Website Trends that Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Top 5 Website Trends that Will Make Your Website Stand Out

In this digital world, having an eye-catching website is a powerful tool. It helps to introduce your business to everybody.

Function and aesthetics are both important to any website. However, your website style is one initial reason why potential customers might choose to stay on your page.

Listed below are some web design trends that are rocking the digital space at the moment.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Think of Netflix and you would understand how black can bring something into vibrant life. Dark mode or night mode gives off a sense of elegance, cleanliness, and professionalism.

Plus, it’s also a great base for white, grayscale, or a full burst of colors. If you’re a photographer of abstract images or macro images, you can utilize the dark mode to showcase your prints.

Car dealers can also emphasize the sense of speed or the sleekness of their models through a dark mode website. The black background provides a perfect contrast to the sheen of the vehicles they offer.

2. Hand-Drawn Designs

Hand-drawn designs on websites give a personal or informal touch. They make a website look more organic.

If you’re a firewood supplier, you can emphasize sustainability with a hand-drawn image of the Earth. You can also introduce your process through a series of hand-drawn images.

Interior design companies can also take advantage of hand-drawn designs on their websites. Sketches of design layouts can help potential clients envision what they want.

Psychologists can utilize a sort of comic strip to show the services they offer. Even hand-drawn images or messages of affirmation could work too.

3. Immersive 3D Elements

Immersive 3D Elements

Have you ever wanted your target market to almost touch or feel the product you’re offering? With immersive 3D elements on your website, you can create such an effect.

Imagine coming across a website where scoops of ice cream are so realistic all you want to do is reach out and take a bite. All colors and flavors can come alive with the wise use of 3D elements. 

Also, gadgets such as iPhones can showcase their specifications by using 3D images. An otherwise flat image can have depth through 3D graphics.

A furniture store can benefit from a 3D website by emphasizing texture and colors. They can show mattresses and couches that readers would love to sink into.

4. Neon and Lights

When you hear the phrase neon and lights, most of the things that come to mind are bars or casinos. However, modern-day websites use this style just to add that extra pop to their web design.

You can make your hair salon unique by having a website where the words or beauty tools come alive through the use of neon colors. This might appeal to a modern-day customer whose tired of drab beauty salons.

Even your volunteer group can rock your mission statement in a combination of purple, pink, or blue lights. This kind of website style can help readers vividly recall the message you wish to convey.

However, make sure that you don’t overdo it or that the use of neon and lights doesn’t deviate from the core of what you’re offering. The misuse of this website design can cheapen your product or service.

5. Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design

Sometimes, brevity and simplicity are the best routes. Thus, some consumers favor a minimalist design on the websites they browse.

They don’t want to get overwhelmed with too many graphics, texts, or elements that sometimes make loading time more difficult.

You can create a straightforward website if you’re an employment lawyer or a family lawyer. In doing so, you are also establishing your credibility with your no-nonsense website style.

A travel agency can also benefit from a minimalist design. Just a few captivating photos of their destinations and vital information about the packages they offer can draw engagement.

Websites aim to engage people and let them interact with your business. To get you the best website style that will work, you can use the services of the best web design companies.

Did we miss a website design that’s making some waves in the digital world at the moment? We would love to hear your thoughts so we can add them to our list.

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