Simple Hacks to Increase Your Oxytocin Levels

5 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Oxytocin Levels

Positive social connections give people a happy feeling. You’re not imagining the giddiness or the butterflies in your stomach when you’re with someone you like. 

The hormone oxytocin is responsible for these feelings of elation or the warm, fuzzy feeling inside. This is the reason why this hormone is also called the “love hormone.” 

How to Increase Your Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin was first associated with intimacy between the sheets. But studies suggest that there’s more to the love hormone than this aspect. 

Here are some simple hacks to boost your oxytocin levels naturally. 

1. Increase physical touch

Increase physical touch

Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone. Getting a hint from this moniker, one can increase oxytocin levels through physical touch. 

New moms can easily have high levels of oxytocin because their newborns are always snuggled close. Breastfeeding also boosts oxytocin in the body. 

If you’re out on a date, don’t hesitate to hold hands or hug your special someone. Aside from higher oxytocin levels, skin-to-skin contact is good for the heart and immune system, too. 

If you’re on a home date, there are more opportunities to get close. You can spend some quiet time cuddling in front of the fireplace

Positive physical touch between parents and children is another way to increase oxytocin. Aside from finding activities to entertain kids, simple cuddling is a great bonding experience. 

2. Spend time with friends

When was the last time you scheduled a coffee date with your friends? Having a family or being busy with your career shouldn’t hinder you from doing so.

Oxytocin isn’t only associated with and limited to the physical touch. Bonding with friends helps to release oxytocin.

Having quality friendships makes you feel connected and supported. These two feelings are a green signal for an oxytocin boost. 

There are numerous activities to have with friends. You can try weird things together, learn something new like cooking different recipes, or travel together. 

3. Foster deep conversations 

Foster deep conversations

Let’s go further to the idea that oxytocin isn’t only about physical touch. You might be surprised to know that even deep conversations help increase this hormone. 

Everybody wants to feel connected. Unfortunately, people nowadays hold conversations with only half an ear listening. 

People are so accustomed now to staring at their iPhone screens or android phones while talking with somebody. 

Deep conversations don’t happen by magic. So you need to put down all distractions and commit time to talking and listening. 

Changing the setting might help you have deep conversations. For example, you can have a staycation at a short-term rental with your partner, away from all chores and distractions. 

4. Do something nice

Being selfless feels good. That is your oxytocin speaking loud and clear. 

Altruistic acts help to keep a healthy release of the love hormone. It could be something simple or more elaborate. 

You can load the dishwasher for your spouse even when it’s not your turn to do this chore. You can also help an elderly neighbor clean their lawn

If you’re looking for something deeper, you may volunteer to support a cause you believe in. You may do volunteer work in animal shelters, nursing homes, or community kitchens. 

5. Play with your furry buddy 

Play with your furry buddy

Having a dog or a cat has many benefits. One of them is for you to have furry sources of oxytocin. 

A simple roll or cuddle on your carpet with your dog or cat can help you have a healthy dose of the love hormone. Grooming your dog or cat can also encourage positive physical touch.

Feeling loved or connected elicits happy feelings. It’s essential to keep your oxytocin levels high to keep your happiness barometer soaring too.

Do you have any tips on how to boost the oxytocin hormone? Shoot us a message with your ideas.