Everything You Need to Know about the Infinity Convention Centre in Ottawa

Everything You Need to Know about the Infinity Convention Centre in Ottawa

Every year, Ottawa hosts all sorts of exciting events and gatherings all around the city. Quite a lot of venues are almost always used, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. 

One of those venues is the Infinity Convention Centre (ICE). It’s one of the capital’s go-to places for events and is known to be a rather prestigious place.  

Features of the Infinity Convention Centre

The ICE is one of the biggest event venues in Ottawa, boasting over 15,000 square feet for event organizers to work with.

This huge capacity makes it perfect for pretty much any event you can think of. On top of that, there is also complimentary on-site parking so we and other guests don’t have to waste time looking for parking garages

All I can say about the facility is that it’s a celebration of mankind’s impressive feats in engineering. The place is simply awe-inspiring, and I can’t help but be filled with a sense of prestige every time I attend an event here. 

And if you’d like, catering services in the venue are also available if you haven’t decided on what dishes to serve at your event yet. Having tasted the dishes myself, it gets a two thumbs-up from me! 

And what building would be complete without any internet connection? The ICE also features blazing-fast Wi-Fi that keeps all of us connected and ready to post the latest pictures on our social media pages.

The ICE knows its address is prime real estate. Just minutes from the Ottawa International Airport, it welcomes guests from afar with open arms. 

Plus, its proximity to hotels and restaurants means your attendees can seamlessly transition from event to exploration. 

Take it from me, events here take several days and don’t always have food ready. Being able to stay at nearby hotels is handy for getting back to the center fast, and the wide selection of restos ensures we have plenty of options for our growling stomachs. 

And the cherry on top? There is a dedicated event management team that helps you organize everything from seamless setups to themed extravaganzas.

Events You Can Hold at the Infinity Convention Centre 


When it comes to weddings, get ready for an experience like no other. These ceremonies of love are practically romantic wonderland. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to possible themes that couples want to implement for their weddings. Thanks to the large size of the ICE, it can transform into the kind of dreamy space that even fairy tales would envy. 

I’ve seen with my very eyes how the place is transformed into a sanctuary for love. Ceremonies, receptions, you name it, it’s got it covered in a way that’s nothing short of magical. 

The Infinity Convention Centre is like a blank canvas, ready for couples to paint their love story on it. With a space that’s as flexible as your imagination, personalized décor and layouts become the order of the day. 

Do you want an intimate ceremony with a touch of grandeur? You’re more than welcome to hire wedding decorators to glam up the place based on your desired theme.

Rustic, bohemian, fairytale, bar weddings — all of them will be well accommodated in the ICE. I’ve even attended some ceremonies that had beach themes inside the venue of all places! 

And let’s talk about the staff – they’re not just experienced; they’re wedding wizards. These folks have seen it all, from the most traditional ceremonies to the quirkiest receptions, and they know how to turn every vision into a reality. 

They’re not just there to assist; they’re there to make sure every moment of your special day is nothing short of perfection.

Conferences and Meetings

As one of Ottawa’s go-to spots for conferences and meetings, the Infinity Convention Center packs a serious punch! 

When it comes to hosting these kinds of events, let’s just say that the staff have mastered everything that a conference and meeting needs to run smoothly. 

The spacious ballroom will end up leaving you breathless with its grand and versatile design, really giving it a ‘wow’ factor.

Those configurable meeting rooms are the epitome of magnificence, offering us a ton of options for event organizers to customize. You can say that the engineers managed to crack the code for crafting an event to perfection based on your needs. 

It’s pretty much as close to perfect as can be. I’ve found it to be a great space for personalized brainstorming sessions with my team and it’s also more than capable of impressing clients with its sleek backdrop.

And don’t get me started on the modern amenities that you can find here. From cutting-edge audiovisual equipment to seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, the Infinity Convention Centre understands that looks are only one part of the experience. 

it’s about the functionality. The facility’s got all the tech wizardry to ensure your presentations go off without a hitch.

Galas and Fundraisers

When it comes to galas and fundraisers, the ICE definitely knows how to throw ones that become experiences that imprint themselves on the memories of the attendees. 

As a result of the spaciousness of the venue, it can host some of the most glamorous balls that the city has ever seen. My friends and I had the honor of attending some of them, and we created quite a few lasting memories there.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the massive ballroom is practically a canvas waiting for the brushstroke of glam and sophistication for any gala. 

The grandeur of the space means we can go all out with elaborate stage setups that would make Broadway blush, catering stations that are pretty much works of art, and exciting dance floors that will have everyone in a jovial mood. 

For fundraising events, you can accommodate the most intricate presentations for silent auctions, inspiring speeches, and donor recognition ceremonies. 

The functionality of the space ensures that every corner can be utilized to maximize impact, creating an environment where generosity and glamour go hand in hand.

Trade Shows and Expos

As a result of its layout, many companies and entrepreneurs consider the ICE to be a playground to do business and spread the word about their latest products and services. 

During trade shows and expos, the building becomes a canvas for innovation ready to attract plenty of would-be customers. 

The open floor plan’s flexibility is the unsung hero of the ICE, as it pretty much gives the show organizers all the creative freedom they can ask for.  

Whether you’re in tech, fashion, or the next big thing, this venue caters to all industries that wish to present their latest product and service innovations. 

The diversity it accommodates is like a melting pot of ideas, attracting a crowd as varied as the products and services on display. As a bit of a tech fanatic myself, these events are pretty much heaven for me. 

There’s nothing like seeing the latest smartphone and laptop models and sampling them yourself. Seriously, if you’re a fellow tech lover, then I highly urge you to attend these amazing events! 

It’s also worth mentioning that expos aren’t limited purely to gadgets. I’ve personally been to sports, job, and even wedding expos when I was with friends. 

Community Events

The Infinity Convention Centre doesn’t just host cultural celebrations; it embraces the rich tapestry of our diverse community. 

From Diwali to Lunar New Year, the flexible space caters to every cultural nuance. It’s more than just an event; it’s a showcase of our city’s cultural mosaic, creating an environment where traditions come alive and bridges are built.

And sporting events? You can bet that the ICE is a game-changer. 

The adaptable space isn’t just for the high-stakes business of conferences; it’s a versatile arena for local sports enthusiasts. While I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore fan, I enjoy the hobby enough to watch events live. 

It’s truly something special to feel the electricity in the air as the crowd cheers on the home team. I remember attending a live boxing match for charity with some friends and how we almost shouted our lungs out with all our cheering. 

Movie Screenings and Theatrical Productions

When it’s being rented as a place for film screenings or live theatrical performances, the ICE sets the stage for unforgettable movie nights, concerts, and show-stopping musicals.

With some collaboration between the event organizers and the ICE’s staff, they can create an immersive experience for us that rivals the vibe of a traditional theater. 

Thanks to the ICE’s state-of-the-art audiovisual setups and acoustics, it turns our cinematic or theatrical venture into something akin to a blockbuster. 

But we’re not stopping at just movies. Live performances and musicals also take center stage here where the space’s flexibility becomes a playground for creative minds. 

From Shakespearean dramas to Broadway-style productions, this venue caters to thespians and music lovers alike. Take this from someone who’s seen these shows firsthand: they are simply top-notch and will leave a mark in your memory.

The large ballroom allows designers and choreographers to let their artistic expression run wild as they take advantage of the ample space.

Every note, line, and scene is brought to life in one grand performance, and it’s guaranteed to have us giving a standing ovation.

Private Parties and Social Gatherings

All the birthdays, anniversaries, holiday bashes, and other gatherings that I’ve attended in the ICE have been extremely extravagant.

Thanks to the venue’s reputation, it adds an unmatched level of prestige that can elevate even the most simple celebrations into utterly amazing occasions. 

On top of that, you can also decorate the place with just about any theme you can think of. The high ceiling can be decorated with balloons, streamers, lights, and many more to further enhance your desired aesthetic for the party.

I definitely think that the staff deserve a special mention here. You have a bunch of professionals who know the ins and outs of the ICE like the back of their hands and can pitch in a few suggestions to you and your event coordinator on how to run the program. 

And to finally seal the deal, you also have the option of availing of the center’s catering. It offers some delectable dishes at reasonable prices to please the empty stomachs of your guests. 

Where to Eat Near The Infinity Convention Centre

Paper Tiger Noodle Bar

Website: https://papertiger.ca/menu/

Address: 254 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R4, Canada

Contact number: 613-236-1081

Operating hours: 

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 4:00 PM–10:00 PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 12:00 PM–10:00 PM

Must-try dishes: 

  • Karaage
  • Beast Ramen
  • Braised Brisket & Kimchi Udon Noodle

Price: $$ – Average

The Paper Tiger delivers Asian Fusion cuisine that allows us to savor the flavors of the East. 

From what I’ve seen, the signature dishes here are the noodles, which range from Japanese ramen to Vietnamese pho with a delicious broth. 

For my personal recommendation, I think you should try the karaage. The deep-fried meat is simply top-notch, and it’s turned me into a huge fan. 

The restaurant itself is a cozy establishment with a peaceful ambiance. Thanks to its relatively small size, I’ve found that there’s a level of intimacy to the place that makes the Paper Tiger ideal for people who want a relaxing dining experience. 

Cocotte Bistro

Website: https://cocottebistro.com/

Address: 123 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5L9, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-216-2912

Operating hours: 

  • Monday-Sunday: 7:30 AM–9:30 PM
  • Tuesday-Saturday: 7:30 AM–10:00 PM

Must-try dishes: 

  • Smoked Salmon and Caviar
  • Double Royale Burger
  • French Omelet 

Price: $$$ – Expensive

Craving some French cuisine? Then let me lead you on over to Cocotte Bistro at 123 Metcalfe Street. 

There are plenty of delectable flavors to choose from on its menu that give off a premium aesthetic and taste. 

You can order something comfortable such as the double royale burger, or you can go for a more exotic dish with smoked salmon and caviar. 

While waiting for your main course to arrive, you can indulge in some appetizers too. I personally like the tartare here, which looks a bit icky at first since it’s raw ground beef but will have you take one bite after the other once you taste it.

Besides the food, the interior of the restaurant oozes class. It’s a rustic sight that also exudes sophistication with its perfectly carved wooden stools and tables. 

Five Guys

Website: https://restaurants.fiveguys.ca/324-west-hunt-club-rd

Address: 324 W Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K2E 1A6, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-730-5555

Operating hours: 

  • Monday-Sunday: 11:00 AM–10:00 PM

Must-try dishes: 

  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Kosher Style Hotdog 
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Price: $$ – Average 

A local favorite, Five Guys offers quality fast food that gives you taste and affordability in one package. Its burgers are the talk of the city, and the fries and hotdogs are the epitome of comfort meals. 

For many people including myself, the main star of the show is the bacon cheeseburger. It’s made up of a juicy patty that oozes juice with every bite, further complimented by the bacon and the creamy taste of cheese. 

And I absolutely adore the fries here. They are super crunchy and serve as the perfect partner to the sandwich, and I’ve found them to complement both the burgers and hotdogs here. 

To top it all off, you’ve also got the sweet milkshakes to cleanse your palette if the meatiness starts getting a bit overwhelming. I like to go for either the chocolate 

In short, this is the place to go if you want a quick and tasty meal if you’re in a hurry to get home or to return to the ICE. 

Tamis Cafe & Restaurant

Website: https://www.tamiscafe.ca/

Address: 374 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y4, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-567-7550

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday-Thursday: 11:30 AM–8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:30 AM–8 PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 11:30 AM–9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM–4:00 PM

Must-try dishes: 

  • Crispy Pata
  • Grilled Chicken Adobo
  • Sizzling Sisig

Price: $$ – Average

Tamis holds a special place in my heart out as one of the few restaurants in the city that serves authentic Filipino cuisine. It introduced me to dishes like adobo, sisig, and halo-halo, and it’s never been the same for me. 

However, one thing I highly recommend is the crispy pata. It’s an extra-crispy pork thigh cooked to perfection.

On the outside, you have golden brown pork skin that has an amazing crunch with every bite you take. Then you have the tender meat inside, which melts in your mouth and offers an awesome contrast to the crispy skin.  

Another dish I highly recommend is the Kamayan dish. It’s a massive feast laid out on a large banana leaf, filled to the brim with many Filipino favorites such as squid, bangus, clams, and many more. 

Where to Stay Near Infinity Convention Centre

Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport

Website: https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/yowapgi-hilton-garden-inn-ottawa-airport/

Address: 2400 Alert Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1S1, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-288-9001

Price: $$$ – Expensive

If you’d like a place to stay that’s just a short walk away from the Infinity Convention Centre, then the Hilton Garden Inn is a great choice. 

While I would say that this to not the most budget-friendly option, you’re getting your money’s worth as you gain access to a comfy bed and pillows along with some awesome facilities such as an indoor pool and gym. 

Hampton Inn by Hilton Ottawa Airport

Website: https://www.marriott.com/en-us/hotels/yowwi-the-westin-ottawa/overview/

Address: 2869 Gibford Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 2L9, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-248-1113

Price: $$$ – Expensive

The Hampton Inn is another great option for guests who want some quality accommodations. It has all the features of a great hotel, such as comfortable beds, wifi, recreational facilities, and more. 

As an added bonus, it’s also pet-friendly! When I need a place where I can bring my furbaby with me, you can bet that Hampton Inn is one of my top choices. 

Sandman Signature Ottawa Airport Hotel 

Website: https://www.sandmanhotels.com/signature-ottawa-airport

Address: 250 W Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K2E 0B7, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-216-7263

Price: $$$ – Expensive

What makes the Sandman Signature a great choice is its airport shuttle services. Some guests might be flying all the way to Ottawa to attend an event, and having a scheduled ride to the airport is extremely convenient. 

Because of those features, this is almost always my top recommendation for friends who travel via plane for events. 

Not only that, but its accommodations are also top-notch. The rooms and facilities are awesome, and make it worth the rather hefty price tag that comes with it.