5 Reasons Why You Should Go Dog Sledding in Ottawa

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Dog Sledding in Ottawa

When you’re in Ottawa, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on one of Canada’s most unique outdoor activities, which is dog sledding! If you’re a fan of these furry pals and like going out in the snow, then this has to be the perfect activity for you!

Though if you’re not totally convinced yet, don’t worry, because we’ll give you the reasons you absolutely should go dog sledding in Ottawa. So keep your hands and feet inside the sled at all times while we take the reins and lead you on this journey!

1. It’s a unique winter experience. 

It’s a unique winter experience

When you go dog sledding in Ottawa, it won’t just be a typical winter activity; it’s a remarkable adventure that immerses you in the heart of the season. 

As you stand on the sled’s runners and guide your team of energetic dogs, you’ll be transported into a winter wonderland in a way most haven’t tried before. 

The crisp air, the sound of the sled gliding over the snow, and the sight of the landscape passing by create an atmosphere that can’t be replicated by any other activity.

This kind of experience is authentic and gives you a genuine connection to both the natural surroundings and the cultural history of the region. 

While modern life often keeps us indoors during the colder months, dog sledding invites you to embrace the outdoors in a way that’s both invigorating and magical.

The sensation of being pulled by a team of well-trained dogs adds to the uniqueness of the experience. 

The dogs’ enthusiasm and synchronized efforts create a feeling of harmony between humans and animals, offering a glimpse into a tradition that dates back centuries!

2. You’ll get to see breathtaking scenery in new ways.

You’ll get to see breathtaking scenery in new ways

One of my favorite things about going on a dog sledding adventure in Ottawa is that it opens a new door to the city’s breathtaking winter scenery. 

When you glide through the snow-covered landscapes via a dog sled, I guarantee that it’s going to be a visual feast of natural beauty that’ll look perfect on your social media! 

You’ll go through pristine forests blanketed in snow with towering trees draped in white, the glistening snow on the ground, and the occasional wildlife sighting during your ride.

Frozen lakes and rivers become part of your journey, their glassy surfaces reflecting the winter sun and the surrounding scenery. 

The feeling of gliding effortlessly while being pulled by a team of enthusiastic dogs is an invigorating sensation, especially when it’s your first time!

Every twist and turn of the trail offers a new perspective on the winter wonderland that Ottawa becomes during the colder months.

3. It’s an exciting educational opportunity.

It’s an exciting educational opportunity

When you book a dog sledding tour in Ottawa, it goes beyond the thrill of the ride—it’s also an enriching educational opportunity. 

On many dog sledding tours in Ottawa, you’ll have the chance to dive into the fascinating history of dog sledding. You can trace its roots back to its essential role in transportation and survival in cold climates back in the olden days. 

You’ll also learn about how indigenous peoples and early explorers relied on sled dogs to navigate the snowy landscapes, carry supplies, and connect communities.

Furthermore, these tours often introduce you to the incredible breeds of sled dogs that are specially bred and trained for this activity. 

You’ll get to learn the distinct characteristics and traits that make these dogs well-suited for the demanding task of pulling sleds. 

You might learn about breeds like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Canadian Inuit Dogs, each with their unique strengths and contributions to the sport.

Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the techniques involved in dog sledding, such as how to harness and lead the dogs and the commands used to guide them. You’ll even get a first-hand look at the teamwork between the musher (driver) and the dogs. 

By understanding the dynamics between the musher and the team of dogs, you’ll be awed by the skill and partnership required to smoothly navigate through the trails.

So, this educational component not only enhances your experience by providing context and depth, but it also fosters a sense of respect for the tradition and the animals. 

4. There will be tons of priceless photo opportunities.

There will be tons of priceless photo opportunities

Aside from getting to see amazing sights, you’re definitely getting tons of amazing photo opportunities while dog sledding. Whether you like taking pictures of nature itself or little critters flying or hopping around, you won’t be leaving empty-handed. 

Imagine capturing the power and elegance of the sled dogs as they energetically pull the sled, their fur coated in a dusting of snow and their eyes radiating determination. 

These four-legged athletes make for charismatic subjects that embody the essence of the experience. And if you ask me, I definitely won’t be leaving without taking a picture or two of these little buddies who tugged me along the whole way.

5. It’s a family-friendly activity.

It’s a family-friendly activity

Dog sledding in Ottawa presents an exceptional opportunity for families to share a remarkable adventure and create lasting memories.

In fact, this thrilling experience seems almost tailored to be inclusive for all family members, from the youngest to the oldest. 

Children are often fascinated by the sled dogs’ energy and playfulness, and they’ll be delighted to learn about these remarkable animals and witness their teamwork firsthand. 

Seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes as they interact with the dogs and feel the rush of gliding across the snow is a heartwarming sight to behold.

For parents and older family members, dog sledding offers a chance to relive a piece of history and connect with the roots of Canadian culture. 

With dog sledding as the topic, stories of how it was once a vital mode of transportation in the region can spark engaging conversations and deepen the appreciation of it.

Expert guides help ensure that safety is paramount, providing thorough instructions and support to participants of all ages. 

The chance to interact with the dogs, help harness them, and even try mushing under the guidance of professionals is an adventure that brings the family closer together.

The memories created during a dog sledding adventure are also not so easily forgotten. They become stories that are retold at family gatherings, cherished snapshots that adorn walls and photo albums, and the source of nostalgia for years to come.