Remembrance Day Events in Ottawa

Remembrance Day Events in Ottawa

On November 17, veterans, locals, and guests from various places will come together at the National War Memorial for the Remembrance Day Ceremony

It is an annual event to commemorate the sacrifices of both men and women who rendered service in Canada’s military. 

Customarily, a special ceremony hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion will be held in the presence of the Prime Minister. Other key people that include the Governor General and the Silver Cross Mother will also attend.

Apart from the usual rites that extend from the national anthem to a wreath-laying ceremony, people will also be offering and laying poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Red poppies are expected to cover the tomb at the end of the day.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
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Also to be presented by the Royal Canadian Legion is the yearly virtual Poppy Drop, which is to be projected onto landmarks such as the Parliament’s Peace Tower and the Senate of Canada building. 

This virtual event began last October 28 and will carry on until November 11. It can be witnessed from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM each night for the said dates. 

The poppy projection, to be complemented by the National Arts Centre’s cascading poppies in the evening, will run until midnight on the 11th. Each fallen veteran will be offered one virtual poppy.

Attendees of the ceremony at the National War Memorial are to expect loudspeakers and large screens onsite to hear the proceedings. 

Also to appear on massive screens nearby is a Virtual Wall of Honour, where photographs of fallen veterans will be displayed. 

Virtual Wall of Honour
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Those who cannot be physically present can opt to get updated in real-time through a live broadcast of the event on national TV.

Other Related Happenings

Beechwood Cemetery
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In line with the commemoration program at the National War Memorial are other related events that will take place simultaneously throughout the day on November 11, 2022.

Among these is a live streaming of the Canadian War Museum that captures the headstone of Canada’s unknown soldier getting lit up by the sun’s rays at 11 AM. 

The museum is open for Remembrance programming visits but will require time admissions tickets. Virtual options, such as live presentations, will also be available. 

At the Beechwood Cemetery starting at 10:45 AM on November 11 is the Annual Remembrance Day Service. Together with a children’s choir, special cemetery honors will be offered to all the fallen members of the Canadian Forces members entombed at the cemetery. 

Also to be aired over the radio is a drama called “Dear Canada – Letters from the Second World War” where real Canadian letters written during the war will be shared with listeners. 

Other Commemoration Sites and Monuments

National War Memorial
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While Remembrance Day is observed every November 11, people can always visit some of Ottawa’s commemoration sites and monuments to reflect and honor former members of Canada’s military. 

Some of these places include the Valiants Memorial along the eastern edge of Confederation Square, and the War of 1812 Monument, to remember the brave souls that defended the country.