Myths about Cosmetic Surgery Debunked

Myths about Cosmetic Surgery: Debunked

When people hear the term cosmetic surgery, there are still so many misconceptions about it. Some get discouraged from exploring this area because of these wrong notions. 

It’s very important to set things straight by debunking common myths surrounding this topic. When your judgment isn’t clouded with misinformation, you can make better and informed decisions. 

Let’s begin dissecting these myths and shedding light on the truth behind them instead. 

1. Cosmetic Surgery is the Same as Plastic Surgery

1. Cosmetic Surgery is the Same as Plastic Surgery

The most common misconception about cosmetic surgery is it being interchanged with plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery deals with reconstructing facial and body parts caused by accidents, diseases, or birth defects. Cosmetic surgery is only a branch of plastic surgery that leans more on aesthetic improvement. 

Another major difference is that plastic surgeons need more certifications and training to be qualified to perform plastic surgery. However, cosmetic surgery can be done by reputable dermatologists, dentists, or oral surgeons who have some knowledge and training of known cosmetic procedures. 

2. Cosmetic Surgery is All About Vanity 

2. Cosmetic Surgery is All About Vanity

People often lift an eyebrow at someone who expresses the desire to undergo cosmetic procedures. Most people think that cosmetic surgery is all about vanity and being superficial. 

However, some studies show that positive results from a cosmetic procedure significantly reduce social phobia and anxiety. People who have undergone cosmetic procedures tend to have increased self-esteem. 

Psychologists may not directly suggest having a cosmetic procedure to address psychosocial and self issues. But, people must not be quick to judge others who found a confidence boost with having a lip injection or laser hair removal done. 

Another advantage of cosmetic surgery aside from aesthetics is improving some minor health issues. For example, having Botox can reduce or totally eliminate migraine episodes. 

Some women who have undergone breast reduction also reported gaining relief from major back pains. These backaches could be beyond what massages or chiropractors can address. 

3. Cosmetic Surgery is for Rich People Only

3. Cosmetic Surgery is for Rich People Only

There was a time that cosmetic surgery is reserved for the most affluent people. This covers the elite circle of celebrities and millionaires. 

And while it’s still true that cosmetic surgery is still expensive, thanks to more financing options and more accessible loans, you now can enjoy cosmetic procedures without going into debt

The key is to do your research well before undergoing a cosmetic treatment. 

4. Cosmetic Surgery is for Women Only 

4. Cosmetic Surgery is for Women Only

For a very long time, cosmetic surgery was associated with more female clients. However, more men are being open to having procedures like liposuction and breast reduction. 

Most women do it as a form of self-care and to fulfill the desire of being attractive. Men undergo cosmetic surgery because they believe that having better appearances can help them advance professionally. 

5. Liposuction is a Good Weight Loss Option

5. Liposuction is a Good Weight Loss Option

Most people falsely believe that liposuction is a quick fix to becoming thinner. This notion couldn’t be more wrong. 

While liposuction removes unwanted body fat, there’s a limit to how much can be removed for the procedure to be deemed safe. Also, you cannot go strutting in a liposuction clinic with a very unhealthy weight. 

Before the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon instructs the patient to lose as much weight as possible. You may even need the help of a personal trainer to achieve such an effect. 

A healthy lifestyle is also a prerogative to the days leading to your liposuction surgery. This is to ensure that there will be fewer or no complications. 

6. The Results of Cosmetic Surgery are Immediate 

6. The Results of Cosmetic Surgery are Immediate

Cosmetic surgery isn’t like a magic wand that will remove all your imperfections. You shouldn’t expect to come out of the clinic on the day of surgery as a different person. 

The best results of any cosmetic procedure usually show a few months after the surgery is done. As a patient, you must follow all post-operative care and medication. 

Some cosmetic procedures may limit normal activities like driving and swimming while you’re in the recovery stage. Even your sleep position may affect the progress of your healing from cosmetic treatment. 

Thus, you must learn to be patient and follow all instructions post-operation before you can reap the benefits of cosmetic surgery. 

Cosmetic surgeries involve a certain degree of risk. Being misinformed about it can increase risks unnecessarily.  

Have you heard more myths about cosmetic surgery? We would love to hear about them so we can bring out the truth behind them. 

Some prefer non-invasive ways to feel good about themselves and relieve some pains. These articles can give you some insights.