that they connect many of Ottawa’s highlights, from parks and gardens to cultural sites. 

This means you can roll your way to the Canadian Museum of History, take a break in Major’s Hill Park, or admire the Parliament Hill views along the way!

Plus, these pathways are the stage for numerous longboarding events, drawing enthusiasts from all across Ottawa. Whether it’s a race, a group ride, or a downhill competition, these paths have seen it all. 

We’re not exaggerating at all when we say it’s a vibrant community that welcomes new riders and celebrates the longboarding culture.

Like the other spots we’ve previously mentioned, the NCC Pathways also lets you savor the sights and sounds of Ottawa while you carve your way through the city. 

The scent of flowers in bloom, the cool breeze from the river, and the echoes of laughter from fellow riders are all part of the experience!

4. Parliament Hill

Address: Wellington St., Ottawa, ON K1A 0A9, Canada

Parliament Hill, Ottawa’s political epicenter, isn’t just for government affairs and historical landmarks. It’s also a surprisingly wonderful spot for a leisurely longboarding session! 

As you glide through the pathways surrounding Parliament Hill, you’re in for a visual treat. The area offers picturesque views of the iconic Peace Tower, parliament buildings, and lush gardens. 

The grand architecture and well-maintained gardens provide an elegant backdrop for your longboarding adventure. 

And because one of the standout features of Parliament Hill is the exceptionally smooth pathways, the well-paved surfaces are a godsend for longboarders. If they can talk, your wheels will probably thank you as they roll seamlessly over this sleek terrain!

Plus, if you yourself are new to longboarding or looking for a place to introduce a friend to the sport, this spot is an ideal location. 

The flat, even paths make it easy for beginners to find their balance and build their confidence. It’s a forgiving environment to learn and practice those essential longboarding skills.

While Parliament Hill can be bustling with tourists during the day, it often transforms into a serene oasis in the evening. The setting sun casts a warm glow over the area, creating a peaceful atmosphere for your longboarding sessions. 

As the political heart of Canada winds down, you can wind up and enjoy the tranquility while feeling the wind in your hair.

What’s more, the pathways around Parliament Hill connect you to some of Ottawa’s most famous landmarks. You can roll to the nearby National Gallery of Canada or even take in the waterside views along the Ottawa River.

The central location of Parliament Hill makes it easily accessible from almost wherever you’re coming from in the city. 

Whether you’re coming from the downtown core or surrounding neighborhoods, you won’t have trouble reaching this longboarding haven! There’s also ample parking nearby for those traveling by car.

Longboarding isn’t just a fair-weather sport, and Parliament Hill is the best spot to go year-round. The pathways are well-maintained throughout the year, so you can enjoy longboarding in every season. 

From warm summer days to crisp fall evenings, and even under a blanket of pristine snow in winter, Parliament Hill welcomes riders all year long!

5. Major’s Hill Park

Address: Mackenzie Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 1G8, Canada

If you’re tired of longboarding by yourself or with your usual group of friends, why not head down to Major’s Hill Park, where group longboarding events are held frequently?

The Ottawa Longboard Community has get-togethers that often begin at the park before moving quickly to head down and hit up some iconic spots in the city.

So, for those of you who are seasoned longboarders looking for a challenge, this is definitely the right place for you! 

However, this is also a great opportunity if you’re just looking to be part of a bigger community of longboarders who share the same passion.

Should you plan on trying out some of the dangerous spots while with the group, having a helmet and a sturdy pair of gloves are required for your own safety.

The Ottawa Longboard Community meets up at Major’s Hill Park weekly at 8:00 p.m., so do your best to arrive early and be on time for all the fun!