Pet Care 101 Pet Owner’s Responsibilities You Should Know

Pet Care 101: Pet Owner’s Responsibilities You Should Know

Getting a pet is a serious commitment (comparable to marriage, even). It shouldn’t be treated as a whim and something that you can change your mind about. 

Pets are very dependent on their owners. They are like children who expect their parents to provide for their needs. 

Are you thinking of having a pet? Here are some responsibilities you should take on as a pet owner. 

1.  Consider Your Lifestyle 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before deciding on which pet to get, you should evaluate your lifestyle. Are you ready to take on the daily needs of a pet and put it on your schedule?

If you travel a lot, having a pet may not be suitable for you. If you’re only renting an apartment, ask your landlord which kinds of pets are allowed on the premises. 

Some pets are more high-maintenance compared with others. Taking care of a fish may be easier than raising a dog or rearing a cat

When you decide to have a furry pet, you must think of dog-proofing or cat-proofing your home. This helps to keep both your property and your pet safe. 

2. Keep Your Pet Healthy

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Food and water are basic needs of living things—and pets are no exception to this rule. Research on the kinds of foods that nourish your pet. 

Make sure to always feed them on schedule to keep them strong. Have fresh water available at all times to keep them properly hydrated. 

Regular visits to vet clinics are also imperative. Routine checks, vaccinations, deworming are best practices of preventative care. 

Providing a clean space for them to rest and sleep is also essential. It could be a bed, a cage, or an aquarium depending on the kind of pet you have. 

Keeping your pet clean goes a long way to good health. While grooming is known for cats and dogs, it might surprise you that other pets like birds need it too. 

3. Let Them Have Exercise and Socialization

Let Them Have Exercise and Socialization

Unlike humans, pets don’t need personal trainers to keep themselves fit. However, providing the right pieces of equipment and spending time with them can encourage them to exercise. 

A hamster enjoys exercise wheels to burn off its energy. Birds practice their climbing skills on ladders and ropes. 

Speaking of birds, do you know that they are naturals when it comes to dancing? You may want to whip out your iPhone and have a dance playlist for your feathered buddy ready. 

Cats and dogs enjoy wide spaces. You may use your lawn to create a simple obstacle course for them. 

You can also play with them in your backyard provided that you have proper fences installed to keep them away from harm. Swimming is another activity that dogs enjoy. 

When it comes to socialization, you can try reliable cat and dog daycares to introduce your furry pet to others. 

Connecting with your feathered or scaled pets is also possible. With enough patience, you might notice that they get excited when you’re near their cages or tanks. 

4.  Don’t Forget Discipline

Don’t Forget Discipline

It’s nice for you and your pet to have fun. However, the enjoyment stops when they become aggressive or destructive. 

For cats and dogs, the first order of discipline comes with potty training. It’s never a happy sight (and scent) to have soiled carpets because of accidental pees and poos. 

Cat and dog training are also available if you want your furry pet to get accustomed to leashes or behave in the presence of other people. Giving tasty treats is a big part of the process of instilling discipline. 

Screaming and biting birds can be dealt with accordingly. Removing a privilege can send your feathered pet the signal that what they did was wrong. 

For caged pets, always see if the cause of the misbehavior is boredom, fear, or overstimulation. Getting in touch with how your pet feels is vital when instilling discipline. 

Pet care requires much emotional and financial investment. However, having a pet can make your heart healthy and keep you away from depression. 

Did we hit all the right things on this list or did we miss some essential points? We would be delighted to hear your experiences on how you embraced pet ownership. 

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