Ottawa's Ultimate New Year's Eve Party

Hogman-eh 2023: Ottawa’s Ultimate New Year’s Eve Party!

Ottawa is set to host the grandest Scottish-style New Year’s Eve celebration outside of Scotland with Hogman-eh, an event organized by the Scottish Society of Ottawa. 

This December 31, 2023, expect a night filled with Celtic entertainment, bagpipes, and a fusion of traditional and modern music! The festivities will be held at Aberdeen Pavilion, 1000 Exhibition Way, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3, Canada.

The festivities kick off with the family-friendly Great Scot party designed for kids and families. The Hall of Origins offers lively Celtic Ceilidh-style entertainment featuring bagpipes, drumming, fiddlers, and even Highland dancing with the little ones. 

The family-friendly portion reaches its peak with a balloon drop at 7:00 pm, coinciding with midnight in Scotland.

As the night progresses, Hogman-eh transforms into an adult-oriented New Year’s celebration. It features an array of Scottish food options, including alternatives for those not keen on Haggis. 

Crowds of people gathered together for the Hogman-eh celebrations

Attendees can look forward to performances by outstanding Celtic-style bands like the Mudmen, Anna Ludlow, MacIssac-Mackenzie, Glengarry’s Brigadoons, etc.

The festivities continue into the early hours of the morning, with another balloon drop marking the official New Year’s moment. 

You’ll also get to come together with other attendees for the iconic singing of “Auld Lang Syne,” a magical experience associated with Scottish Bard Robbie Burns.

Hogman-eh opens its doors at 5:00 pm and extends the celebration until 1:00 am. Families are invited to the Kids Zone, which offers engaging activities for young revelers from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. 

Children aged 12 and under enjoy free admission during this early part of the celebration.

Musiciansartists performing during the Hogman-eh celebrations

Hogman-eh stands as the Scottish Society of Ottawa’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza, Canadianized to add a unique twist. 

The term “Hogmanay” refers to the Scots word for the last day of the year, embodying the spirited celebrations associated with New Year’s Eve. 

It’s rooted in Viking winter solstice festivities, and the tradition has evolved into a legendary celebration, with Scotland leading the world in New Year’s fun.

Hogman-eh isn’t just Eastern Ontario’s largest New Year’s Eve celebration; it proudly claims the title of the largest Hogmanay celebration outside of Scotland!