5 of the Best Ziplining Locations in Ottawa

5 of the Best Ziplining Locations in Ottawa

If you’re a thrill seeker looking for something to pump up your adrenaline, Ottawa has some pretty good ziplining locations that you should definitely check out. 

I’ve been to a few great locations, and here are some that I could highly recommend to you. 

5 Best Ziplining Locations in Ottawa

I’ve chosen 5 of the best-rated ziplining locations that are near Ottawa. Here are the details about each one:  

PlaceLocationContact InfoWebsitePriceAvailabilityAge and Weight
Interzip Rogers40 Rue Jos-Montferrand, Gatineau, QC J8X 0C2, CanadaTelephone #: 613-695-5248

Email: [email protected]

https://en.interzip.ca/Adults - $39.99

Children (14 below) - $29.99

Souvenir Video - $19.99

June- DecemberAge: None (People aged below 18 will need to sign a release form)

Weight: 70 lbs-250 lbs

Camp Fortune300 chemin Dunlop Chelsea, QC J9B 2N3Telephone #: 819-827-1717

Email: [email protected]

https://campfortune.com/Peak to Peak Ziplines early season special: Adults (15+) $65*

Youth (14 below) $55*

Peak to Peak Ziplines Friday, Saturday: $89

May-OctoberAge: None (People aged below 18 will require adult supervision)

Weight: 100 lbs - 250 lbs

Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska255, Rte Principale Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 4B7Telephone #: 1-877-886-5500

Email: [email protected]

https://en.arbraska.com/park/lafleche/$64 (Ages 14 up)

$30 (Ages 5-13)

Open all year roundAge: 5 and above

Weight: 70 lbs-250 lbs

Chutes Coulonge Park100 Prom. Du-Parc-des-Chutes, Mansfield-et-Pontefract, QC J0X 1R0, CanadaTelephone #: 819-683-2770https://chutescoulonge.qc.ca/$44.95 plus taxAll year roundAge: 4 years old and above

Weight: 70 lbs-225 lbs

Great Canadian Bungee - Ripride1780 Route 105 Chelsea, QC J9B 2K4Telephone #: 877-828-8170

Email: [email protected]

https://bungee.ca/$34.79April to NovemberAge: No age limit

Weight: 70 lbs-250 lbs

Interzip Rogers

Interzip Rogers

Location: 40 Rue Jos-Montferrand, Gatineau, QC J8X 0C2, Canada

Contact Info: 613-695-5248, [email protected]

Website: https://en.interzip.ca/

Price: Adults – $39.99 Children (14 and Under) – $29.99 Souvenir Video – $19.99

Age requirements: None (People aged below 18 will need to sign a release form)

Weight limits: 70 lbs-250 lbs

Availability: June to December

At over 1200 feet long and 120 feet high, Interzip Rogers is the first interprovincial zipline of its kind. You can admire the sights of both Ottawa and Gatineau as you soar through the air at over 50 km/h above the Ottawa River.  

For those that want a fun way of discovering Ottawa and Gatineau, Interzip Rogers is definitely an experience you do not want to miss out on! It’s open rain or shine from June to December and is available for everyone.

In terms of duration, it lasts around 45 minutes. Not too long and not too short.   

One thing I’d recommend is to have some friends take pictures from the spectator area as you descend. It’s a good alternative for making memories of your trip if you don’t want to pay additional fees for the souvenir video. 

Camp Fortune

Camp Fortune

Location: 300 chemin Dunlop Chelsea, QC J9B 2N3

Contact Info: 819-827-1717/[email protected]

Website: https://campfortune.com/

Price: Peak to Peak Ziplines early season special: Adults (15+) $65* Youth (14 and under) $55* 

Peak to Peak Ziplines Friday, Saturday: $89 

Age requirements: None (Participants younger than 18 years old will require adult supervision)

Weight limits: 100 lbs-250 lbs

Availability: May to October

The main draw of Camp Fortune’s zipline is the absolutely breathtaking view it gives you of Gatineau Park as you take a 1.5-hour long adventure. You can ride 3 zipline courses that span 4,478 feet that let you admire the scenery as you descend. 

Another thing, these are dual ziplines. So to truly make this an enjoyable experience, make sure you have friends and family to soar along with you! 

Once you reach the end of the adventure, you also have the option of taking a 50-foot free fall jump. But if you don’t have the nerves to do this, you can always take the stairs to get down. 

If you don’t have a fear of heights, definitely try out the 50-foot jump. It’s one heck of a way to end Camp Fortune’s zipline adventure!  

Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska

Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska

Location: 255, Rte Principale Val-des-Monts, QC J8N 4B7

Contact Info: 1-877-886-5500, [email protected]

Website: https://en.arbraska.com/park/lafleche/

Price: $64 (Ages 14 up), $30 (Ages 5-13)

Age requirements: 5 and above 

Weight limits: Maximum 250 lbs

Availability: All year round

From one treetop deck to the next, Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska zipline will have you fly over lush forests, mountains, and the St. Charles River. If you want to experience the beauty of nature at its finest, this is one of your best options. 

This course lasts a total of 3 hours and 30 minutes, making it one of the more challenging ziplines on this list. 

Besides that, there are also plenty of obstacle courses along the way, so expect a bit of a workout. It also features quite a few height variations, but even the lower obstacles can prove just as challenging as the higher ones. 

With all the foliage you see while soaring across Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska, it makes you feel like Tarzan at times. If you want a challenging and exciting zipline experience, this is definitely the one for you! 

Chutes Coulonge Park

Chutes Coulonge Park

Location: 100 Prom. Du-Parc-des-Chutes, Mansfield-et-Pontefract, QC J0X 1R0, Canada

Contact Info: 819-683-2770

Website: https://chutescoulonge.qc.ca/

Price: $44.95 plus tax

Age requirements: 4 years old and above

Height requirements: 4’6 (1.37m)

Weight limits: 70 lbs-225 lbs

Availability: All year round

Chutes Coulonge Park lets you choose from two ziplining experiences based on your preferences. The first zipline is 400 feet long, while more adventurous participants can choose the second zipline, which is 1000 feet long. 

What makes this such a great adventure is the beautiful view of the Whitewater Rapids that you can see as you fly through the air. It’s a completely different experience having a bird’s eye view of the rapids as you take in the scenery! 

And if you feel like you want to see Whitewater Rapids again, you can ride the zipline a second time since a ticket allows you to ride up to two times. 

Great Canadian Bungee – Ripride

Great Canadian Bungee - Ripride

Location: 1780 Route 105 Chelsea, QC J9B 2K4

Contact Info: 877-828-8170/[email protected]

Website: https://bungee.ca/ 

Price: $34.79

Age requirements: No age limit 

Weight limits: 70 lbs-250 lbs

Availability: April to November 

Great Canadian Bungee’s Ripride zipline is a 1015 foot long cable slide. Here, you’ll be gliding above the crystal-clear waters of a gorgeous limestone quarry lagoon.

Your starting point will be a 200-foot platform above the lagoon waters, and once you start the ride, you can appreciate the waters below. But this is where things get interesting. 

The first 100 feet of the ride are just meant to accelerate you for what’s to come. When you get to the 150-foot shear drop, you are now going at over 85 km/hr for the remaining 915 feet of cable. 

At first, I really thought the Ripride was just your usual zipline ride, but as I started going faster, that’s when things got truly exciting. I didn’t anticipate the acceleration, but when it happened, it just got me screaming in pure joy as I rode the remainder of the cable. 

This is what I would call a great combination of thrill and beauty, with the lagoon below being an incredible sight while the ride itself gets your heart pumping with excitement. 

How to Create the Best Ottawa Ziplining Experience

If you want to have the best ziplining experience possible, you will want to book your adventure in advance to make sure things go smoothly. 

This will also give you time to prepare what you need to bring and invite some friends along with you.

To make the best out of your experience, here is a detailed list of tips you can follow. 

1. Always zipline with friends and family.

While I think it’s fine if you want to zipline alone, it’s always a better experience when you bring some friends along! My friends and I love to talk about the adventure after we finish ziplining, and it’s always fun to take pictures of each other as a souvenir. 

Besides that, you can also save more as a group since you can avail of group packages that are cheaper compared to buying solo tickets. 

2. Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sunlight. 

I love the feeling of the cool breeze against my skin as I fly through the air, but I never forget to apply plenty of sunscreen on my skin. 

The wind might make you forget that you’re still exposed to plenty of sunlight, and the last time I didn’t wear sunscreen, I ended up with a bit of a sunburn! Make sure to bring a bottle of sunscreen with you so you can apply it to yourself and to your kids. 

3. Wear appropriate clothing so you stay as comfortable as possible.

To truly make the most out of your ziplining experience, be mindful of the clothes you intend to wear on the day of the activity. Wearing the wrong clothing can make the difference between a fun day and a bad one. 

Normal street clothes are your best bet for comfort in the warmer months. While there are no strict rules in ziplining centers about what you can wear, it’s best that you wear modest clothing. 

Ziplining centers will have their participants wear full-body harnesses to make sure the equipment is utilized properly. To give you an idea of how these harnesses are worn, they wrap around your legs and go over your shoulders. 

While a tee shirt is a good choice, I think a collared shirt might be a better option for  comfort since it offers extra cover for your skin. There’s always the possibility of the shoulder straps rubbing on your neck as you move around. 

For your bottoms, longer shorts or light pants are recommended as well since they provide enough coverage for your skin from the straps. 

While short shorts are allowed, I do not recommend them since the straps of the harness might dig into your skin. I’ve experienced this before, and I wasn’t too pleased with the marks it left behind and the slight stinging sensation I felt afterward.

When the cooler months hit, it’s best that you wear clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable as you zipline down. It’s generally recommended that you wear multiple layers on colder days. 

As a rule of thumb, your wardrobe for cold weather should be slightly thinner and less bulky since those do not get in the way of safety equipment. Thick and loose clothing tends to interfere with the equipment and is not safe. 

4. Listen to the and staff ask any questions you might have. 

Ziplining falls into the extreme sports category, and as such, the locations have trained professionals that are fully knowledgeable about the entire activity. 

Whatever the staff tells you, follow their every word. No matter how safe the equipment is, not following their instructions could lead to accidents — and I’m positive no one wants that. 

Ask the staff about every question that you might have. They will be more than happy to provide you with assistance to give you an enjoyable ziplining experience. 

5. Make sure that all the age and weight requirements are met. 

The ziplining locations near Ottawa have requirements for safety purposes. Places like the Great Canadian Bungee and Interzip Rogers don’t have a specific age requirement, but have a minimum and maximum weight requirement that needs to be met. 

On the other hand, locations like Caverne Laflèche par Arbraska and Chutes Coulonge Park have certain age requirements for their courses, with the latter also having a minimum height requirement. 

If you or your friends plan on bringing some kids along to the ziplining trip, make sure to verify their weight and height so that you don’t encounter complications when booking your trip. Also, be prepared to sign waivers and supervise youth under 18 years old. 

6. Appreciate the amazing views while you soar through the air. 

One of the main selling points of the ziplining courses in Ottawa is the incredible views that you will see as you move through the air. I consider this to be one of the best ways to appreciate the breathtaking sights that Ottawa has to offer! 

Some locations like Interzip Rogers will give you a view of Ottawa and Gatineau’s skylines as you cross them. Meanwhile, places like Camp Fortune and Chutes Coulonge Park give you some of the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer. 

7. Make your reservations in advance so you don’t run out of slots. 

Slots for the ziplining locations tend to run out quite fast, and sometimes, an entire month could be fully booked already. When I make ziplining plans with friends and family, I always make sure to book reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. 

For booking, you can get in touch with ziplining centers either by phone, website, or email if you want to make inquiries. Their websites usually have forms that allow you to make reservations relatively fast. 

Another thing, when booking your reservation get a complete headcount of everyone that’s joining, including details such as their ages, so you can get the right tickets and calculate the total price.