5 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Serotonin Levels

5 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Serotonin Levels

Getting erratic mood changes can affect a person’s day. When one is in a bad mood, everything can go downhill.

For some people, their moods are connected with how circumstances play out. Unknown to many, being in a low mood can also be a chemical reaction of the body.

The hormone serotonin helps to regulate a person’s mood. This is how this hormone earned its moniker as the mood stabilizer.

How to increase your serotonin levels?

Having a healthy dose of serotonin can help you avoid depression or anxiety. Here are some practical tips to help you increase your serotonin the natural way.

1. Get plenty of sunlight

Get plenty of sunlight

People nowadays are trapped in a sedentary lifestyle. Most spend longer hours indoors than outdoors.

A good dose of sunlight can improve your mood. It can also increase your serotonin levels effortlessly.

Thinking about how to get plenty of sunlight? You can start by having a mini-excursion to the best gardens in Ottawa.

If you want it to be more regular, why not start your home garden? Tending to your plants daily will give you plenty of exposure to healthy sunlight.

If you’re up to it, you can plan a back-to-the-basics camping trip. You can also consider renting an RV or camping trailer to add convenience to your time outdoors.

2. Exercise

Most people dread the word exercise. This is because they associate it with the acts of weightlifting, lunges, push-ups, or other activities of this nature.

Exercise can take on many forms. You can pick activities that you will enjoy and will benefit your heart, body, and serotonin levels.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that you can try. A visit to some bicycle shops will help you pick the right bicycle that will suit your lifestyle.

Swimming is another enjoyable option. A few lapses in the pool a few times a week can do the trick.

Don’t have enough time for these exercises? Brisk walking or jogging is a good way to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule.

3. Have a healthy diet

Have a healthy diet

Do you feel a mood shift when you just had a good meal? Having a full tummy is indeed a mood booster.

But to maximize the effect of food on your serotonin levels, you must stock up your fridge with the right kinds of foods.

Foods that should top your list for a serotonin boost are eggs, cheese, tofu, pineapples, salmon, nuts and seeds, and turkey. Pair these up with healthy carbs such as oatmeals, rice, or whole-grain bread.

If you want to level up the food on your plate, you can sign up for some cooking classes. Knowing how to produce delicious food can encourage you to ditch unhealthy options.

4. Meditate

Meditating lowers stress and improves focus. It also increases serotonin in your body.

The aim is to train your mind to empty itself of chatter and to focus on the present moment. Most focus on their breathing while their eyes are closed.

Even for beginners, the key is finding a quiet place where you can sit. It can be on your deck for some inspiration from nature or on a carpet in a secluded area in a quiet room.

You can also set the mood by darkening the room. You can do this by using blackout curtains or with the help of some blinds.

Some even light scented candles, which you can buy at your local gift shop. Setting a soothing playlist on your iPhone might also help.

5. Get a good massage (or try acupuncture)

Get a good massage (or try acupuncture)

A good massage has a list of benefits attached to it. Getting a serotonin boost is one of them.

You may opt for professional massage services. You can also ask your partner to give you one during a home date.

A prenatal massage helps an expecting mom to relax. It’s also an excellent technique to free herself from aches and pains, which abound during pregnancy.

Acupuncture is one offering included in naturopath services. This alternative practice helps alleviate stress, lower anxiety, and release serotonin.

Giving your body some soothing touch, either by massage or acupuncture, sets your mood on a more positive note.

Feeling low or grumpy is not a state you would consciously choose for yourself. It’s empowering to know you can help stabilize your mood by giving yourself a serotonin boost.

Have you tried any of these tips to get a better mood? We would like to hear about your experiences.