Rabbit Care 101 Tips for First-time Rabbit Owners

Rabbit Care 101: Tips for First-time Rabbit Owners

Rabbits are cute and fluffy animals. That’s why some people think of having them as pets.

However, if you think of giving a rabbit to entertain your child with a pet, you must think twice. Rabbit care is more specific and complex because of a rabbit’s sensitive nature. 

Here are some basic care tips to help you succeed in having a healthy and happy pet rabbit. 

1. Provide a Safe Housing

Provide a Safe Housing

Some envision rabbits as animals who would be happy running on their lawns. So, there is no need to get them a space in your home, right?

Wrong! Rabbits are safer inside than outdoors. Even if you have installed a strong fence, rabbits run the risk of encountering predators. 

Also, rabbits are very social animals and would love to be around you for companionship. 

There are various ways how you can house rabbits. You may get them a cage, a bunny condo, or a small room for them to roam around freely. 

The most important thing you should remember is to give them enough space to hop and run around. If you put them in a cage, make sure to give them certain periods out of it just so they can jump freely at a wider space. 

2. Be Aware of Their Diet 

Rabbits thrive best with hay. Baby rabbits prefer alfalfa hay while adult rabbits can have a variation of timothy hay, grass hay, and oat hay, among many others. 

It’s not the same with other pets that you can only give them food at specific times. They must have a fresh stash of hay all day should they wish to munch on some. 

Your best bet for this is to have a hay feeder within their reach. This way, they would have fresh hay at their disposal at any time. 

You may also find those leafy greens in your garden beneficial for your pet rabbit. Some examples are lettuce, parsley, arugula, and cilantro, among many others. 

Of course, clean water should be available for your rabbit at all times. Just make sure to use bowls that they could not tip over. 

3. Bunny Proof 

Bunny Proof

Rabbits are great chewers. They will gnaw at your furniture, carpets, rugs, or just about anything given the chance. 

One dangerous thing that they can sink their teeth into is electrical cords. That’s why it’s very important to bunny proof any area where your bunny has free rein. 

It’s much like dog-proofing or cat-proofing your home, but with much emphasis on keeping those electric wires hidden. Reliable electricians in Ottawa can help you design systems that can keep cables out of sight and out of reach. 

One way to distract them from chewing dangerous things or your precious belongings is to provide them with toys and structures for this purpose. You can search the internet on how to create bunny cardboard castles where they are free to chew on windows and doors for hours. 

4.  Have a Litter Box Ready 

One of the major points in cat and dog training is to get these furry pets potty-trained. It might come as a surprise (and good news) that rabbits have a natural tendency to pee and poop at one spot. 

You can best reinforce this habit by providing a litter box where they can do their thing. Layer it with recycled paper pellet litter and fresh hay on top and they are good to go (literally and figuratively). 

5. Don’t Forget Professional Healthcare

Don’t Forget Professional Healthcare

Rabbits are not that showy when they feel sickly. To avoid these instances, you must practice preventative care. 

Find a knowledgeable veterinarian in rabbit care where you can go for routine check-ups. Make sure to mention any symptoms that you observe that seem to be unordinary for your pet rabbit.  

Aside from the points mentioned above, remember to lavish your rabbit with attention and love. Giving them a buddy or two will also make them happier. 

Did we miss a rabbit care tip that you are practicing? We are open to more suggestions that we can add to our list. 

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