Top Ten Coolest Winter Dates Ideas In Ottawa

Top Ten Coolest Winter Dates Ideas In Ottawa

Winters in Ottawa are magical. At this time of the year, the city turns into a wonderland, with snow-covered parks, sparkling streetlights, and spectacular festivals.

During winter, my husband and I love to go skating at Rideau Canal. It’s a lovely experience skating under the stars and capping off the night with some food and drinks at nearby restaurants.  

1. Ice-skating on the Rideau Canal

Ice-skating on the Rideau Canal

Address: Skateway, Ottawa

Contact Number: (613) 239-5000


Ice skating is a classic winter activity in Ottawa that draws hundreds of visitors every year. The Rideau Canal Skateway is the world’s longest naturally frozen skating rink and offers a beautiful and romantic setting for a date. 

You can skate with your partner hand-in-hand and admire the scenic views of the city. When you get cold, you can warm up with a hot beverage from one of the many vendors that line the canal.

The cost of ice skating on the Rideau Canal varies depending on whether you have your skates or need to rent them. If you have your skates, it’s free to skate on the canal but if you need to rent skates, the cost is around $20 per person. 

There are also sleds and sleighs for rent at around $10 per hour. It’s an affordable activity that you have to cross off your bucket list. 

2. Witnessing the Winterlude

Witnessing the Winterlude

Location: Crystal Garden of the Confederation Park

Contact Number: (613) 239-5000


Winterlude is an annual winter festival in Ottawa that offers fun activities such as watching live ice-carving and admiring the ice sculptures, skating on the world’s largest skating rink, and snow tubing in North America’s largest snow playground. 

There are also many other activities to enjoy such as concerts, food vendors, and more. It’s an ideal date spot if you’re looking for a fun winter activity to do with your partner. 

Many of the activities are free but some require admission fees. But overall, if you’re concerned about spending too much, Winterlude is worth checking out. 

3. Getting a Couple Massage at a Spa 

Getting a Couple Massage at a Spa

Visiting the spa is a relaxing way for couples to spend time with each other. After a busy week at work, it’s nice to treat yourself and your partner to a massage. Most spas have a variety of treatments including facials, body wraps, and more. 

Some spas also offer special packages for couples that include champagne, chocolates, and other romantic amenities. 

The cost of a couple’s massage spa in Canada varies depending on the location, type of treatment, and duration. On average, you can expect to spend between $200 to $500.

Holtz Spa

Holtz Spa

Location: Rideau St, Ottawa


Contact Number:(613) 241-7770

Holtz Spa prides itself on an ultimate escape in the heart of Ottawa. The fragrance of the rooms itself is already relaxing! 

Some of the packages the spa offers include holistic treatments, medispa services, and anti-aging therapies to balance body, mind, and spirit. It is known to have botanical products, the latest spa technology, and highly trained specialists.

Renu Massage Therapy and Spa 

Renu Massage Therapy and Spa

Location: 595 Montreal Rd 


Contact Number: 613.722.2929

Renu Massage Therapy and Spa is a highly-rated spa in Ottawa because of its cozy ambiance and the variety of services it offers. If you want to take your partner to this spa, you can avail of the special packages for couples.

What people like about this spa is the customized treatments that customers can select to suit the customer’s needs. You can choose from facials to detox therapies, massage therapy, and other esthetic services.

Renu Massage Therapy and Spa is a great choice for couples who want to relax because of their busy lives. 

Au Naturel Spa

Au Naturel Spa

Location: 4525 Legget Drive


Contact Number: 613-271-3393

Au Naturel Spa promises to help you connect with your inner self, and what better date idea there is than to share this with your partner? With its range of innovative spa services, this spa date is worth every penny. 

Focused on the customer’s well-being, the spa offers services including tailored massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, and pedicures. 

The spa also offers treatments using water with Vichy which is said to help protect the skin from daily irritants. 

4. Snowshoeing in Gatineau Park

Snowshoeing in Gatineau Park

Location: 33 Chem. Scott, Chelsea


Contact Number: 819-827-2020

Ottawa has hundreds of kilometers of trails for snowshoeing, from scenic rural routes to convenient urban ones, but the best trail for a scenic view is Gatineau Park. You can enjoy the 80-kilometer trail if you get a Winter pass which covers other activities too. 

Snowshoeing is a fun and easy way to explore the outdoors during winter and can be done alone or with a partner.  

5. Skating on the Rink of Dreams

Skating on the Rink of Dreams

Location: 110 Laurier Ave W


Contact Number:  613-580-2400

Wind on your face, ice beneath your feet, and your partner’s hand in yours — a romantic date, right? The perfect place to get this movie-like date is The Rink of Dreams located at City Hall in Ottawa. 

The skating rink is open from December to March and offers free skating for everyone. It is open from 7:00 AM  to 11:00 PM and people usually flock to this place to skate and view the beautiful scenery, especially at night. 

6. Visiting Winter Markets

Visiting Winter Markets

Fill your date night with warmth from the contagious excitement of the crowd in Ottawa’s winter markets. There are several winter markets worth checking out for their food, drinks, and unique crafts. 

One of the popular markets is The Lansdowne Farmers’ Market which features 50+ artisans and farmers who produce their edible goods and intricate crafts within a 100-km distance from the City of Ottawa. 

These markets showcase the best of this region, with many agricultural, craft, baked goods, personal care products, etc. 

As for the budget, you will only be spending on food and drinks. If you are looking to buy gifts, you can find items ranging from $5 to $500. 

7. Exploring Art Galleries and Museums

Exploring Art Galleries and Museums

We’re including dates inside the museum because it’s also a great way to spend time together during winter. The temperature inside museums is controlled so you can stay warm and cozy. 

Another great feature of museums is their cafes which are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat during dates. 

Ottawa has many museums all over the city, all of which are important to visit. For romantic dates, maybe you want to check out art, history, and science. 

The National Gallery of Canada 

The National Gallery of Canada

Location: 380 Sussex Dr


Contact Number: 613-990-1985

With the National Gallery’s vast collection, there is so much to talk about, from the works of the Canadian landscape painters known as The Group of Seven to Tom Thomson and Alex Colville’s depiction of everyday life. 

There are also a variety of other exhibitions that change from time to time. Admission to the National Gallery of Canada for adults is $20. 

The Canadian Museum of History 

The Canadian Museum of History

Location: 100 Rue Laurie 


Contact Number:  1-800-555-5621

Learning about our country’s history can be an interesting and engaging experience that you can share with your partner. The Canadian Museum of History is a great place to learn more about history through the objects in the exhibitions. 

Some of the attractions in this museum include the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles and the First People’s Hall. These exhibitions highlight the achievements of Indigenous Peoples and inspire visitors to appreciate history more. 

Visit Canada’s most visited museum for only a $22 admission fee. 

The Canadian Museum of Nature 

The Canadian Museum of Nature

Location: 240 McLeod St


Contact Number:  (613) 566-4700

The Canadian Museum of Nature is a natural history museum that has exhibits on dinosaurs, mammals, birds, and more. It’s a great place to visit if you share your love for nature with your partner. 

Some of the exhibits include “Birds of Canada” where you can learn about different bird species in the country and their habitats. The museum has an activity called “Nature Nocturne” where guests are welcome to the museum at night. 

At a $16 entrance fee for adults, there’s so much to see in this museum. 

8. Going on Winery or Brewery Tours

Going on Winery or Brewery Tours

Having a winter date at a brewery can be a great idea because it’s a cozy and warm environment that can help you escape the cold weather outside. You can enjoy some delicious beer and food while spending time with your date.

Ottawa has many wineries and breweries that offer tours and tastings. Some popular options include Domaine Perrault Winery, Beau’s Brewery, Kichesippi Beer Co., and more.

Domaine Perrault Winery Beau’s Brewery Kichesippi Beer Co.
LocationVankleek HillVankleek HillOttawa
SpecialtiesWinesBelgian-style ales, IPAs, stoutsPale ales, IPAs, sours
Tours and tastingsYesYesYes

9. Attending a Winter Festival

Attending a Winter Festival

There are many winter festivals in Ottawa that offer various winter activities such as ice skating, live music, food vendors, and more.

Glow Gardens

Glow Gardens

Location: 4899 Uplands Dr


This is a magical indoor wonderland of lights, music, and interactive displays. You and your date can explore the different themed areas, take selfies with giant illuminated sculptures, or cuddle up in cozy installations.

Magic of Lights

Magic of Lights

Location: 411 Corkstown Drive, Nepean


This is a drive-through experience of over 300 animated and static light displays. You and your date can admire the stunning scenes from the comfort of your car, or get out and walk through some of the sections. 

10. Dining at Romantic Restaurants 

Dining at Romantic Restaurants

If you want to make a lasting impression on your date, you can’t go wrong with a candlelit dinner at one of Ottawa’s many charming eateries. 

Whether you’re just getting to know each other or celebrating a special occasion, you’ll find plenty of options for a romantic and delicious meal in the city.

Some of the best romantic restaurants in Ottawa include Atelier, Beckta Dining and Wine, and Riviera. Try some warm and comforting dishes like soups, stews, and casseroles or some seasonal dishes like roasted root vegetables and winter squash. 

Here is more information about some of the best restaurants in Ottawa:


Location: 540 Rochester St


Contact Number: 613-321-3537

Atelier is a tasting menu restaurant in Ottawa serving ‘New Canadian’ cuisine based on hypermodern culinary techniques and technology. 

The restaurant offers a 44-course tasting menu at the cost of $150 per person with optional wine pairing at $100 and half pairing for $65.

Beckta Dining & Wine

Beckta Dining & Wine

Location: 150 Elgin St


Contact Number: 613-238-7063

What’s a more memorable date than the good old wine and dine? Take your date to Beckta, a restaurant that offers two options to suit your mood and taste: the dining room and the wine bar

In the dining room, you can enjoy fine dining in a beautiful and historic setting where you can choose from a variety of dishes, or opt for the five-course chef’s tasting menu. You can also pair your meal with wine from Bekta’s extensive selection.

The wine bar is where you can relax and have fun. You can still enjoy the same great dinner menus as the dining room, or just stop by for a drink or a snack. 

The wine bar also features a selection of wines by the glass, as well as craft cocktails and local beers.



Location: 62 Sparks Street


Contact Number: 613-233-6262

According to Riviera, it is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. Treat your partner to a wonderful culinary experience with contemporary and creative cuisine that showcases the best of local and seasonal ingredients. 

Some of the favorites at Riviera include raw seafood tower, beef tartare with truffle and potato chips, delicate tuna crudo with puffed quinoa and chili, and decadent white fish caviar with crème fraîche and crumpets. 

You can also choose from its selection of pasta, steak, chicken, and vegetarian dishes, all made with fresh and quality products. Pair these delicious dishes with your favorite drink from Riviera’s curated selection of wine. 

These are winter date ideas in Ottawa that are worth your time and money. This city is beautiful during the winter and it is an even more beautiful experience to share it with our loved ones.