9 Exciting Corn Mazes You Need To Try Near Ottawa

9 Exciting Corn Mazes You Need To Try Near Ottawa

Have you ever tried navigating through a corn maze near Ottawa? Let me tell you this: it’s an amazing experience. 

It gets my blood pumping as I try to make it out of the labyrinth’s twists and turns to get out in the fastest time possible. With my friends and family with me, it becomes a team effort as we cooperate to figure out where we should go next. 

If you want to experience a maze adventure too, here are some farms that offer hedge and corn mazes near Ottawa. 

Proulx Maple & Berry Farm

Website: https://proulxfarm.com/

Address: 1865 O’Toole Rd, Ottawa, ON K4C 1N2, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-833-2417

When it’s the season for the Pumpkin Fest, Proulx opens up one of the more challenging corn mazes in Ottawa. With a size of 3 acres, it will take you at least 30 to 45 minutes to finish the maze in the shortest amount of time. 

If you and your group are looking for a maze that’s demanding but not too difficult, then Proulx Maple & Berry Farm is likely your best bet. Once you’re done navigating the labyrinth, you can also participate in other fun activities to relax a bit. 

Since the maze is open exactly on the Pumpkin Fest, why not look at some of the gourds? I personally love to pick up a few of them to use for either food or carving up a jack-o-lantern with friends and family. 

And if you’d like a relaxing tour across the farm, you can go for a wagon ride too! 

Cannamore Orchard

Website: https://www.cannamoreorchard.com/

Address: 1480 County Rd 32, Crysler, ON K0A 1R0, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-448-3633

Now if you and your companions are looking for a test of courage, then I think Cannamore Orchard will be right up your alley. This place is famously known as the “Acres of Terror” to us Ottawans, and it’s more than earned that reputation. 

The farm got its title thanks to its popular haunted house. But the mazes themselves are no slouch either. 

Let me tell you now, you’re gonna love the available variety. You have smaller mazes for the kids, and larger labyrinths if your team truly wants a challenge. 

From my own past visits, I strongly recommend that you schedule your visit to the farm during October when the spookiness factor is dialed up to eleven. That is where the authentic terror experience lies, as the maze is modified with a few eerie surprises. 

The fun doesn’t end there though. No farm is complete without a few pick-your-own activities where you can nab some fresh fruits such as strawberries and apples. 

There’s also the beloved Cow Train, which the kids will enjoy a lot and gives them a fun way to explore the area. For the older folks, pedal cars and covered wagon rides await. 

Saunders Farm

Website: https://saundersfarm.com/

Address: 7893 Bleeks Rd A, Ottawa, ON K0A 3P0, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-838-5440

Ah, Saunders Farm. This place has everything you can want: fruits, veggies, and of course, mazes! 

Similar to Cannamore Orchard, Saunders features several mazes with different levels of difficulty. You can say that it’s the perfect spot to go to if you and your group want a ton of things to do for the day. 

First off, there’s the classic corn maze – a labyrinth carved into the golden fields of corn that stretch as far as the eye can see. You might not know it, but we consider this to now be a quintessential Ottawa fall activity, a rite of passage for locals.

The Barn of Terror Maze adds a spooky twist to the adventure, perfect if you want a good scare during the Halloween season. The last time I was here with friends, it almost felt like the shadows of the old barn were playing tricks on our senses! 

For the little ones, there’s the Kids’ Corny Maze – a charming little maze with pint-sized explorers in mind. 

Now when you’re done with the mazes, you can go pick your own fruits and veggies. There are also some relaxing hay rides if you want to see more of the farm at a leisurely pace.

And for the cherry on top, there’s also a zipline available! Adrenaline junkies will love this experience as they soar through the air and get a breathtaking view of the farm on the way down. 

Ouimet Farms Adventure

Website: https://ouimetfarms.com/

Address: 63 Main St W, Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-678-2255

If there’s one corn maze in Ottawa that stands out, it’s definitely Ouimet Farms Adventure. 

Let’s just say that it has an absolutely gigantic maze waiting for you here. At around 7 acres wide, this is one of the most challenging labyrinths on the list. 

From my own experiences with friends, it could take you a minimum of 50 minutes to an hour to finish. Indeed, I’d say the maze is a daunting one, reserved only for the most hardcore maze-goers! 

And if that wasn’t enough, Ouimet changes the layout every twelve months, meaning you’ll be able to experience something completely different once a new year begins!

Besides the huge maze, I think you’ll love the other stuff you can do here, such as the duck races and pedal karts. My favorite activity is gemstone mining where I got some rather pretty stones that I’ve kept as souvenirs and given as gifts to others. 

Miller’s Farm Manotick

Website: https://www.millersfarmandmarket.ca/

Address: 6158 Rideau Valley Dr N, Manotick, ON K4M 1B3, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-692-2380

If Ouimet Farm’s 7-acre maze wasn’t big enough for you, then Millers Farm might be right up your alley. It measures a grand total of 8 acres, which makes it the biggest maze on the list! 

So if you’re looking for the most challenging corn maze in Ottawa’s vicinity, all I can say is that you don’t need to look any further than this. 

Besides the challenge, the sense of connection to the land adds an extra layer of charm to the maze. As you wind your way through its every corner, you can’t help but appreciate the rustic beauty of the surrounding countryside. 

After that, why not go on a relaxing tractor ride? This is one of my favorite ways of enjoying the sights that Miller’s Farm has to offer as I bask in the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature.

Oh and don’t forget, you may want to bring home some fresh goodies made from the farm’s exquisite harvest. Miller’s Farm jams are simply extraordinary and will fit in a lot of awesome dishes. 

Ferriers Scotch Line Farm

Website: http://www.scotchlinefarm.com/

Address: 2579 Scotch Line, Perth, ON K7H 3C5, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-267-5330

Ferrier’s Scotch Line Farm – now, that’s a spot with corn mazes that hold a special place in the hearts of us Ottawans. 

It’s tucked away on the outskirts and is a bit of a hidden gem. But let me tell you, it’s worth the journey.

Ferrier’s corn maze is without a doubt one of its biggest attractions. It’s a sprawling labyrinth carved into the golden fields of grain that seems to stretch on forever. 

Its twists and turns will leave you second-guessing yourself at every corner. This makes it perfect for groups, with dead ends and hidden surprises that’ll have you erupting in cheers (or groans, depending on your navigational skills).

During the fall, you should check out the pumpkin patch, which is pretty much a tradition at this point. 

There’s a genuine joy in strolling through the fields, selecting the perfect gourd to take home. It’s a family-friendly affair that adds to the overall charm of Ferrier’s Scotch Line Farm.

Kustermans Adventure Farm

Website: https://www.kustermans.ca/

Address: 7893 Bleeks Rd A, Ottawa, ON K0A 3P0, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-838-5440

Are you a fan of corn mazes with fun themes? I sure am! 

When it comes to fun maze designs, Kustermans Adventure Farm is definitely one of the top dogs. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many different themes, such as Angry Birds, various hockey teams, movie references, and so on. 

To add to that, the maze is also quite challenging. At around 7.5 acres wide, it’s going to challenge your sense of direction and cooperating skills if you’re doing this with friends and relatives. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the farm also features a ton of fun games and activities to keep you and the young ones occupied. My personal favorite is the mini-putt course, where my friends and I have a small competition to keep things exciting. 

Then there’s the jump pad during the summer season. It’s the perfect place for everyone, whether it be kids or adults. 

This is where you can let loose your inner child and just have an awesome time. My friends and I certainly do so. 

The Log Farm

Website: https://thelogfarm.com/

Address: 670 Cedarview Rd, Nepean, ON K2R 1E5, Canada

Contact number: +1 519-632-7356

If kid-friendliness is what you’re looking for, then may I suggest The Log Farm? Its corn maze is built for the whole family so everyone gets to have fun, especially the youngest members! 

What I really like about this maze is that it incorporates several checkpoints and trivia questions along its pathway. 

Despite its small size, you and the rest of the family will definitely have a blast reading the fun tidbits of info and having a casual stroll along the maze of corn. 

Now, what farm would be complete without a few animal feeding and petting activities? Once your kids are done navigating the maze and reading up on some interesting trivia, lead them to the stables so they can feed the adorable critters there. 

Goats, cows, horses, you and your kids can give them select veggies and a gentle rub 

on the head. I find it to be a pretty nice way to end the adventure and wind down a bit. 

Mountain Orchards

Website: https://mountainorchards.ca/

Address: 10175 Clark Rd, Mountain, ON K0E 1S0, Canada

Contact number: +1 613-989-5601

As one of the oldest corn mazes near Ottawa, Mountain Orchards’ labyrinth is kind of like a rite of passage for some people. It’s usually the first maze that folks try out to know what it’s like to navigate around a field of grain and to simply have fun

A feature that lets the maze stand out is its one-way system. It allows us to have an easier time navigating and it leads to something interesting in the middle. 

What exactly is that surprise in the center? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you so you’ll have to go visit Mountain Orchards yourself to find out.

Of course, we can’t talk about Mountain Orchards without mentioning its signature activity: u-pick apples. 

After a session on the maze, I really recommend that you get yourself some fresh fruit. There’s a very good reason why Mountain Orchards’ apples are so famous with both locals and tourists, so you don’t want to miss out! 

Oh and before I forget, do make sure to drop by the bakery. I’m quite positive that you’ll also love the farm’s apple donuts, which have been a secret family recipe for over 50 years now.