Exciting Activities That You Should Not Moss At Parc Omega

Exciting Activities That You Should Not Miss at Parc Omega

Parc Omega is one of the most popular safari parks in Canada, located in Quebec. Thanks to its popularity, it has become a hot spot destination for tourists both locally and internationally. 

The park was founded in 1985 and started welcoming visitors in 1991. Its original purpose was to provide visitors with a spectacular natural setting where they could learn about North American fauna in a 2,200-acre area in Outaouais. 

As more time went on, the original goal for Parc Omega would gradually become more and more expansive in its scope. This was meant to give it more opportunities to grow and enhance the service in a pioneering spirit and with respect for mother nature.

Parc Omega’s First Nations trail has plenty of totems that pay homage to the First Nation’s relationship with nature and their rich cultural backgrounds founded in their legends. You can also find the sugar mill and the old farm.

Ottawan locals such as myself love to visit the park when we want an up-close and personal encounter with some of Canada’s local wildlife. 

I’ve been to the park several times, and every visit has been very memorable for me, my friends, and my family. With over 2,000 acres of land to explore, you can spend a couple of hours looking around to truly appreciate the beauty of nature. 

The park features a lot of interesting activities, so for today I’ll be talking about Parc Omega and what you can expect to do there. 

Available Activities in Parc Omega

Parc Omega has a lot of different activities for you to do on its 2,000-acre land. 

You can admire the animals by going on the Parc Omega Safari Trail, go trekking on the First Nations Trail, eat good food in the Park House, and partake in seasonal activities.

Here’s a detailed look at the activities available in the park so you know what you can expect and which ones you might want to visit. 

Drive through the Parc Omega Safari Trail.

Drive through the Parc Omega Safari Trail

One of Parc Omega’s signature attractions is its safari trail. You can go on a 12 km ride in the safety of your own vehicle while appreciating the wildlife in their natural habitats. 

During my many visits to the safari trail, I’ve spotted over 20 different species of animals. Honestly, it gets a bit overwhelming trying to keep track of all of them! 

Let me give you a quick look at the different species you can encounter on the safari trail so you know what to expect. 


Plenty of birds call Parc Omega their home. Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores can be found here doing their own thing and living their lives. 


According to Parc Omega’s site, you can encounter Canada goose, duck, the great blue heron, wild turkey, and birds of prey such as the turkey vulture and the bald eagle. 

Out of all the birds, I’ve encountered the great blue heron and the Canada goose the most during my visits. I’ve made it my goal to see the magnificent Bald Eagle on my next visit and take a picture!  



For the canine lovers out there, you can find a total of 7 different canine species on the Parc Omega Safari Trail. 

Arctic, red, and silver foxes can be found hunting smaller prey, with Arctic, black, and the famous grey wolves staying together in their respective packs. 

You can also find coyotes here, where they can typically be found near burrows looking for small mammals like rabbits and groundhogs. 

As someone that’s quite fond of the canine species as a whole, I’ve taken quite a lot of pictures. Though I do have to say that I have a bit of a bias towards the foxes, due to how cuter their snouts look compared to the wolves and coyotes.


Next up are the deer. There are a total of 6 species living in Parc Omega, specifically the moose, elk, fallow deer, caribou, red deer, and white-tailed deer. 


Deer are quite famous for their antlers, with males having more magnificent growths to attract females. Though there are some exceptions to this, such as the caribou that you can find in the park and the reindeer.

Of all the species I’ve mentioned, the white-tailed deer is one of the more popular species among tourists because of how often they approach. My kids certainly love feeding them during picnics when they come near us.  



There are only two species of rodents living in Parc Omega: the squirrel and the beaver. You can find the former in several different areas of the park while the latter tends to be found near bodies of water. 

Other Mammals

Any of the remaining species that I haven’t mentioned in the other categories fall here. For the remaining mammals, you’ve got the black and cinnamon bears, boars, bison, alpine ibexes, and raccoons. 

Other Mammals

You can find them in different areas of the park, with the bison coming in packs. If you are lucky, you may find an alpine ibex approaching your vehicle and feed them some carrots. 

Trek the First Nations Trail.

The First Nations Trail was dedicated specifically to the 11 first nations in Quebec to highlight the importance of their cultural heritage. 

Here, you can expect an easy trek that lasts for 32 minutes and lets you get in touch with nature and learn the history of the first nations and their different legends. 

Trek the First Nations Trail
First Nations Trail Details
Length2.4 km (Roundtrip included)
Elevation Gain36 m
Route TypeLoop

As you explore the trail, you will find a lot of expertly crafted totems in the Tree Alley area that were made by Native American artist Denis Charette. 

Trek the First Nations Trail

Having read the informational panels, I learned that these totems were all crafted to symbolize each of the first nations. Besides the totems, a series of inukshuks were also erected to showcase the very intimate relationship that the people had with nature. 

The first nations also had cultures that were deeply rooted in their legends, which are also represented by the inukshuks. Each legend would heavily influence certain aspects of their culture that formed its backbone.

Due to how much information is shared in the interpretational panels, I strongly recommend that you read them. 

Once you reach the end of the trail, you will be greeted by the sight of the Thunderbird totem. It serves as a symbol for a lot of the first nations, and it is said that crossing under the bird’s wings grants you its protection wherever you go. 

Once you are done with the trail, you can use the picnic tables placed under the many shelters around the park. They offer you and your companions plenty of time to relax under nature’s beautiful view. 

Here, you can also encounter wild fallow deer that you can feed with the carrots provided, and this is an activity both adults and children alike can enjoy! 

Explore the Land of the Pioneers.

In the Land of the Pioneers, the Lumberjack Camp shop offers a gift shop and rents out snowshoes for snowshoeing activities. You can also visit the playground, the Trading Post, and the Old Farm and take pictures. 

If you are a fan of the grey wolves, head on over to the Grey Wolf Observatory to listen to experts detailing how they go on with their daily lives and more. 

Explore the Land of the Pioneers

Along the path to the Old Farm in the Land of the Pioneers, white-tailed deer will keep you company as you look around. The area also has various natural attractions, play areas, a restaurant, picnic places, and presentations for your use.

For the children, they can enjoy petting donkeys, horses, bunnies, and other small and large farm animals. 

If you’d like to retrace Quebec’s history, you have the option of visiting a Native American teepee and a newly reconstructed French trading post. 

The Lumberjack Camp Shop

The Lumberjack Camp Shop

You’ve also got the Lumberjack Camp Shop to spice up your visit. It’s a shop that’s filled to the brim with unique products at affordable prices that make for great gifts! 

During the winter season, this will also be your go-to place for renting snowshoes if you want to go snowshoeing with your friends and family. 

Children’s Playground

For the kids, you can lead them to the nearby playgrounds around the Land of the Pioneers. Here, they can enjoy slides, see-saws, and an aerial course for kids ages 7 and above where they can move between treetops.

There is also an original piece created by artist and sculptor M. Therrien that depicts a hall with several animals in it, such as bears, raccoons, ducks, and deer. I consider this to be a must-see attraction for both adults and kids due to how beautifully crafted it is. 

Then when you and your kids want a bite to eat, the nearby picnic areas are there for you to use. 

Trading Post

Trading Post

The trading post is a great place to learn more about the natives’ history with the French. 

Here, you can find relics and various pictures that immerse you in the world of the fur trade as the natives bartered with the so-called “wood runners” and their European products. 

Additionally, you can visit the historical museum’s trading post and guard tower every day of the week as you desire.

The Old Farm

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia for you: Did you know that the farm here has existed since the beginning of the colonization period? 

Due to its age, it became necessary to restore the farm to make it safe for public viewing. Today the farm has been restored into what I consider to be a beautiful tourist spot in Parc Omega, with different kinds of farm animals calling it their home. 

If you want to visit the farm, you can either get there either through a rentable golf cart or by foot.

To keep the animals safe and healthy, kindly refrain from feeding them food that isn’t part of their usual diet. 

Grey Wolf Observatory

Experience a complete and intriguing immersion with the wolves at the park’s observatory. Every day, a specialist is there to answer questions about this famous wolf species, which is also one of the park’s greatest treasures. 

Additionally, there is a guide on the path to assist you with your inquiries. You can interact closely with the wolves throughout this remarkable encounter. 

You do not want to miss this attraction if you love magnificent canines! 

Visitors can also access interpretational panels to learn more about this intriguing animal.

Dine and shop at Parc Omega’s Park House.

Whether at the beginning or end of your trip, Parc Omega’s Park House log cabin offers its guests a great dining experience and lets you purchase fresh local produce.  

Dine and shop at Parc Omega’s Park House

In the Park House, you have the option of dining in the OmegaBon restaurant which offers a breathtaking view of Bird Lake. You can eat good food and appreciate the beauty of mother nature all at once! 

The friendly atmosphere that the restaurant exudes makes it a great experience, and I love how well the chefs have merged modernity and tradition in the aesthetic and the food. 

The menu here is heavily inspired by different cultures, and tasting the unique flavors of the dishes will only further deepen your appreciation for them. 

For foodies like myself, it’s a great treat to be able to experience dishes made from both local and seasonal ingredients! 

If you want something sweeter and lighter on the stomach, head over to the café for pastries and sandwiches

Finally, you have the Fine Foods Store, a place where you can find a plentiful selection of products from Quebec. Whether it’s for making your next picnic meal or gift giving, this store has nearly everything you can ever want to make good food!

Parktake in seasonal activities. 

Depending on the season of your visit, you will have a completely unique experience as Parc Omega changes in accordance with the weather. 

Here are the activities you can do depending on the current season of your visit.

Activity NameLocationDate/TimeSeason
Golf-Cart RentalSector 11Every day from mid-May to mid-OctoberSummer
Ice Cream BarSector 11Every day from mid-May to mid-OctoberSummer
Sugar ShackSector 10Every day from Mid-February to End of MarchSpring
SnowshoeingSector 11Every day until Mid-AprilWinter
Horse Sleigh RidesSector 10Every day from mid-May to mid-OctoberWinter

Summer-Exclusive Activities 

Golf Cart Rental
Golf Cart Rental

For the people who don’t want to get too tired exploring the park, there is an option to rent golf carts. It costs $250 to rent one for the entire day, while half-day rentals will cost you $175. 

Parc Omega staff will ask you for a $500 safety deposit on a credit or debit card or in cash. Once the golf cart is returned with no damages, you will get the full $500 back. 

There is also an option for you to pay $30 if you wish to ride from Old Farm to Sector 11. 

Ice Cream Bar 

For anyone wanting to beat the heat, the Ice Cream Bar is the perfect place to go. It offers plenty of refreshing ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and slush puppies for those that want something delicious during the summer.

Occasionally, you may encounter the Parc Omega mascot, Baribal, who is a huge fan of the chocolate ice cream cones. If you do see him, make sure to get pictures as he doesn’t appear often! 

Spring-Exclusive Activities

From late January to early April, farmers begin harvesting maple from the trees in a period that they call “Maple Season.” It is during this season that the Sugar Shack becomes open for visits. 

Sugar Shack

The Sugar Shack is quite a charming and rustic place. The ambiance is great, and people of all ages are bound to love the cozy atmosphere! 

Here, you can enjoy some maple taffy in the snow with your friends and family. You can go to the Sugar Shack whenever you want as there are no reservations required. 

Winter Activities 

In the winter, you can partake in snowshoeing or horse sleigh rides around Parc Omega to see the landscape covered in a blanket of snow. 


You can enjoy Parc Omega’s snowshoeing trails as long as the weather isn’t too harsh. 

If you are a fan of white-tailed deer, this is your opportunity to see them as you have a high chance of encountering them during your walk. 

To get your pair of snowshoes, go to Lumberjack Camp and inquire at the counter. 

Horse Sleigh Rides
Horse Sleigh Rides

If you’ve always wanted to ride on a sleigh, I highly recommend it! It’s a pretty relaxing ride around the area that doesn’t take too long and you can take pictures of your surroundings. 

Sleep near the wolves in Parc Omega’s wolf cabins. 

If you are a fan of the grey wolf, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in total immersion with the wolves in their natural habitats through the glass windows of the cabins, chalets, and lodges in Parc Omega! 

Sleep near the wolves in Parc Omega’s wolf cabins

These observational cabins are one of Parc Omega’s most popular attractions, and seeing the wolves in action is a completely different experience.

I remember renting a cabin with my friends for a night and we were in complete awe of the wolves. We took pictures of them as they moved as a pack, hunted, and howled during the night. 

If I had to describe the experience, I would say it was surreal and a reminder to me of just how beautiful and extravagant nature can be. 

If you want to experience this yourself with your friends, family, or significant other, here’s a table of their prices based on accommodation type. 

Parc Omega Accommodations
Accommodation TypeFacilitiesServicesRates
Wolf Cabins (1-4 people)- 1 Queen bed and 1 double bed;

- Slow burning fireplace (first bag of wood is provided);

- Refrigerator;

- Microwave oven;

- Small oven;

- Stovetop (electric);

- Nespresso coffee machine;

- Dishes and utensils;

- Bedding and towels included;

- Bathroom with shower;

- Hair dryer;

- Covered terrace;

- Outdoor fireplace.

- Access to the wolf and bear boardwalk

- Access to playgrounds (water games, chess, and petanque)

- Admission to the park is included at no extra cost, throughout your stay

- OmegaBon restaurant

Wolf Chalet (1-6 people)- 2 queen beds & 2 single beds

- Fully equipped kitchen

- Nespresso coffee machine;

- Dishes, cutlery, and accessories

- Bedding and towels included

- Hair dryer

- Covered patio

- Outdoor fireplace (the first bag of wood is provided)

- Bathroom with shower.

- Access to the wolf and bear boardwalk

- Access to playgrounds (water games, chess, and petanque)

- Admission to the park is included at no extra cost, throughout your stay

- OmegaBon restaurant

Wolf Lodge (1-6 people)- 2 queen beds & 2 single beds (bedding included)

- Fully equipped kitchen

- Regular coffee machine and Nespresso coffee machine

- Dishes, cutlery, and accessories

- Hair dryer

- Covered patio

- Outdoor fireplace (the first bag of wood is provided)

- Bathroom with shower

- Access to the wolf and bear boardwalk

- Access to playgrounds (water games, chess, and petanque)

- Admission to the park is included at no extra cost, throughout your stay

- OmegaBon restaurant


Do note that smoking is prohibited fully prohibited in the accommodations. 

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