Halloween Activities Awaiting This Fall

Halloween Activities Awaiting This Fall

The COVID-19 pandemic has, indeed, taken its toll on some of the annual activities that are being held in Ottawa. But thanks to the prompt actions of the government, some of the most anticipated Halloween festivities are back this year. 

For the entire month of October, residents and guests alike can participate in some Halloween-themed events, which can now also be enjoyed virtually. Below is a quick rundown of these activities. 

Please take note that reservations for most of the listed activities below are required. 

Haunted Walks of Ottawa

One of the spookiest activities this year is the popular walking tour. Following a cloaked guide after dark, guests can learn more about the city’s dark history. 

On this tour, you’ll also get the chance to visit one of the most haunted places in the area, the Carleton County Jail. But if you’re in for a less spooky experience, you may opt to pay this place a visit in the afternoon. 

Should you decide to be in the comfort of your home, you can go for the Virtual Haunted Campfires, where the best storytellers will share some of their most terrifying ghost stories. 

The Haunting At Home – A Paranormal Adventure, which is an interactive virtual activity that lets you do paranormal experiments, is also worth a shot. 

Pumpkin Fest

On select dates until Oct. 31, Proulx Maple & Berry Farm goes through a major makeover and becomes a massive Halloween playground during the daytime.

At night, it turns into Skreamers – A Haunting Experience, where all sorts of frightening scenarios await attendees. But given the nature of the Skreamers, it is an experience that is not recommended for kids 10 and below.


Happening at the Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, the Pumpkinferno will feature approximately 7,000 artificial, hand-carved pumpkins along a one-kilometer stretch.

All lit up, the pumpkins in the form of animals, cultural icons, and mythical creatures will surely impress. As this event is tailored for everyone, people with physical limitations can also attend on special accessibility nights.

Before leaving home, do not forget to bring a camera for awesome snapshots! The Pumpkinferno is there to bring the fun on select dates until Oct. 30. 

Acres of Terror

A night at the Acres of Terror at the Cannamore Orchard will bring the scare to guests on select dates until Oct. 31. While the place is designed to be family-friendly during the daytime, things become more frightening by sundown.

Among the highlights include the Spooky Wagon Ride and the Fog Maze. 

Saunders Farm’s Haunting Season

In its 31st year, Saunders Farm is ready to provide attractions and activities that are ideal for people of all ages. Alongside hayrides and puppet shows that children love are the Fright Fest’s street theaters and craft beverages.

Included in its new haunts this year are the rainbow-colored Jumbo Jumper and the two modern escapes. The well-lit pathways at night are also worth seeing.

The Sawmill and Escape Rooms

Also included in the list are Lansdowne’s The Sawmill, which uses state-of-the-art scare technology, and some Escape Rooms like the Escape Manor, the Jigsaw Escape Rooms, and the Escape the Diefenbunker from various locations.