A Detailed Guide to Ottawa’s Plaza 1907 Theater

A Detailed Guide to Ottawa’s Plaza 1907 Theater

Out of Ottawa’s oldest buildings, Plaza 1907 stands out as one of its more notable landmarks. It’s been active for over 116 years already and has seen plenty of use throughout this period. 

Due to its age, some people question if they can still watch movies in this building. This guide is exactly what you need to learn important details about the cinema. 

Can you still watch movies in Plaza 1907? 

Can you still watch movies in Plaza 1907

You can still watch movies at Plaza 1907 in Ottawa, Kansas. It is the oldest purpose-built cinema still in operation in the world.

The cinema opened its doors in the year 1907 as the Crystal Theatre and has been continuously showing movies ever since. The theater has been renovated several times over the years, but it still retains much of its original charm.

Plaza 1907 shows a variety of movies, including new releases, classic films, and independent films. 

It also hosts special events, such as film festivals and concerts. The theater is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Ticket Prices 

Ticket prices in Plaza 1907 start at $9.25 for adults, with senior citizens, children, and military personnel receiving a $1 discount. Children ages 2 and below have free admission. 

Seniors (65+) & Military$8.25
Children (3 to 11)$8.25
Children 2 & UnderFree (with adult)

Special Activities 

Besides the usual film showings, Plaza 1907 also hosts a plethora of different events, such as film festivals, concert screenings, themed movie nights, and more. 

Film Festivals

Film Festivals

People who love watching movies in Ottawa are in for a treat thanks to the film events that regularly occur at Plaza 1907.  

One of the most notable film festivals is the “Plaza 1907 Film Fest. This event usually happens in late summer or early fall and shows a wide range of movies, from independent films from around the world to masterpieces made in the United States. 

During the festival, there are often screenings, Q&As with directors, and even themed parties that spill out onto Elgin Street and make it very lively.

Plaza 1907 works with other area film and cultural groups to put on other film-related events all year long, in addition to the Plaza 1907 Film Fest. 

Some of these events are mini-festivals, retrospectives of old movies, and showings of new films by local makers who are just starting out. 

Plaza 1907 is a cozy and friendly place where these events bring together filmmakers, movie fans, and people from the community as a whole.

The beauty of Plaza 1907’s film events is that they often offer something different from Ottawa’s more formal and bigger film festivals. It gives people a chance to get closer to the art of film, and further appreciate the art form.

Plaza 1907’s mix of history, character, and modern movies makes for a memorable setting for these special events.


Plaza 1907 is a great place for bands and live screenings thanks to its unique atmosphere. Its stage is often graced by local and visiting artists, giving residents of Ottawa an amazing musical experience. 

One of the best things about concerts at Plaza 1907 is the “Plaza Live Sessions.” This series usually features up-and-coming artists, local talent, and sometimes surprise appearances by singers who are already well-known. 

The small, cozy space makes it possible for the artists and crowd to get up close and personal, making for a truly memorable concert experience.

Being in the middle of everything on Elgin Street adds to Plaza 1907’s appeal. With its restaurants, cafes, and shops, the street’s lively atmosphere often spills over into the shows, making for an energetic scene.

Themed Movie Nights

Plaza 1907’s themed movie nights are an incredible way to enjoy both memories and new experiences. The small and historic setting of the venue makes for a cozy atmosphere that’s great for getting lost in the magic of movies.

These movie nights have a lot of different themes, from old Hollywood movies to cult classics, and sometimes they even focus on certain directors, styles, or times.

Most of the time, these special movie nights include more than just screenings of themed films.

There may be quiz contests about the movie or costume pageants where people dress up as their favorite characters. 

Sometimes, a few special guests might make an appearance, with these people usually being local movie experts eager to share their knowledge.

Q&A Sessions with Filmmakers and Actors

Q&A Sessions with Filmmakers and Actors

Plaza 1907’s Q&A meetings are an excellent opportunity for movie fans to meet the people who make films and get to know them personally. 

These sessions help you to learn more about the art of filmmaking, whether it’s a director discussing the challenges and ideas that went into their work or an actor telling stories from the set.

The Plaza’s stage is often graced by filmmakers, actors, and industry experts from around the world who give viewers unique insights into the movies they’ve made. 

The sessions frequently happen right after the films are shown, so you can jump right into the discussions and get a deeper understanding of the cinematic journey they just went on.

People in the audience are welcome to ask questions, share their thoughts, and even argue with the artists about the films’ more complex points. 

Movie-Making Workshops

Movie-Making Workshops

Plaza 1907’s movie-making classes give young and old people who want to start making their own movies a chance to get their hands dirty and learn how to tell stories on film. 

You can gain a lot of knowledge from these sessions, which are usually led by experienced filmmakers, directors, and professionals working in the industry.

Workshops cover plenty of different subjects, such as writing scripts, filming, editing, sound design, and more. 

You can find out everything that goes behind making the different parts of a movie, from planning ahead to the magic that happens afterward, all in the charming and historic setting of Plaza 1907.

One of the best things about these classes is that they are small and friendly. Unique architecture and cozy areas in the Plaza make it a place that encourages creativity.

The workshops usually urge people to work together and give them a chance to do so with others who love telling stories through film. You can meet new faces, improve your skills, and get useful advice from professionals in the field.

Film History Classes

Film history classes at Plaza 1907 are a remarkable opportunity for cinephiles, both novice and seasoned, to embark on a fascinating journey through the annals of the cinematic world.  

These classes are a great source of expertise and insight into the movie industry because they frequently feature knowledgeable film historians, academics, or even local filmmakers as instructors.

The sessions delve deep into the history of cinema, from its earliest beginnings to contemporary masterpieces. Participants get to explore the evolution of film as an art form and a cultural phenomenon. 

They study the works of iconic directors, dissect classic films, and gain a profound understanding of the cultural, social, and artistic contexts that have shaped the medium.

What sets these classes apart is the opportunity for lively discussions and debates. Participants often share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and develop a deeper appreciation for the films they explore. 

Film screenings, complete with commentary and analysis, are a common feature of these classes, allowing attendees to witness cinematic history in action.

Movie Trivia Nights

Movie trivia nights at Plaza 1907 are a delightful blend of fun, socializing, and cinematic knowledge. These events typically take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making them perfect for film buffs of all levels of expertise.

The trivia questions cover a wide range of cinema-related topics, from classic Hollywood to contemporary blockbusters, and from famous directors to iconic movie quotes. 

You will get to team up with friends or fellow attendees, creating a sense of friendly competition and shared enthusiasm for the world of cinema.

These events often include prizes for the winning teams, which can range from movie tickets and memorabilia to food and drinks.

Costume Contests

Costume Contests

Costume contests at Plaza 1907 are a delightful celebration of creativity and pop culture. 

These events often take place during themed movie nights, film festivals, or other special gatherings, adding a playful and participatory dimension to the cinematic experience.

Participants, both young and old, come dressed as their favorite movie characters, superheroes, iconic figures, or even original creations inspired by the world of film.

It’s a colorful and imaginative spectacle that brings Plaza 1907 to life with a vibrant array of costumes and characters.

The contests are often judged by local celebrities, filmmakers, or industry experts, adding an element of excitement and a touch of celebrity glamour to the proceedings.

If you choose to take part in this contest, you will get the opportunity to showcase your costumes, tell the stories behind your creative decisions, and engage in friendly competition with fellow attendees.

Prizes for the best outfits can include cinema tickets, memorabilia, and other exciting goodies related to film and pop culture. 

Plaza 1907 Movie Memorabilia Museum

Plaza 1907 Movie Memorabilia Museum

Behind the very walls that once showcased the silver screens of Plaza 1907, there lies a hidden treasure trove of cinematic history. 

The old stage area, with all its bygone glory, has been beautifully transformed into a captivating two-level movie memorabilia museum. It now offers displays that take you on a fascinating journey through the annals of film.

When you venture up to the upper level of the display, you’ll find yourself standing on the very stage that once hosted live performances. It’s a nostalgic step back in time, a reminder of the entertainment that previously graced this space. 

The exhibits showcase a mesmerizing array of artifacts that span the entire history of film, from the 19th century to the modern blockbusters of today. 

Among the treasures on display, you’ll discover a vintage Edison Kinetoscope, a true relic from the dawn of motion pictures, a testament to the ingenuity that kickstarted the movie industry. 

And for those who yearn for a touch of magic, a wand box from the beloved “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” awaits, ready to whisk you away to Hogwarts.

But that’s not all. The museum doesn’t just dwell in the past; it connects the dots of cinema’s evolution. 

You’ll have the chance to peruse an early draft of “Return of the Jedi” from 1983, back when it was still titled “Revenge of the Jedi,” a rare glimpse into the creative process of a cinematic classic.

Plaza 1907 Movie Memorabilia Museum

Costumes from an array of iconic movies grace the displays, each one bearing the aura of the characters who once donned them on the silver screen. 

It’s a symphony of textures, colors, and narratives that pays homage to the art of costume design in cinema.

In Plaza 1907’s Movie Memorabilia Museum, time itself seems to blur as you traverse through film history. 

It’s a delightful experience that takes you on a cinematic journey, from the origins of moviemaking to the contemporary blockbusters that continue to capture our imaginations. 

For anyone who holds a deep affection for the magic of movies, this museum is a true gem in the heart of Ottawa.