How to Best Navigate Vincent Massey Park in Ottawa

Nature Escapes: How to Best Navigate Vincent Massey Park in Ottawa

Given Ottawa’s urban landscape, it might be surprising to discover the abundance of green spaces in the city. According to, there are around 4,300 hectares of parkland here.  

The Ottawans are truly spoiled with vast expanses of greenery! Here’s another one worth exploring – Vincent Massey Park located in a prime hotspot not too far from downtown. 

Know the best ways to enjoy this verdant space along with some exciting information that you wouldn’t want to miss! 

What to Do in Vincent Massey Park

Set up a picnic

Set up a picnic

Picnicking is one of the popular activities to do in Vincent Massey Park. 

With the arrival of summer, the vast meadow becomes a vibrant backdrop of families and friends indulging in an assortment of dishes. 

It’s a great sight to see, capturing the true spirit of the summer season, which involves unforgettable outdoor adventures with loved ones. 

Oh, and before we forget, you can leave the picnic blankets at home! There’s a great number of picnic tables in the area – you won’t miss it. 

Go on a peaceful stroll

Go on a peaceful stroll

Vincent Massey Park stretches for around 29 hectares, a remarkable size considering it’s surrounded by an urban landscape!

To make use of the verdant spaces, going on a peaceful stroll will usually do the trick, no matter what time of year it is – excluding those days marred by nasty snowstorms, of course. 

Most of the walking paths are wooded or paved, ensuring a safe and convenient stroll for all. 

Appreciate nature views

Appreciate nature views

Vincent Massey Park is a nature oasis nestled in the middle of bustling neighborhoods. Here’s a fun fact that might be useful later on: this picturesque park is just a 13-minute drive away from downtown!

It’s undeniable that this verdant open space has treasures in the form of natural beauty. The best thing about it is it’s open anytime you need to find solace you only get from nature. 

Oh, and why not take your date here, perhaps? We’re sure it will be a romantic time for you both. 

Let us play your cupid with our other summer date ideas in Ottawa.  

Have a BBQ Party

Have a BBQ Party

Ah, BBQ, another popular activity in Vincent Massey Park. The reason behind it is because of how well-equipped the park is in BBQ facilities. 

We suggest reserving a spot beforehand by contacting CSL’s 24-hour phone service at  (343)-996-7838. Though, it’s worth noting that, based on our past experience of not doing so, we encountered no issues.

Play frisbee

Play frisbee

Vincent Massey Park is for the whole family, including the little ones who can partake in the adventure by enjoying a thrilling game of frisbee! 

As mentioned, the park boasts an abundance of open space, which makes the game even more exciting. 

Cycle around the park 

Cycle around the park

Cycling around Vincent Massey Park can be a rejuvenating experience. In the fall, you can develop a deeper love for the foliage as you pedal your way through the wonderful sights. 

Needless to say, cycling here during autumn is the best, but you’re still free to partake in this outdoor activity anytime. 

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Where to Stay Near Vincent Massey Park 

Residence Inn by Marriott Ottawa Airport 

— Media credit: @hotelhopperchipmunk

Address: 1172 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 2P7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-523-9600

Pricing: $$

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A mere 8-minute drive away, Vincent Massey Park is just within arm’s reach if you stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott Ottawa Airport. 

It has a modest facade, but its rooms are exquisite, exuding a classic feel with playful, colorful touches. 

Additionally, this 3-star accommodation also has everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible like a complimentary grocery delivery service, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. 

Best Western Plus Ottawa City Centre

Address: 1274 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-728-1951

Pricing: $

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Slightly farther than the previous accommodation, the Best Western Plus in the City Centre is still a great location if you want to stay in close proximity to Vincent Massey Park. 

With just a swift 13-minute drive, you’ll immediately arrive in the lush haven. 

Their rooms have a charming touch, ensuring a stylish stay – a surprising detail for its affordable cost. 

Even if you take Vincent Massey Park out of the equation, it still offers a sublime location considering its bustling neighbors. 

Cool Things to Check Out Near Vincent Massey Park 

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Address: 901 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K2C 3K1, Canada

Phone: +1 613-991-3044


Delve deeper into the world of natural wonders by learning more about agriculture at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, an attraction just five minutes away from the park by car. 

It offers exciting and educational activities for the whole family including an interactive park, a permanent exhibit about agricultural methods, and immersive exhibits that will further stir your curiosity.

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Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market

— Media credit: @fermeagricola

Address: Riverside United Church, 3191 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1V 8N8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-803-8233


Just a little south of Vincent Massey Park, there’s an abundant organic farmers’ market open every Saturday. 

While it’s more modestly sized compared to others in the city, we always enjoy our time here because of the tight-knit community. And of course, it goes without saying that getting a great deal on organic produce is certainly a plus!

It’s definitely a recommended spot if you also like talking to passionate farmers and business owners. The intimate space makes up for good conversation. 

Dominion Arboretum

— Media credit: @janetjstephens66

Address: Arboretum, Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-759-1982


Still eager to explore more green spaces in the area besides Vincent Massey Park? Dominion Arboretum is just a measly 7-minute drive away. 

Or better yet, why not continue immersing yourself in the beauty of nature by walking all the way here? It only takes 42 minutes, which is nothing if you’re indulging in an outdoor activity. 

Aside from the grassy meadows, anticipate seeing a diverse array of trees and shrub species, ensuring a captivating visit. 

Also, it’s one of our favorite spots to see the cherry blossoms during spring. 

Know more about this enchanting location in our guide to Dominion Arboretum!

Hog’s Back Park

— Media credit: @tog_photography

Address: 600 Hog’s Back Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1H8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-239-5000


Hog’s Back Park is another recommended spot where you can witness Ottawa’s efforts in maintaining the natural wonders of the city. 

It’s mostly famous for its mesmerizing waterfalls, which have been a backdrop in millions of photos. 

Additionally, there are also hiking trails and picnic areas worth checking out. We had a lot of people tell us that hiking in this area feels akin to walking around the forest – and we agree.

This location is so mesmerizing that it even made it to our list of best waterfalls in Ottawa!

Mooney’s Bay Park and Beach

— Media credit: @davidartist

Address: 2960 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1V 8N4, Canada

Phone: +1 613-580-2595


Just drive around 6 minutes south and you’ll be surprised to see that there’s a beach in the area!

Mooney’s Bay Park and Beach is a popular attraction along the Rideau River. During the summer, a diverse crowd goes here to do all sorts of summer-related activities like having a BBQ party and playing beach volleyball. 

People don’t forget about this spot during the winter too. You can go here for some cross-country skiing and tobogganing! 

Since it’s easily accessible from Hog’s Back Park, why not make it a back-to-back adventure? 

Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Address: 1 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1B9, Canada

Phone: +1 613-736-1102


Quick – think of another outdoor activity that involves vast green lands and a ball. If you said golf, you’re right on the nose, or maybe you just read what this part is about. 

Kidding aside, Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club is another way to enjoy the vast spaces in the city. It’s only a quick 10-minute drive from Vincent Massey Park, so you can make a day out of exploring the area. 

Wait – did we just craft an exciting full-day itinerary for you? That we did! 

For the full scoop on all things Ottawa, you know where to go!