Fun Things To Do With A Toddler

11 Fun Things to Do with a Toddler in Ottawa

Whether you’re visiting Ottawa with your toddler or just looking for fun stuff to do with your kids, the city’s filled with tons of activities to do and places to see with your child!

From educational activities to something more physical to get them to burn off all that excess energy, you’re bound to find something that’ll keep your kid occupied and happy!

So make sure you’re holding on to your toddler real well as we tour you all around Ottawa to find out what you can do with your little one.

1. Go on a pirate adventure.

Go on a pirate adventure

Address: 588 Hog’s Back Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 1N5, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-859-5199

You read that right because Ottawa has its very own pirate adventure, just waiting for your little adventurer to step on deck and have the time of their lives!

Pirate Life in Ottawa is an interactive pirate-themed adventure where kids dress up like pirates and learn pirate-speak. Kids can even join in a simulated pirate battle right on top of a replica pirate ship!

The experience itself is highly immersive because the crew wears real pirate clothes and acts like pirates during the ride. They’ll even happily teach you and your kids about pirates, like their words, weapons, and music.

As you sail, you’ll meet other pirates, sea creatures, and a mermaid who helps you on your adventure! This all happens on the Ottawa River, and there will be treasure hunts, water fights, and other pirate games.

You can find Pirate Life Ottawa at 588 Hog’s Back Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 1N5, Canada, but there are also branches in Toronto and Hamilton.

When you make a reservation at Pirate Life Ottawa, you and your toddler are also helping a local charity called Art & Water. The charity helps artists and spreads good vibes in the community by doing arts and crafts on the water.

2. See farm animals at a 2-in-1 museum and farm.

See farm animals at a 2-in-1 museum and farm

Address: 901 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K2C 3K1, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-991-3044

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum isn’t just a museum, but it also operates as a farm. Here, your toddler can see farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep, horses, poultry, goats, and rabbits.

One of the best parts is that it’s located right in the middle of the city, so getting there won’t be hard at all. 

And if you go on a nice day with good weather, it even has a play and picnic area where your kids can run around. Additionally, different family-friendly events and exhibitions take place all year round.

You can easily find the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum at 901 Prince of Wales Drive, so be sure to drop by with your family as soon as you can!

3. Make and see art at the National Gallery of Canada.

Make and see art at the National Gallery of Canada

Address: 380 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9N4, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-990-1985

The National Gallery of Canada offers a range of activities and workshops designed to nurture creativity and cater to the entire family.

One such offering is the “Family Art Adventures,” where you and your child can bond while surrounded by exceptional art pieces. 

You’ll also get the opportunity to engage with the art collection, play Art Bingo, or use the Texture Guide to add flair to your drawings. The best part is that these activities are included with general admission and are free for members and children under 11.

Additionally, there’s the “Open Studio” program, a creative haven for all ages, which encourages open-ended art creation, fostering connections, cooperation, and creativity. 

You’ll find plenty of art materials for your toddler so they can bring their artistic visions to life. The program is drop-in, meaning you can join whenever it suits you, and it’s offered in both English and French.

So, if you’re looking for a family-friendly artistic experience in Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada has you covered!

4. Drop by the Bytown Museum.

Drop by the Bytown Museum

Address: 1 Canal Ln, Ottawa, ON K1P 5P6, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-234-4570

When you’re exploring Ottawa with a toddler, one delightful destination to consider is the Bytown Museum. This museum is a treasure trove of interactive activities that cater to both the young and the young at heart.

Inside the Bytown Museum, you’ll find engaging exhibits and displays that allow toddlers to interact with history in a fun and educational way. 

From hands-on exhibits to child-friendly interpretations of Ottawa’s past, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here.

For toddlers, it’s an opportunity to embark on a playful journey through Ottawa’s history, making learning an enjoyable experience. 

Whether it’s discovering the city’s early days, exploring artifacts, or simply running around the museum, it’s a memorable and enriching adventure for everyone.

5. Visit the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

Visit the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Address: 11 Aviation Pkwy, Ottawa, ON K1K 2X5, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-991-3044

A visit to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa promises an exciting experience for families, especially those with little aviation enthusiasts. 

This museum is part of a trio, which includes the Agriculture and Science and Tech Museums, making it a fantastic 3-in-1 membership for families to explore!

The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum is a dream come true for children who are fascinated by planes, space exploration, and all things aeronautical. 

Here, young minds can embark on a journey through the history of aviation and space, discovering the marvels of flight and the cosmos.

One of the highlights for families is the daily kids’ activities, offering hands-on learning experiences that bring science and aviation to life in an engaging way. 

Additionally, the museum hosts camps that provide children with unique opportunities to dive deeper into the world of aviation and space.

For parents, the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum has an added bonus: a special play area designed with little ones in mind. This space allows children to burn off some energy while exploring aviation-themed play structures.

6. Zoom around the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Zoom around the Canada Science and Technology Museum

Address: Scientique, 1867 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-235-7053

The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa is an absolute playground for curious minds of all ages. However, what truly sets it apart for families with young children, particularly those under eight years old, is the exhilarating Zoom exhibit!

Zoom is an immersive celebration of the boundless curiosity and creativity that naturally reside within children. This hands-on exhibition is specially designed to encourage kids to investigate, experiment, and unleash their imagination.

What’s particularly unique about Zoom is its circular layout, creating a seamless and engaging journey with no fixed starting point. Families can explore it in any sequence, allowing for flexibility based on their interests and energy levels. 

It’s a self-directed space where there are no right or wrong answers, fostering open-ended experiences that empower children to exercise their creativity. Zoom is packed with delightful surprises and opportunities for experimentation. 

Highlights include a designated toddler area adorned with a starry sky, an interactive gear wall that sparks curiosity about mechanics, and an ultra-sensory play structure. 

There’s also a vehicle-building station where budding engineers can construct and test their creations and a captivating light and sound console for endless exploration.

The exhibit also takes practical considerations into account, providing seating for up to 80 parents who can comfortably watch over their little ones. 

For added convenience, there’s a dedicated baby care room equipped with bottle-warming facilities, diaper-changing stations, and comfortable feeding spaces.

In essence, Zoom at the Canada Science and Technology Museum is a haven of imaginative play and discovery, making it an ideal destination for families with toddlers. 

It’s a space where young minds can roam freely, dream big, and ignite their passion for science and technology.

7. Explore the Canadian Children’s Museum.

Explore the Canadian Children’s Museum

Address: 100 Laurier St, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0M8, Canada
Contact Details: +1 819-776-7000

Your toddler will be having the time of their life when you take them on a fantastic adventure at the Canadian Children’s Museum! There are so many kids’ activities they can join, so they’re likely to find something that interests them.

The Great Adventure, for example, lets your little ones explore different cultures and places, enriching their lives. You can travel the world on a colorful Pakistani bus, load packages onto a cargo ship, and visit homes in India, Indonesia, and Mexico. 

If your child is more into the arts, you can also get creative with crafts in the family studio.

Imagination in Action is an activity where you can build things with life-sized blue foam blocks in various shapes like arches, bends, hinges, cubes, and cylinders. 

Kids can get to build massive forts and invite their friends inside or create a boat and set sail on imaginary seas. Let your children’s imagination run wild, and watch them make the most unique structures!

Stamp-tember is one calm activity where you can have a fantastic time making artwork during the month-long creative stamp workshop in the museum’s studio. 

Families with young kids can drop by the studio and use a variety of stamps and colorful inks to create wall-ready artwork. You’ll get to combine different stamps to make lively scenes, explore line and color, and produce one-of-a-kind patterned artwork. 

What’s more, you can take your little one’s art home or maybe even give it as a gift to someone special in their life.

For the more adventurous kids, the Globe Hunt lets you explore the museum by searching for mini globes hidden all over the world! 

They can learn about different countries and cultures using a scavenger hunt sheet to find ten hidden globes. If your child manages to find them all, they’ll get to win a special surprise! 

One of the calmest activities your toddler can do is watch a movie, namely “The Seven Sacred Laws.” This film is about a young boy going on a quest where he meets seven animals, each teaching him an essential value of indigenous culture. 

This enlightening film is presented in English and French, using music and beautiful animation to teach about Indigenous values and beliefs. 

8. Play inside Ottawa’s biggest and safest indoor playground.

Play inside Ottawa’s biggest and safest indoor playground

Address: 1373 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 7P5, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-742-8989

At Cosmic Adventures, your toddler can have a blast in Ottawa’s biggest and safest indoor playground. It’s designed for kids aged 0 to 12, so if you have older children, even they can join in on the fun! 

Inside this massive 20,000-square-foot playground, your little ones can roam freely. There are even two special areas with soft play for toddlers, making it just right for the younger kids. 

Parents will really appreciate that this place is clean, and it’s easy to keep an eye on your kids while they have fun and explore. 

9. Try out gymnastics or parkour.

Try out gymnastics or parkour

Address: 1140 Morrison Dr, Ottawa, ON K2H 8S9, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-721-4868

Starr Gymnastics is an excellent spot for your energetic toddler, especially because it has Baby Development classes for kids up to 24 months old. It even has Preschool Classes for ages 2 to 4.5 years old. 

In these classes, children engage in fun games, gymnastics activities, and interactive play that encourages problem-solving and creativity. 

If you prefer a more casual visit, there’s also the Drop-in Playtime, where kids can enjoy the padded gym with ropes, foam pits, and trampolines for free. It’s a great place for your little one to burn off all that energy!

10. Jump high and swim through foam pits.

Jump high and swim through foam pits

Address: 1901 Cyrville Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 1A9, Canada
Contact Details: +1 343-883-1092

If you’ve never tried jumping on a trampoline or swimming through foam pits, then the Flying Squirrel will give you that experience. It offers Toddler Time for little ones, and because it’s indoor, rain or shine, you can visit with your child! 

It’s also the world’s biggest indoor trampoline park, and what’s even better is that Toddler Time is available whenever it’s open, not just on specific days. 

What’s more, it’s also a fantastic spot for hosting kids’ birthday parties with exciting attractions like the foam pits that children of any age absolutely adore!

Children that are six years old and younger only have to pay 50% of the regular price, so you’re saving money when you visit here with your toddler. And if you have more than one toddler, a 10-hour punch card is also available and can be shared by siblings.

11. Have fun at Funhaven.

Have fun at Funhaven

Address: 1050 Baxter Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 3P1, Canada
Contact Details: +1 613-828-4386

Funhaven is a great indoor place for families with kids of different ages, with more than enough activities for every age group. For the older kids, there’s a rock wall (45lbs and up) and Ottawa’s only indoor rollercoaster.

But if you’re coming with a toddler, there’s still a jungle gym designed for kids ages three and up that your child can enjoy.