Hair Care 101 Healthy Hair Habits You’ll Love

Hair Care 101: Healthy Hair Habits You’ll Love

A person’s hair is said to be their crowning glory. But, not everybody feels like royalty especially when their hair seems to have a life of its own. 

Like everything else, your hair also needs proper care. In the absence of healthy hair habits, hair could become damaged or unruly. 

Here are some tips for hair care that you can try for tresses that you’ll surely love.  

1. Watch your diet 

Watch your diet

Nutrition plays an important part in all components of your body—which includes hair. Being more intentional about what you cook and eat also benefits your locks and tresses. 

Our hair needs protein which comes from sources like lean meat and fish. Plan your meals and head out to local markets like Byward Market for your protein sources. 

Leafy green salads are a rich source of zinc which helps your hair not to shed. What could be the best place to get this fresh produce than to grow them in your own garden

With fresh vegetables within your reach, you can always toss some green salad and let it cool on your fridge for you to enjoy anytime. 

If you’re not a fan of vegetables, nuts are also good sources of zinc. To have variety, treat yourself to some gift baskets which most likely contain almonds, cashews, pecans, among many others. 

2. Have some maintenance routine for your hair 

Have some maintenance routine for your hair

Going to hair salons isn’t just to look and feel good. Cutting your hair regularly (an average of every 2 to 3 months) will prevent split ends. 

Massaging your scalp two times a day can help improve your hair’s growth and thickness. Aside from this, scalp massage also is an excellent way to relieve stress (you should try it if you haven’t done it yet). 

Winter can easily dry up your hair. Knowing some winter hair care tips can help your locks to be still healthy despite the cold season. 

3. Be aware of the practices that damage your hair

Be aware of the practices that damage your hair

Swimming is a physical activity that’s good for your heart. But, it may not be that good for your hair. 

Dermatologists recommend wearing swim caps to protect your hair from pool chemicals. It’s also important to rinse your hair immediately after swimming. 

Another thing that most people unknowingly do that brings damage to their hair is sleeping on cotton pillowcases. This material absorbs natural oils in your hair which then leaves it dry. 

What’s a quick fix for this? Go for silk pillowcases, instead. 

By the way, are you the type who loves to style your hair or put it up in a tight bun when attending special occasions like parties or weddings? You may be doing your hair some serious harm with this practice. 

Experiment with other hairstyles that would not contribute to excessive hair breakage and receding hairline. 

4.  Try homemade hair masks

Try homemade hair masks

The good news is that you don’t need to spend much on hair masks. The best ingredients are already in your pantry, fridge, and kitchen cabinets

Some known homemade masks are composed of olive oil, avocado, bananas, eggs, baking soda, only to name a few. It might surprise you that beer isn’t only for the local brewery but is good for your hair as well. 

So, don’t hesitate to research and experiment with which homemade hair mask will work best for you. Consider it as one of the self-care routines that will help you feel good about yourself. 

With healthy hair, you would feel confident to show your crowning glory.  

Did we miss a hair health care tip that you have proven to be effective? Shoot us a message to let us know. 

One benefit of having lustrous locks is the confidence to go out on dates. These ideas might get you more excited as you enjoy your beautiful tresses and your time out with your significant other.