Eastern Ontario Braces for Solar Eclipse This April 2024

Mark Your Calendars: Eastern Ontario Braces for Solar Eclipse This April 2024

Eastern Ontario is gearing up for an extraordinary astronomical event this April 8, 2024, as a total solar eclipse graces the skies. 

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, casting its shadow on the earth. During a total solar eclipse, the moon entirely blocks out the sun’s light and typically lasts between 2 to 3 minutes.

While Ottawa can get a deep partial eclipse with about 98.87% coverage, you’ll have to go outside the city if you want to experience total darkness. 

Ideal viewing spots include Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, and Cornwall, where conditions will be optimal for witnessing the complete eclipse.

A wide shot of a solar eclipse

Kingston is expected to be the best spot, boasting over three minutes of darkness—a rare occurrence that hasn’t happened in 700 years and won’t return until 2399.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) advises against looking directly at the sun without appropriate protection, which can lead to serious eye damage. So, be sure to use certified solar viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers to ensure safe viewing.

For those eager to witness the eclipse firsthand, various viewing locations have been identified across the region. 

A currently occurring solar eclipse

In Belleville, there’s Zwick Island and Potter’s Creek Conservation Area, while Kingston’s Fort Henry National Historic Site promises a memorable viewing experience. 

Brockville has designated Blockhouse Island Parkway, with the city providing solar filter glasses for attendees. Similarly, Cornwall’s Lamoureaux Park and Guindon Park are the ideal spots, which also overlooks tranquil waters.

So, make sure to bring your family and or friends, some solar viewing glasses, and we’ll see you there!